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MonMar 3

Simplify Your Life Day – March 3, 2025

Simplify Your Life Day is observed annually on March 3. This day gives us room to declutter and save some time and money while we’re at it. It was created by professional organizer and ex-Air Force officer, Carmen Coker, to provide easy tips and tricks that allow us to give room for a simpler life. On the third day of the third month, you can choose three ways to make your life simple and “calm the chaos.”

History of Simplify Your Life Day

There’s one thing Simplify Your Life Day teaches us all — “A simpler life is a happier life.” This special day is focused on encouraging decluttering, organization, and financial planning. It’s all about taking small yet actionable steps to achieve a healthier, simpler life, especially in the finance department.

For a lot of us, the simple thought of dealing with anything that has to do with our finances is a chore. Be it paying bills, or making financial plans of any sort, it gets quickly discouraging. Decluttering of any kind is a task we all would prefer to avoid, and this fear often begins with not knowing where to start. The good thing about Simplify Your Life Day is that it promotes decluttering in small, easy ways, and encourages us to choose just three of these ways to observe this day on the third day of the third month.

This day was created in 2011 by Carmen Coker, a professional organizer, and ex-Air Force Officer. She offers calm in the storm for people with overwhelmingly busy lives, by helping them find time, get organized, and simplify their lives overall. Coker organizes classes, programs, and products to help people improve their lives through organizing and simplifying techniques. At the heart of these products is “The Four Organizing Personalities,” which is a personality-based approach to organizing that allows clients to find different ways to enjoy the organizing process.

Coker is the founder of the International Association of Virtual Organizers, a private company that provides organizing professionals the resources they need to start and grow their online businesses. Simplify Your Life Day is sponsored by the International Association of Virtual Organizers and is observed annually on March 3.

Simplify Your Life Day timeline

Declutter is a Thing

The verb “declutter” is discovered.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Professional Organizing becomes an official industry.

Put It on the Big Screen

“Life Laundry” is the first television show to advertise professional organizing.

It’s Time to Simplify

Carmen Coker establishes Simplify Your Life Day.

Simplify Your Life Day FAQs

Who are minimalists?

Minimalists are people who live a very minimal life. This means that they have very simple interests, and always intend on keeping things that way.

How do you live a minimalist life?

To live a minimalist life, you must try to keep things very simple. This includes your daily activities, using things that serve a purpose, and decluttering or removing everything that doesn’t. It’s about simplifying your life and having only the things you need to function in your daily life.

What does it mean to declutter?

Decluttering is the act of getting rid of items you don’t want or need from a given space. It’s taking away the old to make room for the new, or to just make room period.

Simplify Your Life Day Activities

  1. Pay off your debt

    Simplify Your Life Day is all about improving your financial well-being, and one of the ways to do that is to pay off debts. Today provides a great opportunity to take a proper look at any current debt you may have and set out plans to pay them off. Stop sweeping them under the carpet, and start decluttering that list!

  2. Take a social media break

    The average person spends five hours on social media each day. That is time that could be applied to more productive things in our lives. Taking a break from social media, or cutting down your social media time will give you more productive time and room for more positive thoughts. This will in turn make your life a lot simpler.

  3. Declutter your home

    Decluttering offers a variety of benefits, more so on this particular day. Decluttering not only gives you more space in your home, and less maintenance and repair costs, but it also saves you a lot of cleaning time. It’s crazy how the simple act of decluttering can make life a lot simpler.

5 Interesting Facts About Carmen Coker

  1. She’s an official diver

    Coker got an official diver certificate in hopes of overcoming her fear of deep water.

  2. She loves a specific cartoon

    Coker is a fan of Garfield.

  3. She knows a bit of sign language

    She took a sign language class because she was inspired by a deaf man who couldn’t get any help at a restaurant.

  4. She loves Christmas

    Christmas is Coker’s favorite holiday.

  5. She’s been around a lot

    Coker has visited 39 countries and has moved over 24 times in her life.

Why We Love Simplify Your Life Day

  1. It encourages a simple life

    Who wouldn’t love a simpler life? This day offers us a simpler life at the tip of our fingers, and we are super eager to accept it with open arms.

  2. It doesn’t require a lot

    Simplify Your Life Day encourages a simpler life through easy steps. All we need to do is take them one at a time, and life will become a whole lot easier.

  3. It boosts productivity

    This day is all about encouraging overall productivity by encouraging us to save more time, energy, and money. We all need support to attain healthy financial well-being and Simplify Your Life Day provides that.

Simplify Your Life Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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