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Tet Nguyen Dan – January 29, 2025

‘Tet Nguyen Dan,’ celebrated on January 29, is a way of saying ‘Lunar New Year’ in Vietnam. The phrase means “the first morning of the first day of the New Year.” And like January 1, which is important for most of the world, Tet Nguyen Dan is a time of celebration for the Vietnamese. However, the new year serves a traditional purpose and is celebrated by remaining close to friends and family.

History of Tet Nguyen Dan

Tet Nguyen Dan falls on the first month of the lunar calendar and is known as a day for grand celebrations and family reunions. According to the Vietnamese, this day is an essential part of the culture and is critical for those who want to discard all the troubles of the past and embark on a new journey of life. It also gives rise to the hope of a happier and more successful new year. However, the tradition of Tet Nguyen Dan did not always exist in Vietnam. The lunar holiday was originally brought to the country by the Chinese when they took over the country. While the Vietnamese despised the Chinese for the takeover, they began adapting to several of their customs over time.

The Chinese government had brought with them their policies, culture, and traditions during their rule. They also made it a point to ensure the cultures were adopted and accepted by the general population. Hence, the Chinese traditions amalgamated with Vietnamese culture, and Tet Nguyen Dan was created.

Vietnam also incorporated the 12 animals from the Chinese calendar. The only difference is that the Vietnamese replaced the Ox, Rabbit, and Sheep in the Chinese calendar with the Buffalo, Cat, and Goat. During the festival, the Vietnamese decorate the streets and houses with the colors red and yellow since they believe the hues bring good fortune. The locals also avoid sweeping their homes during Tet Nguyen Dan as they believe they might sweep away good luck.

Tet Nguyen Dan timeline

111 B.C.
The New Rule

Emperor Han Wudi from China conquers the northern area of Vietnam.

Drums of War

The Vietnam War begins.


The United States and all foreign support leave Vietnam.

Patching Up

U.S. and Vietnam establish diplomatic relations.

Tet Nguyen Dan FAQs

Why do we celebrate Tet Nguyen Dan?

It is celebrated to welcome the Lunar New Year.

What do you eat on Tet Nguyen Dan?

People consume a hot bowl of vegetable soup with pork skin during this time.

How long does the Tet Holiday Last?

Tet Nguyen Dan celebrations in Vietnam last for about three days.

Tet Nguyen Dan Activities

  1. Clean your house

    Welcome the Lunar Year by cleaning your house from top to bottom. Ensure you and your family are all set for new beginnings.

  2. Decorate the house with flowers

    Keep up with the traditions and decorate your house with colorful blooms. Not only will your abode smell and look good, but the flowers will also bring in a celebratory feel.

  3. Watch a fireworks celebration

    Are you tired of preparing for the festivity? Just chill out and watch one of the displays of fireworks happening in the country.

5 Fun Facts About Tet Nguyen Dan

  1. The myths

    Be selective when inviting company as the person to visit a home on Tết Nguyen Dan will bring either good or bad luck to the family.

  2. Uses of the kumquat tree

    It is believed to protect the house against evil spirits.

  3. Happy New Year in Tet

    It’s ‘Chúc mừng năm mới.’

  4. Shrimp and bad luck

    It is bad luck to eat shrimp during the Lunar New Year.

  5. Mannerism during Tet Nguyen Dan

    The Vietnamese stay polite and smile, under the watchful eyes of three statues Phúc, Lộc, and Thọ.

Why We Love Tet Nguyen Dan

  1. It welcomes a new year

    Tet Nguyen Dan is an important occasion for all since it welcomes the new year. It celebrates new life and new beginnings.

  2. It gives people hope of a fresh start

    The refreshing shot at starting again and pushing for new goals gives people hope. The human spirit can always keep going if it has hope.

  3. It’s a tradition

    The tradition of Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnam must be kept alive to preserve the identity of the country. Tradition is important to keep alive, so we do not forget the lessons of the past.

Tet Nguyen Dan dates

2023January 22Sunday
2024February 10Saturday
2025January 29Wednesday
2026February 17Tuesday
2027February 7Sunday

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