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ThuMar 13

National Jewel Day – March 13, 2025

National Jewel Day on March 13 recognizes precious stones, special heirlooms, and the gems of people that make them! They have our hearts. Jewelry has the uncanny ability to make time stand still. In that moment, all we can see is its beauty. There is so much love and care that goes into crafting a single piece of jewelry. On National Jewel Day, we remember to appreciate and wear these delicate works of art.

History of National Jewel Day

The origins and founder of National Jewel Day are unknown. What we do know is that humans have always used jewelry as a form of adornment. In prehistoric times, people wore jewelry made from stone, bones, and shells to mark status.

As humans became more skilled at working with metals, jewelry-making became increasingly more sophisticated and decorative. As a result, the value of metals like gold began to grow over time. In the ancient world, people buried gold with the dead to serve their owners well in the afterlife.

Soon, jewels would come to signify a person’s status and rank. It was especially true in Medieval Europe with its intensely hierarchical society. The rich reserved the right to wear silver, gold, and other precious gems. Those belonging to lower ranks typically owned base metals like pewter and copper.

Jewelry also became flashier over the ages. Cutting techniques became more advanced during the Renaissance Age, which meant shinier stones and elaborate enamels encasing both sides of the stone. It was also during this time that people wore jewelry to signal political strength or religious affiliations.

By the 19th century, the world had grown increasingly weary with industrialization. So as a way to reclaim their souls and reject machine-led systems, jewelers of the time focused on creating beautiful, handcrafted pieces instead.

Since then, the art of jewelry making has continually pushed boundaries. It began with movements like art deco and art nouveau in the 1950s. By the 1960s, conventions would upend entirely. A radical new generation of creators redefined what we knew about jewelry. New technology and non-precious materials emerge each year. It means we can take concepts of status traditionally associated with jewelry and throw them out the window! Today we have jewelry made from textiles, paper, and even plastic. The symbolism may have evolved, but some things remain the same. Jewelry is a personal expression and brings everyone untold joy.

National Jewel Day timeline

Prehistoric era
Elemental Adornments

Humans wear jewelry made from bones, shells, and stones.

400 B.C.
The First Diamonds

Diamonds are first discovered in India.

1350 - 1400
Jewelry Gets Flashy

Renaissance jewelry reflects the era’s ethos — splendid, intricate, and elaborate.

Hollywood’s most expensive necklace

Nicole Kidman dons a statement necklace in “Moulin Rouge,” valued at over $1 million.

National Jewel Day FAQs

What is National Jewel Day?

National Jewel Day is on March 13 and celebrates jewels, jewelry, and the artisans who create them.

Is there a Diamond Day?

August 12 is International Diamond Day to recognize one of the most valuable stones in the world. The day is a public event initiated by “Hira Manek” — a newspaper specializing in diamond market news and diamonds. 

Is black diamond rare?

Natural black diamonds do exist but are incredibly rare to find. 

How To Celebrate National Jewel Day

  1. Buy some jewelry

    Had your eye on a beautiful piece since forever? Today’s the day you bring that beauty home! Buy a breath-taking piece for yourself or for someone you love.

  2. Wear a family heirloom

    Organize a gathering so you can wear a special family piece. It doesn’t deserve to stay locked away in a jewelry box!

  3. Appreciate your go-to jeweler

    National Jewel Day is as much about the precious stones as it is about the creators behind them. Drop by their shops and wish them a wonderful day. Maybe buy them some coffee and muffins too!

5 Important Facts About Platinum That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It’s rarer than gold

    All the platinum mined on Earth could fit into the living room of an average house.

  2. There’s more platinum in space

    Finding platinum on earth is difficult, but the metal is abundant in moon rocks and meteorites.

  3. It’s super tough

    Platinum is ideal for making jewelry since it’s resistant to oxidation at all temperatures and does not corrode.

  4. Platinum in your teeth

    Chances are, your average dental crown will contain platinum since the non-toxic metal is popular in the medical world.

  5. Platinum inside cars

    The metal is used to make catalytic converters that drastically reduce toxic gas emissions from cars.

Why We Love National Jewel Day

  1. An extra sparkle

    At the risk of sounding like Gollum, jewels are precious! They light up people’s lives instantly. Jewels make anyone feel special and loved.

  2. For the love of beauty

    How many times has a gorgeous earring or necklace taken your breath away? National Jewel Day asks, nay demands, we stop and stare. It’s a day to appreciate works of art.

  3. To appreciate art and craftsmanship

    Ask any jewel maker, and they’ll regale you with stories about all of their creations. Jewelry making is an intricate labor of love. We honor the skills and expertise of jewelers worldwide today.

National Jewel Day dates

2025March 13Thursday
2026March 13Friday
2027March 13Saturday
2028March 13Monday
2029March 13Tuesday

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