International Coffee Day – October 1, 2020

Thu Oct 1

Originating in Ethiopia and tracing its first consumption to Sufi monasteries in 15th-century Yemen, coffee has been energizing people around the world for over 600 years. Today, this piping hot liquid is a breakfast staple in hundreds of countries—some 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the globe each day (with Finland topping the list as the most caffeinated country in the world). In honor of International Coffee Day on October 1, the world takes a moment to recognize the beverage that keeps us sharp and productive, no matter how little we slept last night.

International Coffee Day Activities

  1. Energize the whole office

    Coffee is a social drink meant to be shared in the company of others. Boil a pot of fresh coffee for the entire office and serve it out individually. Be sure to ask each coworker how they take their coffee—you'll learn a lot about them in the process!

  2. Go on a coffee date

    Don't forget to support your local coffee shop on International Coffee Day! Invite a friend, coworker, or family member to chat over a cup of coffee at a cafe. Bonus points if your conversation revolves around the joys of coffee.

  3. Attend a coffee roasting master class

    Home coffee roasting is fun, easy, and yields truly superior coffee. You can roast coffee in the oven, in a skillet, using a used popcorn bag, or with the help of a fancy coffee roaster. There are plenty of DIY methods out there, but for a more memorable experience, look up courses in your area.

Why We Love International Coffee Day

  1. Coffee is good for you

    That's right—coffee is good for your health (unless you dump four tablespoons of sugar in it)!  Research shows that coffee drinkers are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia than non coffee drinkers.  Coffee drinkers also have lower incidence of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and stroke.  So drink away!

  2. Coffee energizes you ... fast

    It only takes about 10 minutes to start feeling the effects of a cup of coffee, so you can go from "Mondays suck" to "Let's conquer the world" in record time.  But pity the fool who has to be near you before those 10 minutes are up.

  3. Coffee Has History

    It became popular at the same time that Islam was on the rise. Muslims were banned from consuming alcohol, so for awhile coffee was considered an acceptable substitute.  In 1675, out of paranoia that people were convening in coffee houses to plot against him, King Charles II banned cafes in England! Today, thankfully, it's legal again so we can all keep get our java on.

International Coffee Day dates
2020October 1Thursday
2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday