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FriAug 16

National Work From Home for Wellness Day – August 16, 2024

National Work From Home for Wellness Day, celebrated annually on August 16th, highlights the positive impact that working from home can have on a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being. Founded by NexRep, a Marketplace Platform that enables thousands of Americans to work from home, the holiday provides people with the opportunity to discover the benefits of working from home and consider whether it fits well with their own lifestyle and wellness goals.

As part of this year’s celebrations, NexRep has organized a $2,000 prize package giveaway. The lucky winner gets the chance to create the ultimate healthy home office by taking home numerous prizes including a desktop computer, dual monitors, a wired headset, a webcam, a FlexiSpot standing desk, an ergonomic office chair, and an air purifier.

History of National Work From Home for Wellness Day

NexRep created the holiday in 2023 as part of their vision to positively transform the lives of people working within the contact center industry. After spending 14 years leading the work-at-home movement, they wanted to create a holiday that highlights the wellness benefits that remote workers enjoy as well as provide a platform through which people who don’t currently work at home can be informed on its benefits and evaluate if it’s a lifestyle choice they should consider.

While we can trace working from home as far back as the hunter-gatherers, it was NASA engineer Jack Nilles who shed light on the benefits of remote work in 1973 when he coined the term ‘telecommuting.’ With companies putting increasing emphasis on employee well-being, remote work has been growing consistently since 2010. That growth was accelerated dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when the lockdown meant many businesses embraced the work-from-home culture.

NexRep, having been champions of a work-at-home lifestyle long before the pandemic, created National Work From Home for Wellness Day to let people know that earning an income from home is not only possible, it can provide many positive lifestyle benefits. There are physical, mental, and financial benefits to working from home for those who want to embrace a different working culture from the comfort of home.

National Work From Home for Wellness Day timeline

The first computer

Built to crack enemy codes during World War II, the computer laid the foundations for the work-from-home movement.

‘Telecommuting’ takes off

In light of the Clean Air Act being passed, NASA engineer Jack Nilles suggests “…a sufficiently sophisticated telecommunications and information storage system must be developed to allow the information transfer to occur as effectively as if the employees were centrally located.”

The Federal Flexible Workplace Pilot Project

The US Government launches an experiment to assess the benefits and challenges of allowing employees to work at locations other than their government office base.

NexRep is founded

NexRep is founded with a mission to positively transform the lives of people working within the contact center industry by embracing the work-from-home culture. By now, most Americans have access to a home computer, allowing them the freedom of rapid communication and research from the comfort of their homes.

Global pandemic

Worldwide lockdowns enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge portion of businesses and employees embracing the work-from-home culture permanently.

The first National Work From Home for Wellness Day

NexRep creates National Work From Home for Wellness Day to highlight the positive impact working from home can have on people’s lives.

National Work From Home for Wellness Day FAQs

Are there any eligibility requirements for the NexRep giveaway?

NexRep’s $2,000 giveaway will reward one lucky individual with the chance to upgrade their home office. To be eligible to enter the giveaway you must have a US home address.

Are there any cost benefits of working from home?

NexRep’s survey found that people who worked from home reported average annual savings of $7,763. The major savings were on transport costs, food, and childcare.

What kind of work-from-home opportunities does NexRep offer?

NexRep is a Marketplace Platform that connects US-based contact center professionals with third-party clients. The NexRep Marketplace Platform is designed to empower independent contractors to provide services from home and create their own schedules, all while delivering world-class customer experiences and exceptional results for top American companies. Independent contracting opportunities include customer care, inbound sales, outbound sales, and more!

How to Celebrate National Work From Home For Wellness Day

  1. Enter the ‘Work from Home and Be Well’ giveaway

    NexRep’s $2,000 giveaway will give one lucky winner a brand-new home office. The prize includes a desktop computer, dual monitors, a wired headset, a webcam, a FlexiSpot standing desk, an ergonomic office chair, and an air purifier.

  2. Research work-from-home opportunities

    If you’re not currently working from home but are interested to explore it further, you could spend the day looking into the remote work opportunities available. With many more companies now embracing the work-at-home culture, the opportunities available are diverse and rewarding.

  3. Add a healthy habit to your routine

    Use this holiday to embrace the freedom that remote work provides by introducing healthy habits into your routine. Whether it’s preparing a healthy meal in your kitchen, doing a fun workout during your lunch, or taking a walk during the time you’d normally spend commuting, there are ample opportunities to make positive changes in your life.

5 Benefits Of Working From Home

  1. Better quality sleep

    61% of respondents to NexRep’s survey reported better quality sleep working from home compared to when they worked outside of the home.

  2. Less anxiety

    75% of respondents from the same survey said they felt less stressed and anxious about work when working from home.

  3. Managing health

    92% of respondents who reported having a disability or chronic illness said that working from home has made it easier to manage.

  4. Stronger relationships

    68% of those asked felt that they enjoyed better relationships with family and friends since working from home.

  5. It’s great for the environment

    Based on the average commute of the survey respondents, working from home saved the equivalent of 461 gallons of gasoline per driver per year.

Why National Work From Home for Wellness Day is Important

  1. There are mental and emotional benefits

    NexRep surveyed nearly 400 people who have spent some time working at home with 82% of respondents reporting that they feel less stress since choosing to work remotely. The same percentage of people also reported that remote work has enabled them to manage their stress more effectively.

  2. It encourages a better work/life balance

    It encourages a better work/life balance. By cutting out the commute and offering more flexibility to how people structure their working day, working from home helps people create a healthier work/life balance. This is reflected in NexRep’s survey, with 83% of respondents reporting a better work/life balance when working from home.

  3. It creates a more diverse talent pool

    It’s not just the employee who benefits from a work-at-home culture. By not restricting their workforce to people who can make it into the office, a company can expand the areas in which they search for talent and embrace diversity in the process.

National Work From Home for Wellness Day dates

2024August 16Friday
2025August 16Saturday
2026August 16Sunday
2027August 16Monday
2028August 16Wednesday

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