40 Gifts for $1000


Gifts for $1000 come in handy when you want to celebrate someone who enjoys the finer things in life. With the right research, you are sure to find the right item to make the recipient feel spoiled. We have compiled this list of fine gifts to lead you in the right direction.

Choosing the best gifts for $1000

Let’s be honest, a $1000 gift is expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them. So, getting to understand the type of people who typically receive these kinds of gifts will help you choose the best items for them. Typically, gifts within this price range are given by corporates to their high-end VIP clients or by individuals whose lifestyle affords them to splurge as many dollars as they’d like.

When corporates shop for $1000 gifts, their aim is to build and improve relationships with their targeted recipients. They can give items such as a 14-carat gold-coated executive pen that speaks to the status and class of the recipient or a high-print 3D printer that’ll help their clients work through any detailed design projects. These $1000 gifts are typically accompanied by a thank you card to give them a personal touch.

Individuals typically shop for $1000 gifts in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. Some of the gifts mostly given by individuals include luxurious bedroom kits which comprise linen sheets, a duvet cover, two pillows, and a duvet insert. Tech gadgets are also popular within this price range and gifts given include items such as iPads and smartwatches.

How we identified the best gifts for $1000

None of us give a gift so that it can remain unused or even unboxed — you certainly do not want to spend $1000 on an item that is not going to be treasured. That is why we identified practical gifts that fall within different categories; luxury, designer, birthday, popular and unique. Each of the items we identified are ideal for daily use such as the high-end jewelry box, and they also have a sentimental value such as the engraved gold-tone bracelet.

We also chose items that are in line with the recipient’s interests such as the rolling carry-on suitcase for the traveler; those that help them engage in their hobbies such as the inflatable tent which is ideal for the outdoor buff and those they need such as the pet waste bag dispenser for the pet owner. We also considered something they are not aware they need and we picked the Lululemon Studio Mirror which is not just a regular mirror but is also a tech device that you can use to stream training content and in so doing upgrade your home exercise session.

Tips for buying the best gifts for $1000

  • Get something unique

At that price range, it is possible to shop and find a handmade item that can be crafted just for your loved one. From a travel bag to jewelry to a great pair of shoes; all you need is a bit of creativity so use our gift offering for inspiration.

  • Get to know what they want

If you want to spend a tidy amount of cash buying a gift, you need to gather all the intel about the kind of items they want. Avoid the disappointment of having your gift returned or exchanged.

  • Keep it simple

A gift does not have to be over the top for it to look expensive; a high-quality gift speaks for itself. Whether you are buying a designer article or a handmade item, keep the gift simple and classy.