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MonSep 30

Pet Tricks Day – September 30, 2024

National Pet Tricks Day has been informally set for September 30. A dog trick trainer created the day to enable people to enjoy discovering new ways to spend more quality time with their pets. The day has been set aside to have fun with pets of all kinds, sizes, and talents. Although most people connect pet tricks with dogs, other furry animals like cats, hamsters, and even bunnies can be taught to do things like roll over, play catch, pretend to be dead, and give high fives.

History of Pet Tricks Day

In 2021, dog trainer Joe Nutkins created National Pet Tricks Day to honor the joy that pets can bring to us. The day was created to honor the joy of spending time with pets of all kinds, sizes, and talents. Every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States, 13 million cats and dogs enter shelters. People who have pets should take good care of them and spend time with them.

Tricks are behaviors, and teaching them to your pets puts them in a learning state. Tricks are activities that can be done for fun, such as praying, or for physical activity, such as weaving poles or spinning, or as valuable practical skills. Trick training is becoming increasingly popular, and many Canine Good Citizen Testers include a few tricks in their seminars.

‘Trick dog training’ as we know it started in the 1920s with Rin Tin Tin, the cinema dog. “Lassie” was produced for feature films in 1943 by a Rough Collie named “Pal.” Rudd Weatherwax, Pal’s trainer, published a trick dog training textbook in the 1940s. Positive reinforcement and food rewards for correct behavior were used in the handbook, which was an unusual training strategy at the time. Captain Arthur Haggerty trained dogs for movies in the 1960s and co-authored the book “Dog Tricks” in 1977. There are at least 10 trick dog training books and D.V.Ds available now.

Pet Tricks Day timeline

Rin Tin Tin

Trick dog training as we know it starts with Rin Tin Tin, the cinema dog.

Trick Dog Training Textbook

Rudd Weatherwax, Pal's trainer, publishes a trick dog training textbook.

David Letterman Morning Show

‘Stupid pet trick’ is introduced to the David Letterman morning show.

Pet Tricks Day

Dog trainer Joe Nutkins creates National Pet Tricks Day.

Pet Tricks Day FAQs

What is the easiest trick to teach a dog?

The ‘sit’ command.

Which pet is the most popular?

The most popular pets are dogs.

Which pet is easy to care for?


Pet Tricks Day Activities

  1. Adopt an animal

    If you've been thinking about getting a pet, today might be the day. Keep in mind that you're not limited to dogs and cats. House bunnies are easy to litter train, and talking birds can be entertaining.

  2. Record your pooch or kitty

    Persuade your adorable cat or pooch to do things like posture, pounce, primp, pout, or play the piano. Use your social media accounts to share the video.

  3. Pamper your pets today

    What does your pet enjoy doing? A belly rub or a squeaky toy? Today, spoil your pet by having them perform a few tricks for you.

5 Interesting Facts About Pets

  1. Pets make people happy

    More than once a day, 94% of pet owners say their animal companion makes them smile.

  2. Animal oral illness

    According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, by the age of three, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have indications of oral illness.

  3. Continuous self-grooming

    Cats groom themselves for around 30% of their waking hours.

  4. $75 billion for pet care

    Pet care and goods cost around $75 billion each year.

  5. Cats have no collarbone

    One of the reasons cats are so adaptable is that they lack a collarbone.

Why We Love Pet Tricks Day

  1. A time to bond

    The majority of American families have a pet. This day serves as a reminder of the value of spending time with and bonding with our pets.

  2. Pets are members of the family

    According to a survey, 95% of pet owners consider their pets to be family members. This represents a seven-point improvement over 2007.

  3. Pets are entertaining

    Only a pet can fetch a ball, pounce on a laser pointer, or chew carrots from your palm. Enjoy seeing your hamster load its cheeks, your guinea pig chew up a T.P. tube, your cat purr on you, and your dog high-five you.

Pet Tricks Day dates

2024September 30Monday
2025September 30Tuesday
2026September 30Wednesday
2027September 30Thursday
2028September 30Saturday

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