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National Beautician’s Day
WedJun 26

National Beautician Day – June 26, 2024

National Beautician Day is on June 26, when beauticians are celebrated for the services they provide. Numerous studies have shown that people feel a different level of confidence when they look their best, and beauticians help achieve this. A beautician beautifies your features through makeup, hairstyling, manicures/pedicures, and so forth. Many beauticians have had extensive training to become experts in their trade. Trained beauticians are also known as cosmetologists or stylists. Frequent visits to your local beauty parlor can forge a strong connection between you and your beautician. So take the time out this June 26 to shower your beautician with tokens of appreciation.

History of National Beautician Day

National Beautician Day is a way to honor the beauty industry. Beauticians have existed since the old days. Many kingdoms had specially trained maids who would specialize in enhancing the beauty of the royal families they served. These beauticians would also create special makeup or soaps and shampoos using ingredients from nature like bright red fruits or herbs. Each country had its own types of beautifying methods. For instance, in South Asia, people used coconut oil to get luscious and healthy locks. Beauticians also made use of a paste made of turmeric, lemon, sugar, and honey to create a radiant glow not just on the face, but the whole body. In the Middle East, beauticians burned a fragrant material called ‘oud’, and the smoke was then used to perfume the hair of their clients.

As globalization and commercialization increased over the decades, the beauty industry grew with the trends. Today, courses ranging from diplomas to bachelors to masters exist to help get people into the industry. Cosmetology is one such beautician branch. It deals with teaching and licensing people in becoming experts in areas of nails, skincare, manicures/pedicures, hair, and electrology. WW1 and WW2 were especially revolutionary for the cosmetology industry. Many women were forced to join the workforce as men were enlisted to serve in the army. This saw women generally neglecting their beauty in the face of other priorities. Visits to the beauty parlor increased as more and more women enlisted the help of beauticians to beautify and pamper themselves. Beauticians, then and today, provided relief to many of their clients’ worries that were not solely related to beauty. Friendships form between beauticians and their clients because of the time they spend together.

National Beautician Day timeline

The First Hair Salon in America

Martha Harper, a beautician and businesswoman, opens the first hair salon in America after inventing a very effective and organic hair tonic.

Max Factor Pioneer Modern Makeup

Famous cosmetics brand Max Factor ushers in a new era of modern makeup as the company’s products are favored by the top actresses and the general public.

The Commercialization of Black Hair Products

Black beauticians Sarah Walker and Annie Malone start their own successful haircare brand.

Hair Colorists Demand an Increase

Due to new fashion trends, professional hair colorists see an increase in public demand.

National Beautician Day FAQs

When is National Beautician Day?

National Beautician’s Day is commemorated on June 26 every year. 

What is the role of a beautician?

A beautician’s responsibilities can include hairstyling, massaging, facials, manicures/pedicures, and nail art, amongst a host of other similar things. 

What is the difference between a beautician and a cosmetologist?

There’s not much difference between a beautician and a cosmetologist as both their jobs are quite similar. A beautician can help you with your nails, hair, and makeup, but a cosmetologist is a certified individual who can give you customized advice for your specific beauty needs and treatments. 

How To Celebrate National Beautician Day

  1. Thank your beautician

    Beauticians not only know of the best products to be used for each of their client’s needs, but they are also aware of what will look the best on their clients. Verbally express your gratitude by messaging them and letting them know of your appreciation for them.

  2. Give them a flower

    Flowers are a symbol of beauty, so it only makes sense that you give your beautician a flower or two on June 26. Plan this by finding out what your beautician’s favorite flowers are. You can further ‘beautify’ your gesture by adding a card.

  3. Recommend them

    One of the best ways you can show your appreciation for your beautician is by recommending them and their services to your family and friends. Use the power of social media to review and tag the beauty parlor.

5 Facts About Beauty That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Cosmetics are old

    Historians believe that cosmetics were used 6,000 years ago too, as unearthed evidence suggests the use of red mineral pigment.

  2. Red lipstick for a younger look

    Red lipstick can actually make you look younger since the red shade can help accentuate your features.

  3. Sea products are good for skin

    Your body plasma has a lot of the same minerals that the sea has, so products coming from the sea can be more beneficial for your skin as opposed to products from other sources.

  4. Shakespeare the first to use the word ‘blush’

    William Shakespeare was the first person to use the word ‘blush’ to describe the reddening of the cheeks.

  5. Skin aging is in your control

    Experts state that skin aging is 90% under your control based on how well you look after it by applying SPF.

Why We Love National Beautician Day

  1. It’s a celebration of beauticians

    Beauticians have spent years of their craft learning about different types of looks. Based on their experience, they can tell you what looks will suit you the best for your special days. Such expertise towards their craft is evidence of their utmost dedication and hard work.

  2. It’s a celebration of beauty

    The beauty industry has grown immensely over the last few decades, especially due to the advent of technology and globalization. Research has shown the positive impact beauty can have on individuals as it can make people feel confident and help them excel in their lives and professional fields.

  3. It’s a celebration of acceptance

    Beauty, at its core, can be found everywhere in nature. There’s beauty even in our ‘flaws’ like acne, pigmentation, dark circles, and frizz. Beauticians do help us hide these, but they can also help us accept these for what they are.

National Beautician Day dates

2024June 26Wednesday
2025June 26Thursday
2026June 26Friday
2027June 26Saturday
2028June 26Monday

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