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SunJan 12

National Pharmacist Day – January 12, 2025

Children can get up to 12 colds a year, while adults average two to four. Where would we be without our pharmacists? It’s time to thank those friendly workers who keep us healthy throughout the year. Get ready to celebrate National Pharmacist Day on January 12. The day focuses on the importance of pharmacists, and it honors how much they impact our health and well-being. The #APharmacistIs campaign, launched just two years ago, links both photos (and words of thanks) to those who help us with our meds and so much more.

National Pharmacist Day timeline

​May 8, 1963
America's largest drug store made its debut

​CVS, the largest pharmacy in the U.S., employing 24,000 pharmacists, opened.

​​Sept. 28, 1928
The breakthrough antibiotic

​Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.

754 AD
Ancient medicine

The first pharmacies were established, in Baghdad, during the Islamic Golden Age.

How to Observe National Pharmacist Day

  1. Thank a pharmacist in person

    During your next visit, be sure to thank your pharmacist for always being so reliable and helpful.

  2. Share some words

    Visit Twitter to post your thanks online. Be sure to use #NationalPharmacistDay.

  3. Post a photo

    Get online and share an image with the hashtag #APharmacistIs. Then click the hashtag to see the full portrait of pharmacists we create.

The 5 Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs In The U.S.

  1. ​Vicodin

    ​Treats your acute to severe pain.

  2. ​Simvastatin

    ​It's the generic Zocor and helps with high cholesterol.

  3. ​Lisinopril

    ​This generic Prinivil or Zestril helps prevent kidney failure, while treating congestive heart failure and high blood pressure.

  4. ​Levothyroxine

    ​The generic Synthroid treats hypothyroidism.

  5. ​Azithromycin

    ​This generic Z-PAK keeps us healthy during cold and flu season, treating ear, throat, and sinus infections.

Why National Pharmacist Day is Important

  1. It honors more than 300,000 employees

    There were approximately 316,500 pharmacists in the United States as of 2016. The profession continues to grow, up from less than 224,000 just 15 years prior.

  2. The profession is vital to our economy

    We need pharmacists to keep us healthy, which keeps businesses moving. American employers pay more than $260 billion each year for health-related work loss.

  3. They do much more than dispense medication

    Pharmacists can give us health advice and tips, including how to take multiple medications. They know about drug therapy effectiveness and can teach us about medical devices we use at home.

National Pharmacist Day dates

2025January 12Sunday
2026January 12Monday
2027January 12Tuesday
2028January 12Wednesday
2029January 12Friday

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