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National Soup It Forward Day – March 3, 2025

National Soup It Forward Day is held annually on March 3 and is an initiative by Soup Sisters. The aim of the day is to bring people together to do something for others. In this case, it is making and sharing soup. Soup Sisters is a non-profit charitable entity that aims to help women, children, and young adults by providing them with soup. Giving soup represents kindness. Soup is a warm meal that is not only nutritious but also a symbol of help and gratitude. Many literary classics depict the giving of hot soups to those in need on a frigid day as a gesture of kindness. Perhaps this is the reason why founder Sharon Hapton decided to name her organization Soup Sisters.

History of National Soup It Forward Day

Soup Sisters was founded by Sharon Hapton on March 3, 2009. Sharon has been making soup all her life and loves everything about it. On her fiftieth birthday, Sharon wanted to do something for others, especially women and children. She did this by doing what she does best — making soup. Sharon knew the value of giving hot soup. The soup did not just mean food, it is a symbol of kindness and care.

Over the years, the organization has expanded exponentially and made a difference in the lives of thousands of families in need. It has spread across 27 cities in Canada and also in many cities in the U.S. The foundation is also behind the successful Soup Must Go On Campaign, which was initiated to help families affected by pandemics. The organization is said to have produced 5,000 lbs of soup every month and distributed it among more than 40 agencies. It has catered 100,000 servings of soup to health workers, senior citizens, the homeless, rehabilitation centers, mental health institutes, and hospitals.

Recently, Soup Sisters started the Virtual Soup Pot campaign to encourage people to make soup in the comfort of their own kitchens and supply them to those in need. The campaign was launched on March 3, which is also National Soup It Forward Day. Thousands of people including celebrity chefs, food bloggers, and other celebrities have participated in this initiative and provided soup to thousands of people in need.

National Soup It Forward Day timeline

The Birth of a Philanthropist

Sharon Hapton, founder of Soup Sisters, is born.

The Charitable Organization is Founded

The charitable organization — Soup Sisters is founded.

The National Soup it Forward Day

Soup Sisters create National Soup It Forward Day to encourage people to make and share soup.

The Virtual Soup Pot

Soup Sisters encourage people to make soup in their kitchens and give it to people in need.

National Soup It Forward Day FAQs

Is soup a food?

Soup is generally regarded as food. However, it is debatable as a person drinks soups like broth or schav.

What are the five most popular soups?

Cream of Mushroom Soup, Wendy’s Chili Recipe, Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup, Paula Deen’s Taco Soup, and Black-Eyed Pea Soup are the five most popular soups.

Which country is famous for soup?

Though there are many countries that have soups in their traditional recipes. However, China is probably the country where soup has been around the most. The famous wanton soup originated in China.

National Soup It Forward Day Activities

  1. Make piping hot soup

    What better way to celebrate the day than to make soup and share it with others? Make a soup of your choice or follow a recipe online. Share it with anyone you know who is going through a tough time.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know the importance of this day. Take pictures of you making and sharing your soup. You can also write articles on the importance of showing kindness to others.

  3. Donate to a cause

    Use this day to do something good. Make a donation to the Soup Sisters and support their endeavor to make soup and help the needy. You can make donations through their official website.

5 Intriguing Facts About Soup

  1. It is 6,000 years old

    The earliest known soup is said to be the hippopotamus soup, which is 6,000 years old.

  2. Chicken noodle is a favorite

    Chicken noodle soup is the most loved soup.

  3. Nutrition value is not lost

    The nutrition value of a soup remains the same even months after canning.

  4. Pocket soup is popular among travelers

    Pocket soup is popular among backpackers as it easily mixes with water and is a ready-to-eat food.

  5. It has French origins

    The word ‘soup’ comes from the French word ‘soupe’.

Why We Love National Soup It Forward Day

  1. It gives us a chance to do something for others

    This day provides us with an opportunity to do something for those in need. There are many who are going through a difficult time and giving them homemade soup can cheer them up. It shows them that there are people who care about them.

  2. It tests our culinary skills

    Though soup is a simple food, its preparation takes time and effort. This day gives us a chance to improve our cooking skills and also learn a few new recipes along the way.

  3. It gives us an opportunity to be charitable

    A small gesture of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. We often get so busy with our lives that we forget to help others, though it’s always there at the back of our minds. This day gives us a chance to donate and make a difference.

National Soup It Forward Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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