Emotional Wellness Month – October 2020


Stress can have adverse affects on our physical health, and when left unchecked, it can lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. To raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being, October is observed as Emotional Wellness Month.Learn a bit about mindfulness. Take a break from your hectic schedule. Slow down a little. Breathe.

Emotional Wellness Month timeline


A Harvard Study Showed Mindfulness Works

According to the study, meditation and mindfulness can help create new grey matter in the brain, which improves memory, learning abilities, compassion, and self-awareness.


Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn Developed the Mindfulness Program

The University of Massachusetts professor developed an eight-week program called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). The program was directly inspired by Buddhist teachings of self-awareness.


Relaxation Goes Mainstream

Hatha Yoga and Transcendental Meditation began to gain popularity throughout America and Europe.


"The Dharma Bums" was published

Jack Kerouac's book explored his earlier experiences with Buddhism — which then triggered interest and curiosity about meditation.

5th Century BC

Rise of Buddhism

Teachings of Siddhartha Gautama spread throughout Asia, and the religion eventually came to be known as Buddhism.

How to Observe Emotional Wellness Month

  1. Have a Massage Day at the Office

    Call some certified massage therapists and let employees take a well-deserved break.

  2. Eat together

    Sharing meals has been shown to be beneficial for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

  3. Foster an Animal

    If you have a history of panic attacks or anxiety, take this opportunity to foster an animal. Petting a dog or a cat is known to be a stress-buster. Plus, you will be doing something good in the process.

5 Intriguing Facts About Emotional Health

  1. Sleeping Calms You Down

    If you have had a bad day, sleep it off. When you are sleeping, your brain comes up with logical conclusions for bad events that happened during the day, thus helping you cope better.

  2. Gut Feeling is Real

    The way you feel about something is directly related to your digestion, heart rate, breathing, and blood flow. The next time you are about to make an important decision and your stomach churns, consider it a warning sign.

  3. Some People Don't Know How They Feel

    The condition, known as alexithymia, affects about 10% of the global population. It is a severe dysfunction and affects people's ability to understand other people's emotional state

  4. Emotions Shape Our Morals

    Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that the way we feel about something shapes our morality and not the other way around.

  5. There is Only One Kind of Smile That Shows Genuine Happiness

    According to French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, there are 18 different kinds of smiles. Only one out of these 18 shows genuine happiness

Why Emotional Wellness Month is Important

  1. Emotional health is crucial to our happiness

    Negative emotional well-being can lead to depression and anxiety.

  2. It Teaches Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is the practice of being in touch with the present moment. It is the one of the most important principles to achieve better emotional health.

  3. It Encourages You to Slow Down

    We all live hectic schedules. Looming deadlines and nagging bosses can stress us out. Emotional Wellness Month teaches us to take things one step at a time.

Emotional Wellness Month dates
2020October 1Thursday
2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday