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ThuMar 13

Ken Day – March 13, 2025

On March 13 every year, we celebrate Ken — every true fan of Barbie Girl knows that one of the most charming guys in the world is none other than Ken Carson, a man who occupies her every thought when she is awake. He’s been there for her since the beginning, supporting her as she went from a housewife in her 50s to the clever self-sufficient businesswoman she is globally known as. Ken Day pays homage to Ken Carson as we take a moment to appreciate his contribution to Barbie and her Barbie World. Let us take a ride to the love journey of Barbie and Ken.

History of Ken Day

Kenneth “Ken” Carson is the official boyfriend of Barbie. He is madly in love with Barbie and will go to any length to ensure that she is content. During times of need and crisis, he is there for Barbie. Ken is fascinated by inventions, as he is an inventor who is continuously inventing new things. In addition to being a friendly and engaging character, Ken enjoys playing games with Barbie’s sisters.

Ken Day commemorates the date in 1961 when Ken Carson, Barbie’s long-term on-and-off lover, first debuted on the scene, as presented by his manufacturer Mattel at a toy exhibition. Ken Carson and Barbie have been together since 1961. Although he received some unjustified criticism for his masculinity, as well as the more likely accusation that he was more concerned with his appearance than with his romantic life, the relationship blossomed.

Despite a temporary separation in the 1960s, the pair managed to remain married for the rest of their lives. When their relationship ended, Barbie made a shocking announcement to the world of plastic celebrities by announcing her emotions for Blaine Gordon, an Australian surfer who had been her boyfriend. Ken, on the other hand, had not given up hope, and in 2011, he made some highly publicized attempts to woo her back in time for their 50th wedding anniversary. And he succeeded with his attempts and they are still together today.

Ken Day timeline

Ken is Born

Ken is born on March 11 and is available as a blonde and brunette.

The New Hair Debut

Ken is given a new realistic hairstyle rather than the plastic that was on his hair previously.

Ken and Barbie Break Up

Barbie and Ken end their star-studded romance.

Ken Receives a Makeover

Ken gets a significant makeover by Philip Bloch, a celebrity stylist.

Ken and Barbie Make-Up

Ken and Barbie get back together and are still living happily together.

Ken Day FAQs

How long have Barbie and Ken been dating?

Barbie and Ken have been dating for over 50 years, counting from when they first started dating then broke up and got back together.

How old is Ken?

Ken was born in 1961 so he is over 60 years old.

Where did Ken get his name from?

Ken is named after Ruth Handler’s son, Kenneth.

Ken Day Activities

  1. Bring out Ken and Barbie dolls

    You can bring out your Barbie and Ken dolls and recreate the lives you once had for them. If you do not have dolls, you and your friends can throw a Barbie-themed party and have fun.

  2. Watch their YouTube Channel

    If you are feeling nostalgic but also too old to be playing with dolls, you can head on to Barbie’s YouTube channel. You can watch the videos of Barbie, Ken, and all their friends’ adventures to relieve your past or make it a hang-out session with your friends.

  3. Appreciate the girl or guy of your dreams

    For over 50 years, Ken and Barbie have been dating so why not take your significant other on a nice date; dress up and have a creative date. You could also cuddle together and watch old Barbie animations.

5 Charming Facts About Ken

  1. Few know his full name

    Ken’s full name is Kenneth Sean Carson.

  2. He has a younger brother

    Ken has a younger brother called Tommy.

  3. It was love at first sight

    Barbie and Ken met on the set of their first television commercial together.

  4. He was to make a debut

    The doll was debuted to be part of an adult collection which was a part of its exclusive Gold Label Collection.

  5. The big screen appearance

    Ken had a big-screen debut in Toy Story 3.

Why We Love Ken Day

  1. Celebrating Ken

    We get to celebrate the iconic character that is Ken. Ken has always been extremely supportive of Barbie and it is time we show him support too.

  2. A romance-filled adventure

    Ken and Barbie have had several adventures and are regarded as a legendary couple. We love their relationship, even with their ups and downs to standing by each other all the time.

  3. We admire Ken’s charms

    Ken has always been a charming and supportive boyfriend. We also love the grand gestures he did to try and win Barbie back on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Ken Day dates

2025March 13Thursday
2026March 13Friday
2027March 13Saturday
2028March 13Monday
2029March 13Tuesday

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