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MonSep 30

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day – September 30, 2024

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day is observed on September 30 every year. Although you may think that every day is the day of olive oil, there is one special day to celebrate one of the most sophisticated creations in the market.

Olive oil is not only delicious but also good for our health. It is said that olive oil has a positive impact on our health thanks to its beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids and high levels of anti-inflammatory polyphenols and antioxidants. The exact amount of olive oil that’s right for you will depend on many factors such as your size and activity level.

History of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

Olive oil is said to be a ‘superfood’ today, but the truth is that this was previously discovered many years ago. Ancient people in the Mediterranean believed that olive trees were sent by the gods. The legend reads that when the city of Athens was founded, the goddess Athena created the olive tree so that they would choose her as their patron, rather than the god Poseidon.

Ancient Greeks believed that these trees were godly because they produced a delicious bounty of fruit each year, which could also be used for eating, lighting lamps, cosmetics, medicine, and more. In Greece, the Greek gods were thanked by the Greeks for their olive cultivation. There was even a god of Olive Growth, who was called Aristaeus. He was praised for protecting the olive groves. In Judaism, olives are also considered to be an important fruit. They are believed to be one of the seven fruits that Israel was blessed with.

In fact, there is a ‘mitzvah’ (commandment) for bringing olives, as well as the other fruits, to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Moreover, a special blessing is said when one eats these fruits. While it is unknown if olive trees were a gift from the gods, we do know quite a bit about olive oil’s early days and its benefits.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day timeline

2500 B.C.
Olive Oil is First Used

It is first used as lamp fuel and in religious ceremonies in the Mediterranean.

2000 B.C.
Olive Oil is First Cooked

It is first used in cooking.

Olive oil enters its golden age

It enters its golden age with the Greeks, as they used it for food, fuel, skin lotion, contraceptive, detergents, preservatives, pesticides, perfume, and adornment.

World Olive Day is Created

The International Olive Council celebrates the first anniversary of World Olive Day since its creation by UNESCO.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day FAQs

Where is olive oil originally from?

Olive oil is a liquid that is obtained from olives.

Who discovered olive oil?

It is said that olive cultivation originated with the Ancient Egyptians. Olives have also been found in Egyptian tombs.

Why is olive oil called extra virgin?

Olives are pressed many times to extract as much oil as possible, producing different tiers of quality. The first batch of oil that’s produced is referred to as ‘extra virgin.’

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day Activities

  1. Buy a certified, authentic virgin olive oil

    Go to a supermarket and buy authentic olive oil. To be sure that you are buying an olive oil of good quality, read the label and check the harvest date.

  2. Get to know your olive oil producer

    Visit an olive oil producer. Many olive oil producers offer guided visits.

  3. Prepare your favorite recipe using olive oil

    Using olive oil in your dishes makes all the difference. You can cook with olive oil or consume it raw.

5 Benefits Of Olive Oil

  1. Strengthens the immune system

    Extra virgin olive oil is known to boost the immune system due to its high concentration of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.

  2. Lowers blood sugar

    Extra virgin olive oil facilitates the process of stabilizing type 2 diabetes.

  3. Promotes heart health

    Recent studies have shown that people who consume more than half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil daily have fewer chances of developing cardiovascular problems and coronary heart disease.

  4. Detoxes the liver

    Consuming extra virgin olive oil daily, helps our liver to perform its functions since it’s a natural laxative and encourages the release of bile.

  5. Gives you more brain power

    Olive oil improves brain memory and helps prevent mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Why We Love Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

  1. Olive oil is loved worldwide

    People love olive oil not only for its taste but also because of all the benefits it has. Consuming olive oil is not only delicious, but it’s also really good for our health!

  2. It is natural

    This product is natural and does not have many other ingredients added to it. As such, the use of olive oil is encouraged as a healthier alternative.

  3. It offers innumerable benefits

    Extra virgin olive oil offers benefits to your skin, nails, and bones. While many beauty products use it as a base ingredient that requires a direct application, more benefits can be acquired by simply drinking a tablespoon of olive oil daily.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day dates

2024September 30Monday
2025September 30Tuesday
2026September 30Wednesday
2027September 30Thursday
2028September 30Saturday

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