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Madagascar Independence Day – June 26, 2024

Madagascar Independence Day is on June 26, and we are thrilled to celebrate this day. Did you know that Madagascar was a French colony for over 65 years before finally gaining independence in 1960? The struggle for freedom was hard and riddled with violence, but freedom is characterized by beautiful colors. Known for its flora and fauna all over the world, it is the fourth largest beach in the world. It is located in the Indian Ocean and is about 250 miles from the African continent.

History of Madagascar Independence Day

Madagascar has a rich and complicated history of various settlers and influences. During the middle ages, it was ruled by the local chieftain and the communities included: Sakalava, Merina, and Betsimisaraka. By the 18th century, dynasties in Madagascar started to form, and among these Maroserana in the southwest and Andriana-Merina in central Madagascar created vast empires. The Sakalava empire gained control over Menabe and Boina, states in western Madagascar. By the 19th century, the French Roman Catholics and English Protestants started to vie for supremacy, and the French started to extend their influence over Sakalava. Gradually French troops started to occupy lands, and by 1895, Madagascar was recognized as a French protectorate.

In 1947, insurgency erupted in violence in eastern Madagascar, but it was easily put down. With over 11,000 to 100,000 Malagasy casualties and 550 French deaths. In 1965, Vice-Premier Philibert Tsiranana founded the Social Democratic Party (Parti Social Democrat; P.S.D.), and by 1958, France agreed to let its overseas territories decide their independence. Madagascar voted for autonomy from the French community, and on October 14, 1958, the autonomous Malagasy Republic was proclaimed.

Madagascar Independence Day is celebrated by a military parade on a large street by the sea where associations, schools, and sports clubs also participate. The parade is followed by a big family feast.

Madagascar Independence Day timeline

500 A.D.
The Arrival of the First Settlers

The First settlers arrive in Madagascar which is 300,000 years after the homo sapiens' appearance in Africa.

Late 18th Century
Ruled Over by Fragmented Alliances

Until the late 18 century, Madagascar is ruled by fragmented groups.

France Takes Over

The French colonial empire absorbs Madagascar after vying for power against English colonial powers.

Independence is Declared

Madagascar is declared independent after numerous struggles and long revolts.

Madagascar Independence Day FAQs

How is independence day celebrated in Madagascar?

Independence day is filled with food, drinks, music, and fireworks! People raise the flag of Madagascar from their roofs to celebrate the day.

What is religion in Madagascar?

52% of people believe in the animist religion, 41% in Christianity, and 7% in Islam.

What is the capital of Madagascar?

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar.

Madagascar Independence Day Activities

  1. Light fireworks

    The night before the independence day, light beautiful fireworks and express your joy of independence. Release colorful paper lanterns in the air and enjoy the freedom of independence.

  2. Eat a feast with family

    It’s a day to celebrate the hard-earned freedom. Enjoy this happy day with family and delicious food.

  3. Participate in the parade

    Watch the parade or participate if you can! It is a grand act and strong acts of patriotism bind us together.

5 Interesting Facts About Madagascar

  1. Madagascar separated from Africa

    Studies suggest that after an earthquake, it separated from Africa 200 million years ago.

  2. It has a larger population than Australia

    With over 26.2 million Malagasies, it became a bigger populous country than Australia.

  3. It has half of the world’s chameleons

    Madagascar is a megadiverse country and possesses species that cannot be found anywhere else.

  4. It abolished the death penalty

    In 2015, Madagascar abolished the death penalty.

  5. Cannabis is widely used

    Even though it is illegal, one in ten Malagasies smokes weed.

Why We Love Madagascar Independence Day

  1. It celebrates freedom

    After the long struggle for independence, the sweet taste of freedom is best savored. It is a day of joy and energy.

  2. It brings people together

    It is a day of patriotic sentiments where families come together. Independence Day is celebrated best when everyone comes together.

  3. It unites people

    Independence day brings strong patriotic feelings and unites people from different sects together. No matter what differences, independence day can erase all differences.

Madagascar Independence Day dates

2024June 26Wednesday
2025June 26Thursday
2026June 26Friday
2027June 26Saturday
2028June 26Monday

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