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NATIONAL MUD PACK DAY – September 30, 2024

National Mud Pack Day comes up every year on September 30 and we’ve gathered a load of fun historical facts and ways to celebrate. Alternatively called mud masks or clay masks, mud packs are pastes made from mud, bleaches, and astringents. Known for their antibacterial and exfoliating qualities, mud packs are used for skincare but, more specifically, facial skincare.


Though no one is quite sure how National Mud Pack Day came to be, the use of mud packs can be traced all the way back to the 1st century. The famous Romano-Jewish historian Josephus Flavius recorded that King Herod took baths in mud taken from the Dead Sea. Ancient Egyptians weren’t left out as Cleopatra was said to have used mud masks, made of Dead Sea mud, to purify her skin at least twice a week. In ancient times, mud was also believed to be a cure for leprosy! This goes to show that mud has been around for a long time and, from the look of things, it certainly isn’t going anywhere.

According to ancient lore, sometime around 863 B.C., Prince Bladud of the Britons was banished from his kingdom after contracting leprosy. He was forced to become a herder of pigs and these pigs eventually contracted leprosy. Soon after, he observed the pigs rolling in the mud, and afterward, they appeared to be healed. Taking a chance, Prince Bladud also took a bath in the mud and as a result, he became healed of his leprosy. This led people to believe in the skin-cleansing power of mud. Mud packs are believed to solve a plethora of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Now before you go about rolling in mud puddles, not all mud is good for the skin. The mud used in mud packs contains little to no contaminants whatsoever, known as therapeutic mud. In modern times, other natural ingredients such as honey and aloe vera are combined to prevent irritation on sensitive skin. Ready-made mud packs can now be bought in stores and used directly by customers.


863 B.C.
Healing Benefits

Prince Bladud discovers the healing benefits of mud.

50–30 B.C.
Cleopatra’s Secret

Cleopatra uses mud masks in her skincare routine.

Muddy Baths

Mud baths become popular during the Renaissance era.

Clay is Commercialized

Clay masks become commercialized.


Can men use mud packs?

Yes! Men can also use mud packs. The important thing is to study your skin type to know which would work best for you.

How long should a mud pack stay on?

It depends on the instructions of the manufacturer. Some mud masks are meant to be applied for a few minutes or even overnight.

Should mud masks be applied before or after a shower?

Mud masks can be applied either before or after a shower. Either way, the face should be properly cleansed before and after applying the mask.


  1. Do it yourself

    On this day, make your own mud pack. Perform a little research on the best ingredients for your skin type and have some fun while exfoliating.

  2. Have a spa day

    You might not want to muddle through making your own pack and that’s okay! Take a relaxing trip to the spa and let them pamper you.

  3. Throw a mud party

    Invite your friends over and have a fun time sunbathing or binge-watching a new movie. Lay on the luxury by donning comfy robes and putting cucumbers over your eyes. Preferably not while watching the movie.

5 Interesting Facts About Mud

  1. Misunderstood pigs

    Though it’s a general belief that pigs love to roll in the mud because they’re dirty, they actually bathe in mud to lower their body temperature.

  2. Vitamin E

    Mud packs are good for the skin because of the vitamin E contained in mud.

  3. Huts and pottery

    The making of pottery and huts from mud dates back 30,000 years.

  4. Mud health

    Mud is also used to cure ailments like arthritis and has soothing effects on muscle and joint pain.

  5. Digestive benefits

    If mud is applied to the abdomen, it’s capable of removing toxins from the body and improving digestion.


  1. Skincare

    Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body. For one, you have to live in it! National Mud Pack Day helps us remember the importance of taking good care of our skin.

  2. A chance to relax

    We’ll take any excuse to go to the spa! This day is a great excuse to spoil yourself with a relaxing spa day while the experts work their magic.

  3. Memory lane

    This day reminds us of the good old childhood days when we played with mud. Today is one day you can play with mud without getting strange looks!


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