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Kiss a Ginger Day – January 12, 2022

Red hair has always been unique and striking to all of us. While many redheads are unfortunately subject to jokes and mockery, we all love their fiery tresses. January 12 is Kiss A Ginger Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to show them our love. At some point, we all wish we had red hair ourselves, but as it occurs in only 2% of the population, we go for hair dyes to get the color. Many believe red hair is and has always been an Irish, British, and European trait, but that isn’t the case. Ancient accounts and archaeological discoveries indicate red hair existed in Greece and Asia. Today the trait is most prevalent in north western Europe. Red hair is slowly disappearing around the world, so kiss a ginger while you still can!

Kiss a Ginger Day timeline

2000–1500 BC
In the Genes

Red hair began to spread to the Balkans and central and Western Europe, which became established as the geographical and historical homeland of red-haired culture.

Celebrating Red Hair

Redhead Day begins in the Netherlands, a Dutch summer festival that celebrates the beauty of natural red hair.

Love a Ginger

Kiss A Ginger Day was founded by Derek Forgie to counter ‘Kick A Ginger Day’ which occurs every November.

Shine Bright Like A Redhead

Superstar Rihanna has her hairstylist Ursula Stephen dye her hair ‘‘Rihanna Red.’’

Kiss a Ginger Day Activities

  1. Kiss a ginger! (Duh.)

    If you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life who rocks red locks – give ‘em a kiss! Or two. Or more, just don’t get chapped lips. And please, make sure you have consent before smooching. Hell hath no fury like a ginger kissed without consent.

  2. Do something nice for a red-head you love

    You can do so much more than just give a kiss (get your head out of the gutter!) and there may be redheads in your life you don’t particularly want to kiss in the first place (sorry family members). Make a point to do something nice for them. It can be a simple as sending flowers or cooking them a meal. It can be a big surprise like a weekend trip or some jewelry. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you let them know how much they mean to you!

  3. Enjoy movies and music by famous gingers

    So many of the celebrities and artists we love are gingers. Take the time to enjoy their works on National Sticker day! Listen to the music of Ed Sheeran or Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine. Watch a movie or TV show featuring your favorite redhead, such as Lindsay Lohan, Amy Adams, or Christina Hendricks. Enjoy the the films, music, and art that gingers have blessed us with!

Why We Love Kiss a Ginger Day

  1. Redheads don’t go grey!

    Gingers, you lucky ducks! Red hair holds it’s pigment longer than other shades. When it does fade, it becomes a silvery-white, not grey or dull. So redheads, if you ever find yourself wishing you had different colored tresses, remember that not only are you envied for your hair now, but that jealousy will only continue to grow as we all get older and your hair still looks amazing!

  2. They’re rare

    Redheads seem to be far less common than blonde, brunette, and black hair. That’s because the gene which causes fiery locks is recessive, meaning you would need the gene from both parents for a child to have red hair. Today, people travel more than ever. We marry outside out local communities and move all over the world. This means gingers have become rarer than ever before and the percentage of people with red hair continues to decrease. Redheads are unique and we admire their striking hair, as it continues to stand out more and more.

  3. They inspire great art and fun stories

    The striking color of red hair is something artists can’t resist. Gingers can be seen in works of art such as Sandro Botticelli’s, “The Birth of Venus”, Edvard Munch’s, “Lady From The Sea”, Mary Cassatt’s, “Maternal Kiss”, and Gustav Klimt’s, “Danae”. Don’t forget the redheads from our childhood! Ariel, Merida, Annie – all gingers with fun stories. We send a big thank you to all gingers for inspiring the art and films we love so much!

Kiss a Ginger Day dates

2021January 12Tuesday
2022January 12Wednesday
2023January 12Thursday
2024January 12Friday
2025January 12Sunday

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