National Lipstick Day – July 29

Believe it or not, lipstick has been popular for hundreds and hundreds of years all over the globe! People have been wearing lipstick since the 13th Century: the ancient Mayans, ancient Sumerians, aboriginal tribes in Australia, even the famous Cleopatra work lipstick! In ancient Egypt, lipstick was used to show social status and both men and women wore it.  They created their own with everything from crushed beetles to berries to shiny ground up fish scales mixed with oil. Awesome right? Join us on July 29th, as we celebrate National Lipstick Day!

Why We Love National Lipstick Day

A. There are so many colors to choose from
Many colors have been popular most notably red, in the 1920s, 30s, however since it was associated so strongly with women’s sexuality and power during the 1920s the made-up look was somewhat edgy, until the 1950s when stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elisabeth Taylor brought the look back into fashion.  Whatever color you choose to fit your style, skin tone or mood. Here's a few links to help you celebrate National Lipstick day today!

B. People wearing lipstick are viewed as more competent and attractive
This seems like an obvious one, but science has shown that people seem more attractive and competent when wearing lipstick.  In a 2011 study by Procter & Gamble, researchers from Harvard and Boston University found that people wearing color cosmetics were perceived as more competent and reliable. Though interestingly people wearing extremely heavy makeup experienced a “lowering of trust.” So middle of the road makeup with some bright flash of lipstick seems like the way to go!

C. Confidence and Posture improvements
Several studies have shown that people who regularly use lipstick have a better posture and higher confidence. And it seems to translate into old age women in the ages of 65 to 85 who wear lipstick seem to have significantly less problems with their posture and balance.  Who knew that putting on lipstick was a form of yoga?

How to Celebrate National Lipstick Day

1. Treat yourself to a new shade! 
We know you already have so many colors, but wouldn't it be nice to have, just one more? Use the day as an excuse to get a new shade of lipstick! 

2. Share your colors on social
Take the perfect pic and share with the world. Take a selfie with your favorite shade and post it for all your friends to see. And don't forget to hashtag it #NationalLipstickDay! 

3. Throw a makeup party
Heres a great way to hang out with your friends, to have fun trying on different shades and to discover your new favorite lipstick! Invite all your friends over and have them bring their favorite lipsticks. Try them on, take pics, and have fun! 

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