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MonMar 3

33 Flavors Day – March 3, 2025

33 Flavors Day is celebrated on March 3 every year. Though the reason for this particular date is not known, many believe that it is when the famous Baskin-Robbins ice cream company was founded. Whether that is true or not, people love to celebrate this day as they try out new flavors that they have not tried before. They can celebrate this day by treating themselves to a well-deserved treat or by taking their friends and family along to their nearest ice cream shop. The timing of the holiday, which falls right in the middle of spring, makes it perfect for eating ice cream.

History of 33 Flavors Day

Ice cream originated in China. From there it was brought to Italy by the famous explorer Marco Polo. He went to China with his father and brother in 1271 on a trading expedition. He was surprised to see frozen food being sold from handcarts on the streets of Peking. It was frozen milk, sometimes flavored with fruit juices. Marco Polo was offered it as a gift. He took it with him to Italy.

From Italy, the idea got across France. In the year 1533, Catherine de Medici of Italy went to France and married the second son of Francis I of France. Catherine took with her a large retinue of cooks. It was they who introduced the new delicacy to the French, who soon discovered how delicious it was. Interestingly, it was again a bride who later brought it to England. This was Henrietta Maria of France, who married Charles I in 1630. The secret of ice cream preparation was brought to England by her cook.

Soon, ice cream spread all over the world, including the U.S. The first wholesale factory for ice cream was in Baltimore. The real development of ice cream, and the ice cream business started flourishing only after 1900 with the development of refrigeration. The basis of all ice cream is milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes even eggs. Vanilla, chocolate, berries, fruit ingredients, and nuts are added as flavors. The ice cream usually contains 20% to 25% cream and milk products, 15% sugar, flavor in small quantities, and a small amount of stabilizer. The stabilizer is used to retain the smoothness of the ice cream by preventing the formation of coarse ice crystals. Pure food gelatin is typically used for this purpose.

33 Flavors Day timeline

500 B.C.
A Popular Persian Dessert

Ice cream made with ice and ingredients such as saffron becomes a summer treat.

400 B.C.
Persian Ice Cream

Luxury ice cream is invented for Persian royal families — a sorbet made from vermicelli noodles, cherry syrup, and rose water.

The First Mini Freezer

Nancy Johnson invents a portable freezer for ice cream — a manual device cranked by a handle — before fridges are invented.

Ice Cream in Quantity

Jacob Fusselman, a milkman, starts selling ice cream in bulk in Maryland, leading to Maryland’s reputation for some of the best ice cream.

Lovely Flavors

Baskin-Robbins ice cream is created and currently has 2,500 branches in the U.S. alone.

33 Flavors Day FAQs

How many flavors of ice cream are there?

There are over 1,000 flavors of ice cream and many more keep getting each year.

What are the strangest flavors?

Some strange flavors of ice cream include avocado, crocodile egg, octopus, caramelized brown bread, garlic, and licorice.

What are some creative flavors that have been invented?

Some delicious ice cream creative flavors that have been invented are raspberry, coconut, caramel, butter pecan, shrimp, bacon, and pizza ice cream. There is also goat cheese beet swirl and sweet potato ice cream.

33 Flavors Day Activities

  1. Visit your local Baskin-Robbins

    Celebrate 33 Flavors Day by visiting your nearest Baskin-Robbins outlet. Try a new flavor of ice cream that you haven't tried before. You can experiment with new flavors, toppings and even try a combination of two or more ice cream flavors.

  2. Make your favorite ice cream at home

    Nothing tastes better than traditional home-churned ice cream. Celebrate this day by making ice cream at home. You can prepare the ice cream using a mixture of salt and ice to churn the ice cream or use an ice cream machine to speed up the mixing process.

  3. Share ice cream with your loved ones

    Make your loved ones feel special by sending them a box of their favorite ice cream. You can handpick ice creams from your local grocery store or order them online. Leave a special note with the ice cream and if you want, you can even send them some unique ice creams such as gold and charcoal flavored ice creams.

5 Facts About Ice Cream That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A healthy dessert

    Ice cream contains calcium, proteins, and vitamins A and B.

  2. Chocolate coated ice cream

    ‘Eskimo pie’ is the world's first chocolate-covered ice cream.

  3. Ice cream and WW2

    During WW2, the U.S. Military gave ice cream to the troops — for caloric value and morale building.

  4. An expensive desert

    You will need 12 pounds of milk to make one gallon of ice cream

  5. Vanilla ice cream

    Vanilla is the most loved ice cream flavor.

Why We Love 33 Flavors Day

  1. We explore different ice cream flavors

    Whenever we visit our favorite ice cream or soda shop, we try to play safe by ordering those ice cream flavors that are common or have already been tried before. However, on 33 Flavors Day, we are motivated to try out more exotic and unique ice cream flavors that people don't know or don't feel like trying otherwise.

  2. You can share your love of ice cream with others

    On such occasions, we get an opportunity to share our love for ice cream with others. We can send a surprise package of ice cream to our loved ones or enjoy it with coworkers or at home after a busy day at work.

  3. The efforts of local ice cream vendors are appreciated

    When it comes to enjoying ice cream in its true essence, nothing beats having ice cream from a local ice cream truck. With more high-end ice cream brands and cafés entering the confectionery market, the consumers must support small-scale ice cream vendors. And 33 Flavors Day is one such opportunity to support local ice cream shops by buying ice cream from them and promoting them online through positive reviews and ratings.

33 Flavors Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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