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SatAug 17

International Geocaching Day – August 17, 2024

International Geocaching Day takes place every third Saturday in August — August 17 this year. It’s a day full of enjoyable outdoor activities. Today, people of all ages gather to commemorate the placement and discovery of geocaches all across the world. Every year, new people join the activity since the quest for geocaches is always a lot of fun. And there’s no telling what kind of surprise you’ll get when you find a geocache.

History of International Geocaching Day

Geocaching is a modern iteration of the older treasure hunt called letterbox. Clues are planted in various locations, leading up to the letterboxes. Mostly, there’s a notebook in the box, waiting to be stamped by the finders. This is also an integral part of geocaching, whereby a logbook is signed by those who find the cache.

Geocaching is born as a result of the general public’s access to G.P.S. Dave Ulmer planted the first geocache on May 3, 2000. The cache, according to Ulmer, was a black plastic bucket filled with software, D.V.D.s, books, money, a can of beans, and a slingshot. With millions of geocaches hidden across the seven continents, the hobby has exploded in popularity. Geocaches have been found over 600 million times since their beginning in 2000. Hundreds of organizations have gathered behind geocaching activities, creating thousands of events everywhere. And on International Geocaching Day, these events reach a peak, as more people get an insight into the game.

No matter where you are in the world, you can log onto the websites that have geocaching listings (posted by someone like you). Then you can begin the hunt, using your G.P.S. device. The number of objects that can be located within the geocache is limitless. The most significant component is usually a logbook, which is kept in a waterproof container. It is here that folks sign to show that they have truly discovered the treasure. Also, the box could contain sentimental objects that the finder can keep but must ethically replace with something of comparable worth.

International Geocaching Day timeline

The Earliest Form of Geocaching

The letterbox, from which geocaching is inspired, is born.

May 3, 2000
The First Geocache Placement

The first cache is placed, with the location disclosed as a G.P.S. coordinate.

September 2, 2000
The Most Popular Geocaching Site is Launched

Jeremy Irish launches what is now the largest listing site.

The First International Geocaching Day

First International Geocaching Day is first celebrated

International Geocaching Day FAQs

How does geocaching work?

Geocaching begins with the placement of a weatherproof box that must contain at least a logbook. Then the location must be listed on popular geocaching websites.

What is needed to find a geocache?

You only need a G.P.S.-enabled device to locate a geocache. Then you need to go out and explore till you find the location.

What do you do with a found geocache?

It is important to first sign the logbook and confirm this on the website as well. If there is any item that you desire, you can take it and replace it with an equally valuable item.

International Geocaching Day Activities

  1. Hide a geocache

    It is easy to create your cache, which may contain only a logbook. After placing the geocache, you will then list the coordinates for others to find it.

  2. Enjoy the adventure

    The act of hiding and finding a geocache is thrilling. It entails getting outside and exploring new areas. So go ahead and have some fun.

  3. Learn about G.P.S.

    It is always interesting to learn new things. On International Geocaching Day you can learn more about G.P.S. coordinates, which can lead you to new treasures.

5 Interesting Facts About Geocaching

  1. There are sentimental items in the geocache

    Items like geocoins, cameras, pictures, and many others can be found in the box.

  2. The first geocache found

    The first geocached items were found by Mike Teague.

  3. You can hide a geocache too

    It is actually very easy for you to start the treasure hunt if you understand G.P.S. coordinates.

  4. Geocaching is everywhere

    There are geocaches on every continent and in more than 190 countries.

  5. Many people are involved in the hunt

    There have been more than 600 million logs recorded for found geocaches since it began in 2000.

Why We Love International Geocaching Day

  1. Geocaching encourages being outdoors

    Participating in outdoor activities is both enjoyable and beneficial. Geocaching is one of our favorite activities because it encourages you to participate in them.

  2. It evokes a sense of exploration and adventure

    Geocaching is like an improved version of the classical treasure hunt. With the aid of G.P.S. devices, one could explore new territories.

  3. Geocaching has an ethical guiding principle

    Except for the logbook, most of the objects are stolen by finders, who replace them with something of comparable value in the box. As a result, it is a give-and-take activity with emotive and ethical values.

International Geocaching Day dates

2022August 20Saturday
2023August 19Saturday
2024August 17Saturday
2025August 16Saturday
2026August 15Saturday

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