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National Skip School Day
MonDec 2

National Skip School Day – December 2, 2024

National Skip School Day on December 2 is a great day for American teens. While you must have heard of surprise tests, a surprise holiday is a relatively new concept. There is no solid purpose behind the holiday. It resulted from a viral TikTok video that gained immense popularity among teens. Hold on there, though! National Skip School Day is not yet official. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

History of National Skip School Day

The tradition of skipping school isn’t really new if you can recall your senior prom days. In most American schools, it’s common for kids to skip classes on the day before senior prom. It is known as Ditch Day, Skip Day, or Senior Skip Day, although it’s not legally permitted. But it wasn’t until the fall of 2019 that the practice found its official name.

As the story goes, on October 31, 2019, TikTokers randomly started posting videos urging teens to ditch school on December 2. There is no clear evidence as to why they chose December 2 in particular. Like most things on the internet, these videos went viral in a matter of days. Accompanied by perky, confident background music, the videos began trending with #2December. The hashtag itself earned over two million views. That’s not all. One person even went to the extent of starting a petition asking teens to support the trend. Although the petition didn’t receive a huge response with only about three dozen signatures, it was enough to make an entry into Urban Dictionary.

Although it became a hit with high schoolers, school administrations are not keen on approving this as a holiday. National Skip School Day isn’t much of an issue with many schools, but turning it into an official holiday is a different affair altogether. Besides, bunking classes without informing teachers is considered truancy and can even lead to temporary rustication. So, before you decide to take a break from classes, make sure you keep your school informed and be careful. And maybe spend the day productively by searching for possible scholarships to apply for.

National Skip School Day timeline

The Practice of Ditch Day

The practice of skipping school for a day begins at Caltech, where they call it ‘Ditch Day.’

The 1930s
Skipping School Becomes Popular

The tradition of skipping school gains popularity across the country.

The 1980s
Entry of Ferris Bueller

The teen comedy “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” takes high schoolers by a storm and acts as a catalyst for traditions like ‘Skip School.’

The Birth of the Holiday

The unofficial holiday comes into being due to a TikTok meme shared by teens all across the U.S.

National Skip School Day FAQs

Is it okay to skip school for a day?

Not without prior notice! That would be called ‘truancy.’ But otherwise, it is okay to take a one-day break from classes.

Is National Skip School Day official?

It’s not an official holiday. It became popular because of an internet meme, but it’s not approved.

Will I get suspended for skipping classes?

Skipping classes, just for the fun of it, can have serious consequences like suspension. However, if you really need a day off to relax, you may let your instructor or school head know in advance.

How to Celebrate National Skip School Day

  1. Skip school

    Well, what else comes to your mind? It’s a day when you’re meant to skip school and enjoy a day outside of your classroom.

  2. Get some rest or be creative

    You can spend the day however it suits you; lie down with your favorite book or engage in something (anything!) to boost your creativity. The choice is yours!

  3. Spend quality time with your kid

    This one is for all the parents out there! If you support National Skip School Day, you might consider doing something fun or lazy with your kids; watch TV, go for a ride, play video games, or sleep all day. The options are endless!

5 Important Facts About Skip School Day

  1. Without a rhyme or reason

    Unlike most other national holidays, National Skip School Day doesn’t have any agenda behind it — it’s the outcome of a TikTok video that went viral.

  2. Petition on

    Someone started a petition on to support the National Skip School Day trend.

  3. Made it to Urban Dictionary

    If you Google ‘National Skip School Day,’ you’ll find an entry in Urban Dictionary!

  4. Remember Ferris Bueller?

    The concept of National Skip School Day could have been inspired by it, don’t you think?

  5. Not a new practice

    The tradition of skipping school has been there for years — remember Ditch Day prior to the day of senior prom?

Why We Love National Skip School Day

  1. A break from the monotony

    While skipping school frequently is not a good idea, taking one day off doesn’t do any harm. Who knows! It can even help to prevent anxiety and burnout.

  2. You can explore new things

    No time to indulge in your hobbies? National Skip School Day might allow you to do what you love for a whole day. Sounds fun? Go for it then!

  3. You can take a break

    Being idle can sometimes be wholesome, especially if your kid is drained after finishing endless assignments. National Skip School Day is the day to rejuvenate and just chill out.

National Skip School Day dates

2024December 2Monday
2025December 2Tuesday
2026December 2Wednesday
2027December 2Thursday
2028December 2Saturday

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