Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month – October 2021


We may not think of a caffeine addiction as being something from which we need to recover. But those of us who have tried to abstain from our morning (or midmorning or early afternoon) coffee or soda break know exactly what it’s like to try and kick the habit.

Caffeine is added to many of our favorite products, and it occurs naturally in many others. Often, one of the main reasons we love these products is because of the added kick of that ingredient, natural or otherwise. We can help you get a fix on caffeine addictions with this compendium of facts, figures and cool gifts in observance of Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month in October.

Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month timeline

The US enacts the Pure Food and Drug Act

This requires that drugs such as caffeine, alcohol, and cannabis be labeled with accurate dosage and content information. The would lead to the creation of the FDA.

Caffeine is first isolated

Chemists in Germany and France isolate caffeine for the first time.

First coffee breaks go way back

According to scholars, historical and credible evidence exists showing that coffee drinking first took place in the Sufi shrines of southern Arabia — Yemen, specifically.

600 BC
Ancient Mayans consume cocoa beans

A pot discovered from around 600 BC contains cocoa residue.

3000 BC
Tea time has a magical beginning

Legend says that Shennong, a Chinese deity and mystical emperor, discovered tea by accident when he observed tea leaves that fell into boiling water.

How to Observe Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month

  1. Skip the coffee

    Go for decaf instead — or better yet, water. The kick won't be the same, but you'll be on the road to breaking whatever personal addiction you have to the world's most consumed drug.

  2. Take a walk, instead

    When you head out for your mid-morning coffee break, avoid the coffee shop and take a walk around the block instead. Try that once or more a week and watch your money grow and your waistline shrink.

  3. Keep a diary

    Keep track of how many products with caffeine you consume in a typical week. You may surprise yourself when you see the quantities laid out in front of you. This may inspire you to break a difficult habit.

5 Caffeine Facts That'll Keep You Awake

  1. Blame Brazil

    This country exports more coffee than any other — almost 5.7 billion pounds each year, according to the International Coffee Organization. Brazil has been the world’s biggest exporter of coffee since the 1800s.

  2. The Finns are highly caffeinated

    People in Finland drink more coffee than anybody on earth, consuming about 12 kilograms per person per year, according to the WorldAtlas. Norway comes in a distant second at 9.9.

  3. Withdrawal symptoms get serious

    Those who experience symptoms of caffeine withdrawal commonly identify the following reactions as the most severe: headache, fatigue, drowsiness, depressed or irritable mood, and difficulty concentrating.

  4. Consume caffeine carefully

    Although rare, people can and have overdosed and died from ingesting too much caffeine.

  5. You can be dependent, but maybe not addicted

    Science finds that caffeine doesn't really fit into the category of truly addictive substances. "Caffeine has minor-league side effects compared with real addictive drugs," says Dr. Peter Martin, director of the Institute for Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University.

Why Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month is Important

  1. Addiction is serious

    Addiction can cause all sorts of health problems, and even the most benign addiction isn't really benign. In addition, a caffeine addiction can burden people with a whole host of lifestyle restraints.

  2. It adds to our knowledge

    Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month is a good time to add to our knowledge of addiction. Caffeine is a stimulant and the world's most widely consumed drug. And although scientific debates continue as to its true addictive properties, anybody who has tried to kick a caffeine habit knows how strong a hold it can have on us.

  3. It can save us money

    Think about how often people consume expensive cups of coffee from their favorite or most convenient shops. Now think of how much money could be saved by skipping a cup or two every once in a while. Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month can help inspire us to take action.

Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month dates

2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday
2025October 1Wednesday