National Medical Librarians Month – October 2022

October is National Medical Librarians Month. It aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the important role of health information professionals in the medical field.

History of National Medical Librarians Month

National Medical Librarians Month seeks to remind us of the important role of health information professionals and their contribution towards enhancing healthcare and documenting the progress of medicine, through research and education all over the world. This month strives to show appreciation to the dedicated librarians all over the world who place value on the quality of health information, as libraries have become a vast repository.

Medicine as an intensive and ever-evolving discipline has a robust database of knowledge, methods, and technology. Librarians have a direct impact on the quality of research conducted. The contact made by these two fields has seen some great collaborations in information gathering and dissemination to improve national healthcare.

Since the 1800s, the Medical Library Association has strived to provide reliable information by improving healthcare education and supporting research. Healthcare providers, patients, and enthusiasts are the target of this movement. The Association does this by ensuring the best health information is available.

In a fast-changing world where Google becomes the consultant, librarians have supported our inquisitiveness by providing a concise list of high-quality information on health issues, all linked to research topics and papers, while practitioners have been supported with a supportive and open environment to learn and share ideas.

National Medical Librarians Month timeline

The National Library of Medicine

The library was initially established under the Armed Forces rule.

First Publication

A publication with a list of bibliographies of all national medical books and works relating to public health is circulated.

An Association is Formed

Four physicians and librarians establish the Association of Medical Librarians to encourage the improvement of public medical libraries.

Transfer of Ownership

Ownership of the National Library of Medicine is transferred from the Defense Department to the Health Department.

National Medical Librarians Month FAQs

Do I have to study medicine to be a medical librarian?

Medical librarians are known to study health science or library science, and for them to be accredited, they need an additional master’s degree in Library and Information Science. These courses are studied in most accredited colleges.

Can medical librarians work in the hospital?

Being at the heart of information, medical librarians work in research centers in hospitals and other medical libraries. They are information providers to patients, students, doctors, and researchers.

Can the general public access medical libraries?

Like all libraries, the medical library is open to assist physicians, healthcare professionals, students, patients, consumers, researchers, and the general public. However, one needs a membership card and the librarian can guide you on how to process this.

How to Observe National Medical Librarians Month

  1. Buy them a cup of coffee

    Most librarians love solitude and an opportunity to bury themselves in a book, but a little chat over coffee is also something they would appreciate. Visit your nearest medical library and offer the librarian a cup of coffee and a brief chit-chat.

  2. Thank them for their service

    Easily show your appreciation by sending them handwritten cards, emails, or a personalized video to thank medical librarians for the work they do and the contribution they make.

  3. Share the holiday online

    Support National Medical Librarians Month and share the holiday online, tagging anyone you know who is an integral member of the association.

5 Facts About Libraries And Librarians You Should Know

  1. Mesopotamia was the place of their origin

    The first library was established in Mesopotamia.

  2. Librarians have always been professionals

    Librarians were trained to handle records earning them the title ‘masters of the books.’

  3. It was used as propaganda

    Roman aristocrats made their home libraries open to the public to win votes from citizens.

  4. It is dominated by women

    Librarians in medieval times were mostly men but, in modern times, women make up 80% of the profession.

  5. Handicap inclusivity

    The International Library association makes provision for people with disabilities, especially the deaf community.

Why we love National Medical Librarians Month

  1. They promote health literacy and education

    Librarians in all fields promote the culture of reading and learning, they open doors of knowledge we did not know existed. A librarian can suggest a single book that will change your life or give you all the materials you need for that research topic and we love them for that.

  2. They provide research resources

    Medical librarians have an understanding and knowledge of various health-related materials, topics, and research. They are helpful in providing information to families, working with medical staff, and gathering data and educational materials.

  3. Build and maintain a community

    By catering to researchers, students, doctors, and patients, medical librarians create and bring together groups of people with a common purpose and thirst for knowledge. Libraries serve as a hub for sharing and learning new information.

National Medical Librarians Month dates

2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday
2025October 1Wednesday
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