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Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman – March 2025

The birthday anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman is celebrated every year in the Philippines. Samaon Sulaiman was a famous Filipino musician loved by many. He received the National Living Treasure award. He is mostly known for his mastery of the indigenous ‘kutiyapi’ instrument. Sulaiman started learning how to play ‘kutiyapi’ from his uncle when he was 13 years old. He was already recognized in Maganoy for his skills in playing the instrument By the time he was 35 years old. He was also a teacher to aspiring ‘kutiyapi’ practitioners. Sulaiman influenced other local experts like Esmael Ahmad, Bitul Sulaiman, Nguda Latip, and Ali Ahmad.

History of Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman

The birthday anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman holds in the Philippines to honor the Filipino musician. The ‘Magindanaon’ is one of the largest Filipino Islamic groups. The Maguindanao are experts in the field of music with few peers among Filipino cultural communities. They are masters at playing the ‘kulintang,’ a gong-chime, and ‘kutiyapi,’ a two-stringed plucked lute. Samaon Sulaiman played the kutiyapi. Both Muslim and non-Muslim Filipinos consider the kutiyapi to be a favorite solo instrument. The kutiyapi is played in combination with other instruments. The instrument comes in different designs, shapes, and sizes. The Maguindanao kutiyapi is one of the most technically demanding and challenging to master Filipino traditional instruments. The instrument has two strings. One of them provides a rhythmic drone. The other string has movable frets that allow melodies to be played in two sets of pentatonic scales.

Samaon Sulaiman is celebrated because he achieved the highest level of excellence in the art of kutiyapi playing. He had an extensive repertoire of ‘dinaladay,’ ‘linapu,’ ‘minuna,’ ‘binalig,’ and other forms and styles. Samaon became a popular barber in his community. He also served as an Imam in the Libutan mosque. Sulaiman is commended for his exemplary artistry and dedication to his chosen instrument. He had an unwavering commitment to the music of the kutiyapi. This was when this instrument no longer existed in many parts of Mindanao.

Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman timeline

The Birth of a Legend

Samaon Sulaiman is born

The Move to Learn an Instrument

Sulaiman learns how to play kutiyapi from his uncle at 13 years old.

The Recognition for Exemplary Skills

Suleiman is recognized in Maganoy for his skills at 35 years old.

The Death of a National Icon

Samaon Sulaiman dies on May 21, 2011.

Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman FAQs

What is kutiyapi music like?

kutiyapi music has a full and rich sound. The music explores a wide range of timbres and sound phenomena.

Is Kutiyapi popular?

Kulintang is more popular among the Magindanaon, but the kutiyapi captivates with its intimate and almost mystical charm.

What did Suleiman play?

Samaon Sulaiman played kutiyapi, kulintang, agong, gandingan, palendag, and tambul.

Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman Activities

  1. Listen to music

    You can listen to some good music. Enjoy some traditional music from the Philippines.

  2. Learn about Suleiman

    You can do some research to learn more about the musician. You can also listen to his music.

  3. Share the holiday

    Share the holiday with your friends and family. You can easily share the holiday online or in person.

5 Intriguing Facts About The Philippines

  1. The Philippines has islands

    There are about 7,641 islands that make up the Philippines.

  2. Filipinos text a lot

    A large volume of text messages is sent throughout the country, making it the text capital of the world.

  3. It is a great producer of coconuts

    The Philippines is considered one of the world's largest producers of coconuts.

  4. A valuable pearl was found

    A Filipino diver in the Palawan Sea discovered the world's largest pearl, valued at $100 million.

  5. It is among the most populous nations

    The Philippines is known to be the thirteenth-most populous country in the world.

Why We Love Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman

  1. It is cultural

    Suleiman played a traditional instrument that is part of the Philippines' culture. The holiday keeps the culture alive.

  2. It celebrates a fun activity

    The holiday promotes Suleiman’s music. People enjoy listening to his music.

  3. It supports music

    The holiday helps support traditional music in the Philippines. Younger people are encouraged to learn the instruments.

Birth anniversary of Samaon Sulaiman dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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