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FriMar 3

International Irish Whiskey Day – March 3, 2023

International Irish Whiskey Day is on March 3. It is a day dedicated to the world-renowned whiskey type — Irish whiskey. Do you know that it has been more than 800 years since Irish whiskey emerged for the first time? Irish whiskey, as the name suggests, is whiskey produced in Ireland, and it is known for its smooth texture and quality. It is a favorite of whiskey lovers all over the world. International Irish Whiskey Day is said to be the idea of writer and editor Stuart McNamara. Stuart wanted people to recognize the value of Irish whiskey and appreciate its historical significance, production quality, and exotic smooth taste.

History of International Irish Whiskey Day

In Irish, ‘uisce beatha’ translates to ‘water of life.’ It is said the word ‘whiskey’ originated from this Irish phrase. It is believed that Irish whiskey became immensely popular in Europe in the twelfth century. The story goes on to say that it was the Irish monks who learned the method of distilling spirits from other countries in Europe and brought back the teachings. This method was further developed and thus edible spirits were created. Irish whiskey is traditionally made in a pot.

Sir Thomas Phillips’ Bushmill in Antrim, which many say is the oldest distillery in the world, got the license to distill whiskey in 1608. It was sanctioned by King James. The distillery received the license to trade in 1757, which also made it the first distillery to trade in Ireland. The law that allowed potato, sugar, and grain to be added in the making of Irish whiskey came in 1759. Ireland soon became the whiskey capital of the world in the 1800s. In 1829, the well-known whiskey company Tullamore Dew was founded by John Jameson.

Stuart McNamara, born in West Cork, created International Irish Whiskey Day because he believed that people didn’t recognize and appreciate Irish whiskey enough. He wanted people to know about the origins of Irish whiskey and how it was traditionally made. This traditional method is what gives it the exceptional taste that is loved by whiskey lovers all over the world.

International Irish Whiskey Day timeline

1100 A.D.
The First Edible Spirit

Monks bring the technique of distilling spirits and the Irish develop the first drinkable alcohol.

Sir Thomas Phillips Receives a Distilling License

King James gives Sir Phillips a license to distill alcohol.

Blended Irish Whiskey

Tullamore Dew is founded, which produces blended Irish whiskey.

International Irish Whiskey Day is Created

Stuart McNamara creates International Irish Whiskey Day for people around the world to celebrate and appreciate Irish whiskey.

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