National Crime Prevention Month – October 2021

National Crime Prevention Month is in October and we’re going to show you how you as a responsible citizen can contribute towards the safety of your family and community. Since 1984, when it was first observed, National Crime Prevention Month has successfully spread awareness about crime prevention and personal safety among millions of Americans.

History of National Crime Prevention Month

In 1982, Carl M. Loeb Jr., a prominent businessman, founded the National Crime Prevention Council (N.C.P.C.). McGruff the bloodhound was created as the mascot of the council and would advise people to “Take a bite out of crime.” It was during the tenure of President Ronald Reagan in 1984 when it was decided that October would be observed as National Crime Prevention Month.

The council has since encouraged regular citizens to share the responsibilities of crime prevention, which otherwise solely rests on the shoulders of law enforcement. Each week of the month is dedicated to different aspects of crime prevention such as awareness of counterfeit products, cybercrime, violent crimes, crimes against children, firearm safety, etc.

The N.C.P.C. equips you with various types of crime prevention month kits. These kits include information and strategies designed to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from falling victim to online predators, theft, bullying, and other crimes. There are specialized kits available on the N.C.P.C. website, namely kits for Firearm Safety, Protecting Children and Youth, Staying Safe in a High-Tech World, and Partnering with Law Enforcement to Prevent Crime.”

Each of these kits contains extensive information and safety tips on preventing crimes. For example, the Firearms Safety kit gives you safety tips to prevent accidental firing, various factors you need to consider before buying or selling firearms, and also detailed instructions on what a child must do if he/she finds a firearm. The Staying Safe in a High-Tech World kit provides you with information on how to shop online safely, how to deal with cyberbullying, and how to prevent children from stumbling upon graphic and explicit content on the internet.

National Crime Prevention Month timeline

Crime Prevention Campaign is Initiated

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (B.J.A.) and 18 other organizations form the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign.

McGruff is Born

The Justice Department and the Advertising Council develop McGruff — a large brown dog in a trench coat as the council's mascot.

The N.C.P.C is Founded

Carl M. Loeb Jr. helps to establish the National Crime Prevention Council.

October is Chosen

President Reagan declares October to be observed as National Crime Prevention Month.

National Crime Prevention Month FAQs

Can I portray McGruff?

McGruff lives by certain rules and you need to approach the N.C.P.C. and get their consent before you can portray McGruff. You might also consider portraying McGruff’s nephew, Scruff.

Is it mandatory to observe National Crime Prevention Month?

Crime prevention can have a great impact on the welfare of social and human capital. It can also greatly reduce the cost associated with justice systems. Therefore, though it’s not mandatory, observing the month and helping the N.C.P.C to prevent crime can go a long way in maintaining the peace and safety of your neighborhood.

What is the latest initiative by N.C.P.C.?

Online fraud has risen during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The N.C.P.C. and AT&T have initiated a campaign named Don’t Take The Bait — Validate, which aims to empower the public to outsmart online fraudsters and scam artists by educating consumers on how to protect their pins and conceal their personal information from anonymous callers.

How to Observe National Crime Prevention Month

  1. Increase awareness

    One of the best ways to observe National Crime Prevention Month is to educate people, especially children and young adults on the importance of partnering with law enforcement to fight crime. You can conduct workshops where people are provided with insightful tips on internet safety, firearms safety, how to identify counterfeit products, prevention of drug abuse, and much more.

  2. Organize a neighborhood watch

    Partner with local police and initiate a neighborhood watch. You along with your close friends can take turns to keep a vigil in the neighborhood. This can be an effective way to ensure safety in your neighborhood while also allowing you to bond with your neighbors and build trust.

  3. Organize self-defense classes

    You need not become a professional fighter to protect yourself. Teaching basic self-defense techniques to people can go a long way in making them more confident. Organizing self-defense classes for people of all age groups will not only boost their confidence and improve their health, but also allow them to socialize, which is crucial for a close-knit neighborhood.

5 Facts About The N.C.P.C. That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Carl M. Loeb Jr. was a basketball player

    The chairman of the N.C.P.C., Carl M. Loeb Jr., was an All-American basketball player and had a master's degree in metallurgical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  2. Loeb was in the N.C.C.D.

    Before he founded the N.C.P.C, Loeb was the vice president of the board of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

  3. Dancing Fitzgerald Sample ade McGruff

    Dancing Fitzgerald Sample, now merged with Saatchi and Saatchi was the advertising agency that worked with the Advertising Council to create McGruff, the mascot.

  4. McGruff is 40 years young

    In 2020, McGruff celebrated his 40th birthday and there are over 4,000 active McGruff (costumes) today.

  5. The U.S. Postal Service honored McGruff

    In 1984, the United States Postal Service released a first-class postage stamp in honor of McGruff.

Why National Crime Prevention Month is Important

  1. Preventing crime is everyone's responsibility

    Partnering with law enforcement and the N.C.P.C. to bring down crime ensures the safety and well-being of our neighborhood and city. This month reminds us that we all share the responsibility of protecting our cities and keeping them crime-free.

  2. It is important for children and teens

    Children and young adults who have undergone training through workshops and classes organized by the N.C.P.C are better equipped to deal with bullying, online predators, dating violence, and gangs.

  3. It is an opportunity for strengthening relationships

    National Crime Prevention Month provides an opportunity for communities to come together and forge new relationships while working towards controlling crime. This helps in building strong, safe, and healthy societies.

National Crime Prevention Month dates

2021October 1Friday
2022October 1Saturday
2023October 1Sunday
2024October 1Tuesday
2025October 1Wednesday
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