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MonMar 3

Peach Blossom Day – March 3, 2025

Every year on March 3, a special festival, dubbed “the Peach Blossom Festival” is celebrated in Hunan China. This must not be confused with another festival of the same name, Japan’s Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival. You can read all about that here Peach Blossom Day falls in March as peach trees — in both Japan and China — blossom during this time. Both festivals also run along similar lines. They both celebrate peach blossoms (less so in Hinamatsuri; they feature the Hina dolls prominently), and both festivals are days that celebrate what they believe the peach blossom represents: women. Since we love any day that celebrates the women of the world, we absolutely adore Peach Blossom Day!

History of Peach Blossom Day

The peach blossoms come from the peach tree, which is native to China. Historians and archaeologists think this plant has been around for more than 2,500 years. They’ve found literature and text that mentions peaches and even little fossilized peach stones as evidence of this fact. There is also evidence to show that the Chinese particularly revered the flowers of the peach tree, as peach blossoms were a part of most major celebrations. The Chinese believed (and still do) that peach blossoms can ward off evil spirits and increase vitality in a person. Soldiers walked before Emperors, carrying peach blossoms, and people all over the country would hang peach blossoms on their front door to kick off the New Year.

Persia had a big role to play in the spread of this plant to other regions. 

In fact, the Latin name, ‘Prunus persica,’, which translates to ‘Present from Persia,’ refers to when Persians introduced this fruit to the Romans. When Alexander the Great conquered Persia in 334 B.C., he took the seeds of this plant to Europe, and soon, explorers were taking the peach all over the world. 

By the 16th century, the peach came to the U.S. via Spanish explorers. From there, it traveled to England, becoming a rare and prized delicacy.

Colonists began domesticating the peach tree in America, and by the 1800s, peaches were being commercially grown in the U.S. The first peaches grown for sale were by farmers in Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, and Virginia. Today, the peach blossom has found a place in popular culture, appearing in art, paintings, and even folk tales.


Peach Blossom Day timeline

10th Century
Peaches in Ancient Literature

Chinese texts show discussions about a fruit later identified as the peach.

16th Century
The Peach Travels the World

Spanish explorers introduce the peach to South America; from there, it goes to England.

17th Century
The First Peach Trees In The U.S.

English colonist and horticulturist George Minifie plants the first peach trees in America, in his Virginia home.

Delaware's State Flower

The state official votes that the peach blossom be the state flower, in recognition of Delaware’s numerous (and incredibly productive) peach tree orchards; however, it is officially adopted as the state flower 58 years later.

21st Century
Peach Blossoms On the Screen

Numerous movies and television shows include the peach blossom (in the filming and as well as in the name) — examples include the movie "Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring," and the famous Chinese T.V. show "Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom."

Peach Blossom Day FAQs

How do you celebrate peach blossom Day?

Since annual blossoms open around this time, you can celebrate by giving women in your life a peach blossom or two or whip them up a special peach blossom flavored dish.

What is the peach blossom festival in China?

Since 1991, a Peach Blossom Festival has occurred each year in Shanghai, coinciding with the peach blossom season. The date falls on March/April each year.

What does the peach blossom symbolize?

Peach blossoms are a sign of all things positive — they symbolize longevity, vitality, youth, feminine traits, and are even said to ward off evil.

Peach Blossom Day Activities

  1. Plant a peach tree

    If you have the space and the means, plant your own peach tree(s). This way, you get both peach blossoms and peaches, and you're helping the environment too!

  2. Have yourself an edible flower fiesta

    The mildly sweet flavor of peach blossom works well as a garnish on both sweet and savory dishes. You can even steep these in tea or cordial for a sweet kick to your regular drink.

  3. Throw a peach blossom party

    Decorate your home with some fragrant peach blossoms, set out your edible flower food platter, serve up some peach blossom-based drinks, then sit back and enjoy the theme with friends and family.

5 Fun Facts About Peaches

  1. Delaware: the 'peach state'

    This mid-Atlantic U.S. state had so many peach trees — over 800,000 during its heydays — that it was given the moniker 'peach state.'

  2. Peach blossoms are not always peach

    They come in a wide range of colors, from pink to light, it appears white or grey, to red, and to lavender.

  3. Peach blossoms and weddings

    Peach blossoms are so important to Japanese and Chinese culture that brides always carry peach blossoms in the bridal bouquet.

  4. The nectarine is a peach

    This fuzz-less, shiny fruit bears no distinction from the peach, except for its appearance.

  5. Momotarō or 'Peach Boy'

    An immensely popular hero in Japanese folklore, Momotarō was said to have been born from within an enormous peach — Momotarō spawned numerous books, films, and other works over the ages.

Why We Love Peach Blossom Day

  1. We love peach blossoms

    This beautiful, mildly aromatic flower is not only symbolic but also has an incredible story.

  2. We get to celebrate tradition too

    They've been in use since ancient times and are a sign of all things good. That tradition is worth following, isn't it?

  3. We explore yet another spring festival

    We're loving the season of new birth, and we're getting to celebrate fun festivals while we are at it!

Peach Blossom Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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