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Suriname Phagwah – March 14, 2025

Suriname Phagwa is celebrated on the last full moon day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month, which usually falls in early March. This year, it takes place on March 14. It is the Hindu spring festival celebrated in Suriname and is referred to as the festival of colors. The day is also a public holiday in some Caribbean nations, such as Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Phagwa is based on Hindu tradition and beliefs, and it is connected with the worship of specific Hindu gods. It is believed to represent the triumph of good over evil. During Phagwa in Suriname, many non-Hindus enjoy joining in on the colorful Phagwa festivities. As part of the tradition, people are bespattered with a red liquid dye, which is called ‘abeer.’

History of Suriname Phagwah

Suriname is a country in northern South America, officially known as the Republiek Suriname. The country was previously referred to as Dutch Guiana, Nederlands Guyana, or Netherlands Guiana. Suriname is located between Guyana to the west and French Guiana to the east. Brazil shares the southern border with Suriname, and the Atlantic coast shares the northern border with Suriname. Suriname is the least populated among all the independent countries in South America and is also the smallest country when measured in terms of area. The national anthem in Suriname is called “Opo kondreman” and is recited at national events.

During Phagwa in Suriname, several galas are held. Many people participate fully in the boisterous festivals. As part of the tradition, people plant a castor oil plant months before Phagwa. When the festive day arrives, they go ahead and burn the plant. A red liquid dye known as ‘abeer’ is sprayed on people as a traditional symbol. The red color is supposed to represent the blood of the evil king Kiranya, who committed crimes against his own people. He was burnt alive as punishment for his crimes.

Hindus in the country usually gather at temples or in their family homes. They sing folk songs, which are known as “Chowtal.” This type of singing involves two facing rows of singers. They alternate singing amid drum beats, rhythms, and strong contrasts between subdued and exciting songs. This is a special annual event for the Hindus.

Suriname Phagwah timeline

Suriname Abolishes Slavery

Suriname becomes the last European country to abolish slave labor.

Enslaved People are Released

Enslaved people are finally released in Suriname.

Suriname Gains Self-Governance

Suriname gains self-governance while the Netherlands retains control of the defense and foreign affairs.

Negotiations Begin

Independence negotiations with the Dutch government begin.

Suriname Phagwah FAQs

What is another name for Phagwa?

Phagwa is also referred to as Holi in some countries.

What does Suriname produce?

Suriname is considered to be one of the major producers of bauxite in the world.

Does Suriname have a different spelling?

The spelling of the country’s name was changed in January 1978 from Surinam to Suriname.

Suriname Phagwah Activities

  1. Visit Suriname

    Suriname is a beautiful country that you would have a lot of fun visiting. It has many interesting activities that you can participate in and experience the culture.

  2. Learn about Suriname

    Take some time to research the country and all the wonderful things it has to offer. You’ll learn a lot about the people and culture of Suriname.

  3. Visit a temple

    Part of the tradition of the holiday is visiting a Hindu temple. You can do this to get firsthand experience of the Hindu religion.

5 Interesting Facts About Suriname

  1. It had a former name

    Suriname used to be referred to as Dutch Guiana.

  2. There have been disputes

    Guyana and French Guiana have had territorial disputes with Suriname.

  3. They like chicken

    The national dish of Suriname is chicken sate with fried rice.

  4. Suriname has a river

    There is a river in Suriname called the “Suriname River.“

  5. The Courantyne is in Suriname

    The Courantyne River is one of the major rivers in Suriname

Why We Love Suriname Phagwah

  1. It is traditional

    The Suriname Phagwa is a traditional holiday celebrated in the country for many years. The traditions are kept alive with practice every year.

  2. It is a Caribbean nation

    Suriname is considered to be a member of the Caribbean community. This holiday honors and celebrates a lot of Caribbean cultures and traditions.

  3. Suriname has flowers

    The country is well known for its water lilies and orchids. These flowers are very beautiful and colorful and are a special part of the country’s output.

Suriname Phagwah dates

2022March 18Friday
2023March 7Tuesday
2024March 25Monday
2025March 14Friday
2026March 3Tuesday

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