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MonDec 2

Safety Razor Day – December 2, 2024

Safety Razor Day takes place annually on December 2 and celebrates the invention of the revolutionary low-tech tool that changed the lives of many men across the globe. A safety razor is a shaving implement with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin to reduce the level of skill needed for injury-free shaving.

History of Safety Razor Day

Safety Razor Day celebrates the centuries-old tool that’s been at the center of a lasting grooming tradition. This revolutionary low-tech tool has changed the lives of thousands of men across the globe. It continues to do so today in an even finer and smoother fashion, thanks to advancements in technology and knowledge.

A safety razor is a grooming tool with a protective device positioned between the edge of its blade and the skin to reduce the level of skill needed for injury-free shaving. Also referred to as double edge razors, safety razors were popularised in the 20th century by King Camp Gillette. Before Gillette’s design, several models existed, however, his innovation — disposable, thin and, importantly, inexpensive — became the best-selling version.
And, it was considered to have revolutionized shaving at the time because, before them, most men were reliant on barbers if they wanted to shave. Its invention and subsequent commercialization enabled men who didn’t have deep pockets to still enjoy a clean-shaven face when they wanted and as frequently as they liked.

Although there’s a small learning curve in terms of how to perfectly hold the blade to your skin, safety razors produce a far cleaner shave and are less likely to irritate the skin like cartridge razors. Because of this, they are considered to be a cut above the rest as far as grooming is concerned.

Safety Razor Day timeline

The First Steel-Edge Cutthroat Razor

The first steel-edge cutthroat razors are manufactured in Sheffield, England.

Protective devices for razors are invented

French Cutler Jean-Jacques Perret adds a protective guard to a regular straight razor.

The First Known ‘Safety Razor’

The first known use of the term ‘safety razor’ is found in a patent.

Stainless Steel Blades Become Commercially Available

Stainless steel blades that can be used more than once became widely available for the first time.

Safety Razor Day FAQs

How do you shave with a safety razor?

When shaving with a safety razor, the sharpness of the blade is crucial. Safety razors are designed to work with gravity, allowing the weight of the head to pull down and shave as you glide it along your skin. The idea is to use the blade to slice through the beard like a sickle rather than to drag through the beard and scrape the blade across the skin. This means that you need to use the lightest touch possible so that the blade glides across the surface.

How frequently should I shave with my safety razor?

As frequently as you wish. It all boils down to the sharpness of the blade. How frequently you should shave depends on your style preferences, how fast your hair grows, the body part you’re shaving, the cost and quality of your blades, and how well you care for your skin.

What is a safety razor versus disposable?

The biggest difference is the blade itself. Safety razors have disposable blades whereas straight razor blades need sharpening and maintenance.

Safety Razor Day Activities

  1. Learn to shave with safety razors

    Although simple to use, safety razors can take a couple of weeks to get used to. And, the technique for shaving with a safety razor differs from that of shaving with a regular plastic razor. Learn and understand this technique to observe Safety Razor Day!

  2. Find out what’s special about them

    Safety razors are special in the sense that they represent a revolutionary new way to shave. Learn more about their invention and evolution to observe the day.

  3. Share your experience on social media

    Share interesting shaving stories about your experiences using a safety razor! Use the hashtag #SafetyRazorDay.

5 Fascinating Facts About Razors

  1. Women’s razors versus men’s razors

    While the blade technology may be similar, the head of a woman’s razor is more rounded.

  2. Predominant

    Cartridge razors and disposable razors with their blades embedded in plastic, have become the most widely used type of safety razors.

  3. Patented by William Henson

    The basic form of a razor was first described in a patent application by William S. Henson in 1847.

  4. They’re made from steel but corrode easily

    Safety razor blades are usually made of razor steel, which is a low chromium stainless steel that can be made extremely sharp but corrodes relatively easily.

  5. They’ve been around for a while

    The earliest known razors are from the Bronze Age.

Why We Love Safety Razor Day

  1. It promotes the classic way of shaving

    Today, safety razors are less popular in usage amongst the younger generation due to the perceived ‘high price’, compared to disposable razors. Safety Razor Day serves as a way to remedy that by promoting this classic men’s shaving tool.

  2. It highlights the progression of shaving technology

    Safety Razor Day draws attention to the progression of shaving technology over the decades. This overview is crucial to appreciate and evaluate the products currently available on the market.

  3. It strengthens shaving traditions

    Shaving is something almost every adult person has experienced at least once in their lifetime. Safety Razor Day can be considered a celebration of this millennia-old human tradition.

Safety Razor Day dates

2024December 2Monday
2025December 2Tuesday
2026December 2Wednesday
2027December 2Thursday
2028December 2Saturday

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