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MonMar 3

World Hearing Day – March 3, 2025

World Hearing Day on March 3 every year is observed to raise public awareness about how to avoid deafness and hearing impairment, as well as to support ear and hearing care around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) chooses the theme each year.

WHO seeks to demonstrate the need for early detection and treatment for hearing loss on World Hearing Day. Many people have undiagnosed hearing problems, and are unaware that they are missing out on important sounds and phrases. The first step in dealing with the problem is to assess one’s hearing.

History of World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day is an annual campaign organized by the World Health Organization’s Office for the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness. There are events taking place throughout the world, including one on March 3, at the World Health Organization. The campaign’s goals are to disseminate information and encourage people to take steps to avoid hearing loss and enhance hearing care. The holiday was celebrated for the first time in 2007. 

Before 2016, it was called International Ear Care Day. WHO chooses a subject each year and prepares instructional materials and makes them publicly available in a variety of languages. It also plans and reports on events all across the world.

Deaf persons who can communicate using Hand Signals are proud of their heritage. In 1816, deaf educator Laurent Clerc and American educator Thomas H. Gallaudet helped establish the country’s first permanent institution for deaf students.

The late 1850s saw a debate held in the west regarding whether to establish a separate deaf state. The concept was inspired by an event in which the American Congress handed the American Asylum a small section of Alabama. The deaf state was to be a place where deaf persons could move to and flourish if they so desired, but the plan failed, and the argument died with it.

The very first World Report on Hearing was released in 2021 to commemorate World Hearing Day.  WHO hopes to reach out to national governments, global N.G.O.s, and development organizations, along with players in the hearing care sector, to raise awareness and organize action through the global release of the report. The World Report on Hearing and World Hearing Day presents a global call to action to alleviate hearing loss and ear illnesses.

World Hearing Day timeline

Clerc and Gallaudet Make an Impact

Laurent Clerc helps to establish the earliest-recorded permanent institution for deaf students in the U. S.

Sign Language Leaves the Classroom

Hearing educators agree to embrace oral teaching and eliminate sign language from classrooms at the Second International Congress on Deaf Education in Milan, Italy

World Hearing Day Is Established

WHO creates the holiday to raise awareness for hearing loss.

The Holiday Gets a New Name

The holiday, originally called International Ear Care Day, is renamed World Hearing Day.

World Hearing Day FAQs

When is Better Hearing and Speech Month?

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. The ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) came up with the idea in 1927 to support people at risk of suffering hearing loss caused by loud sounds.

Is late-talking a bad sign?

It’s crucial to remember that there’s nothing wrong with persons who are extremely talented in analytical abilities, even if they are late talkers and have limited language skills.

What does a speech therapist do?

S.L.P.s work with children and adults to prevent, examine, identify, and address speaking, language, social skills, cognitive communication, and swallowing issues.

How to Observe World Hearing Day

  1. Make a donation or volunteer

    Send donations to organizations that cater to the deaf. You can also make inquiries for volunteer opportunities with these organizations.

  2. Spread the word

    Raise awareness on ear care and issues that affect hearing loss on the day. Share relevant materials with friends on social media.

  3. Take an ear test

    Many people have undiagnosed hearing problems. Early detection is key to fighting it. Why not take an ear test? Remember to invite a friend to take the test too!

5 Facts About Hearing Loss That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Left untreated

    The most common cause of hearing loss is chronic ear infections.

  2. A little peace and quiet

    Noise is among the main preventable causes of hearing loss.

  3. Timely intervention

    Public health efforts can help prevent over 60% of hearing loss cases concerning children.

  4. One-in-five

    According to the 2021 World Report on Hearing, almost one-fifth of the world's population suffer from hearing loss.

  5. Poor response

    The majority of people with hearing impairment do not have access to treatments, according to the same 2021 report.

Why World Hearing Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness about hearing loss

    World Hearing Day aims to create awareness about hearing loss and inspire global action concerning preventive measures. This is important in checking existing cases and reducing the emergence of new ones.

  2. It encourages community involvement

    Community involvement plays a major role in keeping hearing loss cases under control. This observance is an opportunity for the deaf community to work alongside their representative organizations, health systems, and governments to solve hearing-related issues.

  3. Addressing global issues

    World Hearing Day is observed around the world; its impact is far-reaching. The holiday sheds light on the dynamic nature of hearing impairment and how the global community can play its part.

World Hearing Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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