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MonFeb 17

National Cafe au Lait Day – February 17, 2025

National Café au Lait Day is an annual fun celebration that takes place on February 17. The perfect holiday for coffee lovers around the world, french delight ‘Café au Lait’ translated ‘coffee with milk’, is a sweet delicious beverage made from freshly brewed coffee as a base then crowned with steamy hot delicious milk – lots of it! Although of similar variance with the Italian ‘caffè latte’(coffee, espresso, and steamed milk), Spanish ‘café con Leche’ (espresso and scalded milk), Portuguese ‘café com Leite’ (coffee with hot milk) among several variants, they slightly differ in terms of ratios, and method of serving. #Yum.

History of National Cafe au Lait Day

Coffee, a drink made from the seeds of the coffee plant (coffee beans) is said to have been discovered in Ethiopia, Kaffa province, a century ago when it was consumed as food before spreading to other parts of the world. However, it was when coffee arrived in Yemen that it became popular as a drink. From then the love for coffee began spreading throughout the Middle East to Europe by the 17th century and then to the rest of the world. Its preparation involves drying, roasting, and crushing the coffee beans.

The deliciousness of milk, according to popular belief, was first discovered way back in 8000 B.C. in Europe when milk from cows was used to make dairy products. European farmers are credited with milk’s origin. Recent findings from scientists however show dairy drinking began at least 6,000 years ago in Kenya and Sudan.

‘Cafe au Lait’ (meaning ‘coffee with hot milk’) originated in France back in the 1600s when the French introduced the mixing of milk with coffee. Although regularly confused with the Italian ‘caffè latte’, the difference is that while the latter is made with espresso, steamed milk, and some foam and can be served either hot or cold, ‘Cafe au Lait’ is made from freshly brewed coffee and steamed milk and must be served hot. Although the origin of Cafe au Lait Day is unknown, one cannot deny this beverage has delighted tons of taste buds! ‘Cafe au Lait’ is made with equal portions of coffee and milk and is usually light brown.

National Cafe au Lait Day timeline

850 A.D.
Ethiopian Herder Kaldi Discovers Coffee

Legend has it that thanks to Kaldi, being in the ancient coffee forest on the Ethiopian plateau, we get to enjoy coffee today.

Coffee Reaches Paris

Coffee is introduced in Paris by Suleyman Aga, the ambassador to the court of King Louis XIV of France.

Coffee Becomes America's New Wonder

The Boston Tea Party is held and many Americans switch from tea to drinking coffee as proof of patriotism.

Coffee Reaches the World

Different countries embrace the richly flavored drink, becoming one of the world's most beloved drinks.

The First Starbucks opens

The Pike Place Starbucks store, Seattle, the U.S., aka Original Starbucks; the first Starbucks store is established.

National Cafe au Lait Day FAQs

What is National Café au Lait Day?

It’s a day to enjoy a simple, fresh delicious blend of coffee and milk drink.

What is the difference between ‘Café au Lait’ and ‘café latte’?

‘Café latte’ of Italian origin is made up of espresso and steamed milk, while ‘Café au lait’ is made with brewed coffee and steamed milk.

How can I celebrate National Cafe au Lait Day?

Take a stroll to the nearest coffee shop around you or better still, make your own Café au Lait.

National Cafe au Lait Day Activities

  1. Make your own ‘Café au Lait’

    Bring a taste of Paris to your home by combining freshly brewed coffee with a coffee machine and steamed milk (the ratio depends on which flavor you're going for, whether stronger milk or coffee), add simultaneously, and serve in a small bowl.

  2. Go grab a Café au Lait

    Bored of being home? Visit the outdoors, treat you to a luxury ‘Café au Lait’, and have a blast.

  3. Post the hashtags

    Follow the hashtags #CaféauLait and #CaféauLaitDay and get to know what others are saying.

5 Facts About Coffee That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The most expensive coffee in the world

    Right now, the world's most expensive coffee is Black Ivory Coffee, which goes for a jaw-dropping $1,000+ per pound on an average.

  2. World's biggest coffee drinker

    Finland, with a figure of 26.45 pounds per person per year, is the world's top coffee consumption per capita.

  3. First coffee sold commercially

    Nescafé, in 1879, became the first branded coffee to be sold commercially to the public.

  4. Origin of mixing milk with coffee

    Polish spy, Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki, was one of the first people to open a café in Vienna in the 17th-century and come up with the mix.

  5. ‘Coffee’ word origin

    The word ‘coffee’ is derived from the Arabic ‘qahwah,’ to Ottoman Turkish ‘kahve,’ to Dutch ‘koffie,’ and then in 1582, to the English language.

Why We Love National Cafe au Lait Day

  1. It's a great way to experience culture

    It presents the perfect way to have a feel of another culture without hitting the road or a plane.

  2. It's super delicious

    If you're looking for something to thrill your taste buds, Café au Lait Day presents a great option.

  3. Cafe au Lait is packed with nutrition

    Enjoy numerous amazing health benefits of both coffee and milk in a serving of Cafe au Lait.

National Cafe au Lait Day dates

2025February 17Monday
2026February 17Tuesday
2027February 17Wednesday
2028February 17Thursday
2029February 17Saturday

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