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Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
SunJan 12

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day – January 12, 2025

We’ve all got that amazingly wild guy in our company who deserves a treat on January 12, the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. From mythological wild men to European forest men to the hottest males we know, we celebrate the wildest of them all, with all kinds of feasts.

History of Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

The history of Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day is blurry. This doesn’t stop us from celebrating amazing men who fascinate us in every way possible. ‘Wildmen’ initially referred to ancient mythological figures; men of strange shapes, sizes, and behaviors. The legends originated from medieval Europe, often depicted as hairy men. They were also called ‘woodwose,’ a medieval term for wild men.

Wild men are also recognized in other languages like German, French and Italian; each having a specific term for the word ‘wild man.’ There are also wild women. They are called ‘Lamia’ or ‘Holzmoia.’ An example is Maia, a Greco Roman earth goddess, also known as the goddess of fertility. The first historian to describe mythical wild men is Herodotus, who placed them in Western Libya, with headless men, and creatures with dog faces.

There are many European wild men now, each with his place of origin and function. They are present at festivals or celebratory periods and are believed to have some power. These wild men are dressed in costumes, mostly hairy hideous ones. Nowadays, with the reduced belief in myths, we describe wild men as daring and adventurous men who would stop at nothing to get what they want, no matter what it costs. These amazing men inspire us to take life by its horns and ride it the way we want. Their strength of character and untamed determination, as well as their good looks, earn them a holiday, which we are glad to celebrate.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day timeline

9th Century
The King of Dál nAraidi

An Irish tale is told of a king who runs mad after assaulting a Christian Bishop.

The Wild Man's Name

Woodwose is established as another name for wild men.

Wildly Burned

King Charles VI of France dresses as a wild man for a masquerade and nearly gets burned to death.

Tarzan the Wild Man

A modern archetype of wild men is created as Tarzan, the character in Edgar Rice Burroughs's novel.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day FAQs

What does it mean to be wild?

Being ‘wild’ means to be untamed and daring. It also means being uncivilized and uncontrollable.

Is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day a national holiday?

Yes, it is — but an informal one. It is celebrated in the U.S. every January 12.

What gift would you give a Fabulously Wild Man?

It’s Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day! Of course, you can give him a feast. You could get him a wristwatch, briefcase, or treat him to a spa.

How to Celebrate the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

  1. Arrange a feast

    It is, after all, a feast for fabulous men. So throw a befitting feast to celebrate them.

  2. Read more about wild men

    Celebrate wild men by reading and knowing more about them. Stories such as this are entertaining.

  3. Celebrate on social media

    Create awareness by celebrating the hottest and wildest men you know on social media. Make them feel special.

5 Amazing Facts About Wild Men

  1. The wild man and fertility

    In Europe, wild men are believed to bestow fertility.

  2. The Christmas wildman

    Pelzmärtle, a wild man in Germany during Christmas, wears a straw costume sewn on him.

  3. Wildest rapper

    Popek, a Polish rapper, is alleged the world's wildest Rapper because of his love for gang life and violence.

  4. World's most handsome man

    Kim Taehyung, also known as V of the K-pop group BTS, was named the most handsome man in the world, in 2021.

  5. Wild 'n' insane

    Ancient wild men were initially known by one unique quality: insanity.

Why We Love Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

  1. We celebrate beauty

    This holiday is dedicated to celebrating attractive males who are wonderful sights to behold.

  2. We are fans of myths

    We still believe some parts of myths are true and keep these legends alive by celebrating this holiday.

  3. We have fun

    It gives us a fun way to call for a feast and have fun with the men in our lives.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day dates

2025January 12Sunday
2026January 12Monday
2027January 12Tuesday
2028January 12Wednesday
2029January 12Friday

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