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ThuApr 25

National Library Workers Day – April 25, 2024

National Library Workers Day is observed on the Tuesday of National Library Week, which is on April 25 this year. The day recognizes the importance and contributions of the library staff who keep our libraries running while we get lost in the wonderful books. Libraries are more than a place for borrowing books, they reflect the needs and expectations of our community. And library workers are the ones fulfilling those needs and expectations by making information, books, and resources more accessible. Libraries work because they work!

History of National Library Workers Day

The American Library Association initiated the idea of National Library Workers Day and it was first observed in 2004. The purpose of the day was to raise support for better benefits and salaries for library workers when they had been stagnant for years.

Libraries have existed dating back to as early as 2600 B.C. The first libraries consisted of archives of the earliest forms of writing on clay tablets that were discovered in the temple rooms of Sumer. Since then, libraries have evolved from the classic period to late antiquity and have shaped societies, from the classical Greek and Roman empires all the way up to the modern age.

Although libraries have been around for centuries, access to books has not always been that easy. The first public library was opened in the United States in 1833. Before that, libraries were owned privately. 

Today, public libraries are an important part of the community. They provide books from all over the world on basically every topic imaginable. Librarians are the ones responsible for maintaining this catalog of history. They are the maestros of research who foster creativity and knowledge. But owing to the global economic fluctuations, their salaries have shrunk to such a low level that it has now become difficult for these careers to remain feasible. 

National Library Workers Day timeline

Library of Congress is Burned

The British invade Washington, D.C., and destroy its collection of 5,000 books in the Library of Congress.

Morrill Land Grant Act

This Act provides each state with 30,000 acres of public land per senator for educational use, spurring the growth of libraries.

Training School for Librarians

Melvin Dewey starts the first training school for librarians.

Technology in Libraries

The creation of MARC (machine-readable cataloging) allows for the electronic management of library catalogs.

National Library Workers Day FAQs

What is the library week celebration?

National Library Week is a time to celebrate the existence of libraries and to recognize the important impact of libraries and librarians on the community.


What is National Library Day?

It is a part of the National Library Week celebration, a day to celebrate library outreach programs and dedicated library professionals.


Why do we celebrate Library Week?

The American Library Association started the idea of Library Week, hoping that it would motivate people to read and to support libraries.

How to Celebrate National Library Workers Day

  1. Acknowledge the efforts of library workers

    What’s a better way to observe National Library Workers Day than actually appreciating library workers for their expertise, hard work, and dedication. You can write them thank-you notes or turn to social media to acknowledge the library staff. Either way, this practice will surely bring a smile to their faces!

  2. Advocate for library workers

    Make a positive impact by really doing something beneficial for library workers on this day! Sign a petition for them in your local government offices and advocate for better pay and benefits for them by spreading awareness in your community through flyers or bulletins.

  3. Volunteer at a library

    Take this day as an opportunity to volunteer at your local library. This will give actual insight into a day in the life of a library worker. You will also get a chance to interact with different people.

5 Facts About Cool Libraries Around The World

  1. Library on a beach

    There are three libraries right on the beach in Albena, Bulgaria.

  2. Twig library

    A library building in a small Chinese village is covered in 40,000 twigs.

  3. Tree library

    A library constructed in five trees can be found along a sidewalk in Berlin.

  4. Library vending machines

    There are library vending machines full of books in cities across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  5. Book walls

    Kansas City Library’s outside walls are designed to be a huge bookshelf.

Why National Library Workers Day is Important

  1. It honors library workers

    The day acknowledges the efforts of library workers and highlights the critical role they play in keeping our libraries running.

  2. It advocates for them

    The day advocates and raises support for the improvement of benefits and salaries for library workers.

  3. It motivates people to read

    National Library Workers Day reiterates the importance of libraries in our communities and motivates people to read and to support libraries.

National Library Workers Day dates

2022April 5Tuesday
2023April 25Tuesday

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