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MonSep 30

Thunderbirds Day – September 30, 2024

Thunderbirds Day is celebrated every September 30 following its founding by ITV Studios on August 16, 2017. It was first celebrated in 2017 and has been celebrated annually to honor the classic British science fiction television series “Thunderbirds” and its revival, “Thunderbirds Are Go.” First aired in 1965, “Thunderbirds” consists of two series with 32 episodes. It’s known for its stellar special effects and musical score. Are you one of the people who watched it? Let’s celebrate the debut anniversary of this “Supermarionation” series.

History of Thunderbirds Day

First released on ITV on September 30, 1965, “Thunderbirds” aired until December 25, 1966, and it consisted of two series, with 32 50-minute episodes. It was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and produced by AP Films (Century 21 Productions). The show used a production style called “Supermarionation,” a portmanteau of the words ‘super,’ ‘marionette,’ and ‘animation.’ It was distributed to around 30 countries in the 1960s and has been praised for its special effects by Derek Meddings and musical score from Barry Gray.

Set in 2065, “Thunderbirds” depicts the missions of the International Rescue team, a lifesaving group with an advanced fleet of Thunderbird machines, founded by billionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy. Thunderbird machines, crafted by the engineering genius, Brains, are seized by Tracy’s five sons, who are named after real-life astronauts: Thunderbird 1 is a hypersonic rocket piloted by Scott, Thunderbird 2 is a heavy transporter flown by Virgil, Thunderbird 3 is a space rocket operated by Alan, Thunderbird 4 is a submersible controlled by Gordon, and Thunderbird 5 is an orbiting space satellite manned by John.

“Thunderbirds” was followed by two film sequels: “Thunderbirds Are Go” (1966) and “Thunderbird 6” (1968). Anderson wanted to remake “Thunderbirds,” and in 2011, he announced that work on the updated version of “Thunderbirds” had started. After Anderson died in 2012, “Thunderbirds Are Go,” a remake of the “Thunderbirds” series, premiered on April 4, 2015. Combining C.G.I. and live-action model sets, the film was produced by ITV Studios and Pūkeko Pictures. It concluded on February 22, 2020, with three series and 78 episodes. Have you watched this series remake?

Thunderbirds Day timeline

September 30, 1965
The Debut

The first episode of “Thunderbirds” is aired on ITV.

December 12, 1966
“Thunderbirds Are Go”

The “Thunderbirds Are Go” film, the sequel to the “Thunderbirds” series, is released.

July 29, 1968
“Thunderbird 6”

“Thunderbird 6” is released as the sequel to “Thunderbirds Are Go.”

April 4, 2015
The New One

“Thunderbirds Are Go” (2015), a remake of the “Thunderbirds” T.V. series, premieres.

Thunderbirds Day FAQs

Why are the Thunderbirds called the Thunderbirds?

The name came from the legendary creature appearing in some indigenous North American myths.

Why do the Thunderbirds say “fab?”

Fab is said to be used simply as a call sign, like ‘Roger’ or ‘Ten-Four’ to acknowledge received instructions.

Where was “Thunderbirds” filmed?

“Thunderbirds” was written, produced, and filmed at SEGRO’s Slough Trading Estate, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Thunderbirds Day Activities

  1. Watch the series

    Thunderbirds Day is for you to celebrate the anniversary of the show’s debut. If you used to watch the series and have already finished all the episodes, rewatch them. Or maybe, you haven’t watched the new “Thunderbirds Are Go.” If so, it’s time you do.

  2. See the movies

    Other than the series, you can watch the “Thunderbirds” movies, “Thunderbirds Are Go” or “Thunderbird 6.” Besides these, there is a non-animated version of “Thunderbirds” (2004) that you can watch.

  3. Buy “Thunderbirds” products

    If you’re celebrating Thunderbirds Day, you’re definitely a fan, and you’ve probably been collecting some “Thunderbirds”-related merchandise. If you want to add products to your collection, check out the hoodie, t-shirt, soundtrack C.D., and model kit!

5 Interesting Facts About “Thunderbirds”

  1. It’s inspired by a real-life event

    Gerry Anderson’s idea for “Thunderbirds” was inspired by the 1963 West Germany mine disaster known as ‘Wunder von Lengede,’ where 11 miners were saved from an imploded mine after surviving for 14 days.

  2. Lady Penelope was modeled after Sylvia Anderson

    Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward was based on and voiced by Sylvia Anderson.

  3. It has popular brand merchandise

    Over 3,000 “Thunderbirds”-branded items have been sold since 1965.

  4. It was initially titled “International Rescue”

    Gerry Anderson’s brother, Lionel, gave him an idea for a catchier title for the series, leading to the title we all know and love, “Thunderbirds.”

  5. It failed to reach the U.S. audience

    “Thunderbirds” was canceled because it wasn’t bought by a U.S. television network.

Why We Love Thunderbirds Day

  1. It’s heroic

    Aside from its stunning special effects, “Thunderbirds” is a heroic series inspired by a real-life rescue. That’s probably why “Thunderbirds” is loved and celebrated all over.

  2. It celebrates a much-loved show

    “Thunderbirds” debuted in 1965 and was remade in 2015, demonstrating that it has loads of fans. So, Thunderbirds Day is a time to show our love for this classic science fiction series.

  3. It inspires

    Gerry Anderson’s idea for “Thunderbirds” came from a rescue event. Perhaps this celebration of “Thunderbirds” can inspire us to do small, life-saving acts in times of need, just like International Rescue did.

Thunderbirds Day dates

2024September 30Monday
2025September 30Tuesday
2026September 30Wednesday
2027September 30Thursday
2028September 30Saturday

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