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FriAug 16

National Authenticity Day – August 16, 2024

National Authenticity Day is celebrated on August 16 every year. This is the day of recognition of the power of authenticity, a term that goes beyond just “being yourself.” It is dedicated to people who decide to do things their way rather than simply check the box. They are not afraid to show off their features, their way of life, which may seem strange to some, and their unusual clothes. National Authenticity Day will be a day to celebrate and showcase the most unique and authentic version of yourself, as well as be bold and a little cool (well, a lot is also absolutely allowed).

History of National Authenticity Day

In psychology, existential psychotherapy, existentialist philosophy, and aesthetics, authenticity is a concept of personality. In existentialism, authenticity is the degree to which a person’s actions correspond to his values and desires, despite external pressures on social conformism. The conscious Self has come to terms with a state that it has thrown into an absurd world (without values and meaninglessness) that was not created by him or her, thus confronting external forces and influences that are different from and not different from the Self.

In the 20th century, Anglo-American concerns about authenticity focused on the work of existentialist philosophers whose native language was not English. Therefore, the correct and accurate translation of the term ‘existentialism’ has provoked much debate, for which the philosopher Walter Kaufmann collected the canon of existentialist philosophers. It includes the Dane Seren Kierkegaard, the German Martin Heidegger, and the Frenchman Jean-Paul Sartre, for whom the conscious self comes to terms with existence (being and life) in an absurd materialist world containing external forces, like Geworfenheit (Abandonment). So, personal authenticity is how a man or woman acts and changes in response to the influence of the outside world on the Self. In art, among artists, authenticity describes a work of art that is true to the values of the artist. In psychology, authenticity defines a person who lives a life according to his true Self and personal values and not according to the external requirements of society, such as social conventions, kinship, and duty.

National Authenticity Day is a day of recognition of the beauty and power of authenticity. A true definition that goes far beyond just “being yourself” is a day to fully reveal your authenticity, connect with others as humanely as possible, celebrate the leadership that inspires you, and decide to do things your way.

National Authenticity Day timeline

18th Century
Intuition, Emotion, and a Connection

Romantic philosophers recommend intuition, emotion, and connection to nature as a necessary counterbalance to the intellectualism of the Age of the Enlightenment.

The Definition of Authenticity

Erich Fromm proposes a new definition of authenticity.

B Authentic Inc.

Erin Hatzikostas founds the company.

National Authenticity Day

The day is created in June by b Authentic Inc.

National Authenticity Day FAQs

Why is it important to be authentic?

There are several benefits to authenticity. The first is trust and respect, that is, when you are true to yourself, you trust not only your judgments and decisions that you make, but others also trust you. In addition, when you are authentic, you also have integrity.

How do I show authenticity?

There are many ways to express your authenticity. For example, to express your opinion honestly, make decisions that correspond to your values and beliefs, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open, and many others.

Is authenticity a skill?

Over the past 20 years, most leadership skills research has concluded that this is a critical skill.

National Authenticity Day Activities

  1. Be yourself

    There are no rules or guidelines on how to celebrate National Authenticity Day. Just be yourself, and do not be afraid to show your uniqueness and originality.

  2. Promote authenticity

    Often people are ashamed to be themselves because they are afraid of condemnation from others. Help them to recognize authenticity, to overcome this fear. Maybe someone will fight back against his director at work, someone will go outside without makeup, and someone will create a collection of their unique clothes.

  3. Make a challenge

    Involve your friends in celebrating National Authenticity Day. You can come up with different challenges related to authenticity on social platforms. Thus, spreading it to the masses.

5 Facts About Human Behavior That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The term ‘psychology’ is of Greek origin

    It comes from the Greek word ‘psyche,’ which translates as ‘breath, spirit, and soul,’ and ‘logic,’ which means ‘research.’

  2. Sarcasm is proof of common sense

    Research shows that people who can instinctively use sarcasm to solve frivolous issues have common sense.

  3. Men are no more interesting than women

    They just joke more and don’t care if others like their humor or not.

  4. Shy people are very secretive

    Shy people say little about themselves, but they do it in a way that makes other people believe they know them better than they think.

  5. Bilingualism changes personality

    People who speak two languages may inadvertently change their identity when switching from one language to another.

Why We Love National Authenticity Day

  1. It’s important for the Self

    National Authenticity Day gives our inner Self a kind of freedom. What people have been hiding in themselves for so long may finally come to light. This day is designed to reveal and develop authenticity.

  2. We love uniqueness

    Uniqueness makes a person different from others. This is something new, interesting, and attractive. It awakens in us a sense of individuality and authenticity.

  3. A day to be yourself

    Due to life circumstances, people do not have much time to be themselves, and for some, it is quite a luxury. So, National Authenticity Day is a great opportunity to break the shackles of commitment and be who you want to be.

National Authenticity Day dates

2024August 16Friday
2025August 16Saturday
2026August 16Sunday
2027August 16Monday
2028August 16Wednesday

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