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MonFeb 17

Who Shall I Be Day – February 17, 2025

We are celebrating Who Shall I Be Day on February 17. It is a day to take a break and contemplate what you want to become. In a world where there are infinite possibilities to become whatever we want, it can be confusing and chaotic to choose. This day is created to help people make the best decisions on who they shall be. Take a deep breath, think about all the possible outcomes, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, calculate your interests and dislikes, and finally recognize what you want to be.

History of Who Shall I Be Day

What makes us different from the rest of the animals and beasts that roam the wilderness? We can assume various traits like intelligence, common sense, communication, opposing thumbs, etc. Equally important, however, is our capability to comprehend choices and take action accordingly. One such example of having to choose between two outcomes is the flight or fight response. Unlike animals, we humans can make choices and decide what to do in a dangerous situation without acting on intuition alone.

We can choose to be a hunter, a gatherer, a craft man, a potter, a fighter, or pretty much anything we want. Now, we might not be good at everything we choose to do, but we do have a lot of options to choose from. The choices can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially for a teenager facing the question of what he wants to be.

We have always searched for the answer to who we are and what our purposes are in life. We’d better leave such complex questions to capable philosophers. But when a simple question of what a child wants to be can be confusing, it is time to have a day dedicated to answering just that. This is a day to ponder who you should be and how you can achieve it.

Who Shall I Be Day timeline

The Father of Vocational Guidance

The history of career exploration begins with Frank Parsons and his book, "Choosing a Vocation.”

The Psychology of Study

Cecil Alec Mace explains the idea of goal setting in a study.

The Psychology of Occupations

Anne Roe describes her career theory in “The Psychology of Occupations.”

Edwin Locke's Goal Setting Theory

Edwin Locke, an American psychologist, puts forward the goal-setting theory of motivation.

Who Shall I Be Day FAQs

What is a good personal life goal?

Personal goals can be of many types. Having basic needs like air, water, food, clothes, and shelter is a good start. Good health, sound finance, mindfulness, loyal friends, etc are also important personal life goals.

What are life goals examples?

Finding a career that can support us financially while providing us with a good work-life balance is one example of a life goal.

Why is a dream important in life?

Dreams are important as they can help us motivate and inspire us to achieve our life goals.

Who Shall I Be Day Activities

  1. Try to write down your priorities

    The first step is understanding the end goals. Write down what your priorities are for your future.

  2. Explain your strengths and weaknesses

    You are the best judge of your strengths and weaknesses. Write them down for final analysis.

  3. Finalize what you want to be

    Now we have set our priorities and we have listed our strengths and weaknesses. Think about the activities that you are passionate about that match the above list. Now you know what you want to be.

5 Facts About Setting Goals That You Should Know

  1. Power of realistic goals

    Realistic goals are easier to achieve and the success rate of people with realistic goals is higher than that of others.

  2. Importance of repeating the goals

    Saying our goals in the morning or writing them down every day can help us achieve them.

  3. Never set goals to please others

    Pleasing other people with your goals can do more damage than good.

  4. It is okay to fail

    Failure is not the end of the road and you can still achieve your goals after initial failures.

  5. Change is tough

    Change takes time, be patient and work hard towards your goals.

Why We Love Who Shall I Be Day

  1. Having an ambition is good

    Having an ambition or a goal for the future is good. It can help us have a plan for the future and help us have a better life.

  2. Goals help us succeed

    Success requires hard work, skill, luck, and above all, a plan. This day reminds us about the importance of thinking about what we shall be in the future.

  3. Create a path rather than follow

    Those who want to make their mark in this world will have to create a new path rather than follow the footsteps of those before us. This day can help us think about the path that we will have to create.

Who Shall I Be Day dates

2025February 17Monday
2026February 17Tuesday
2027February 17Wednesday
2028February 17Thursday
2029February 17Saturday

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