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ThuFeb 20

National Comfy Day – February 20, 2025

This National Comfy Day on February 20, you have been granted permission to get as comfortable as you please! This means you get to wear comfy clothes, be a complete mess, eat comfort food, and embark on any activity that allows you to be cozy and lazy. All you have to do is find your favorite spot in your abode and relax for the next 24-hours. And yes, this is a must for everyone who usually has a super busy work schedule. Celebrate the day by giving yourself a time out and getting comfortable in your skin! Happy National Comfy Day!

History of National Comfy Day

While National Comfy Day may seem like an occasion where you are simply supposed to get comfortable, the history behind it is more intriguing than it may appear. The day was founded by The Comfy Bros, the team behind ‘The Comfy’. For those who may not know, this is one of the world’s first wearable blankets that have become a hit. ‘The Comfy’ was invented in 2017 by Michael and Brian Speciale. “How?” you ask.

The story is simple yet super sweet at the same time. One chilly day, Michael woke up to see his nephew on the couch with a sherpa blanket behind him. His arms and knees on the other hand were pulled into an old sweatshirt. This is when the duo began brainstorming on ways they could make an outfit that was a comfortable mixture of a blanket and a shirt. and voila, ‘The Comfy’ was created.

Of course, it took a lot of experimentation and prototypes to finally formulate a design and texture that was wearable. However, once the idea became a reality, the partners set out to make their dream a hit for the masses. The first step they took was to audition to be on “Shark Tank” in Denver. It wasn’t long before their comfy outfit became a hit and they were spotted advertising their wearable blanket to clients. They finally closed a deal with Barbara Corcoran, and ‘The Comfy’ went on to become a super famous product. Today, the product is available in over 100 countries.

National Comfy Day timeline

14th Century
The Innovator

Thomas Blanquette creates the first woolen blanket.

The Drama

The play “King Lear” mentions the use of a blanket.

Going Electric

George Crowley invents the first electric blanket.

The Gift

Turkey sends blankets to 55 countries.

‘The Comfy’

The Speciale brothers invent ‘The Comfy’ after an idea sparked while watching their nephew sleep.

National Comfy Day FAQs

What is National Comfy Day?

The day gives everyone a chance to get cozy and relax in any way that they feel comfortable.

Is ‘The Comfy’ actually comfy?

Yes. It is a wearable blanket that is super cozy and easy to wear.

Should I wash ‘The Comfy’?

You can wash ‘The Comfy’ at a cold temperature and then tumble dry it separately.

National Comfy Day Activities

  1. Get comfortable in your favorite blanket

    To celebrate the day, grab your favorite blanket or get a hold of your comfy sweater/blanket and simply relax at home.

  2. Wear comfy clothes

    Which clothes do you find the most comfortable? Whether it is pajamas, a t-shirt, or a towel - now is the time to let out hair down and wear whatever you want.

  3. Have a pajama party

    Call a couple of close friends and family members to a pajama party so you can have some popcorn, some drinks, and lots of story-sharing.

5 Fun Facts About Blankets

  1. The weight of a blanket

    A good weighted blanket is 20% of the individual’s body weight.

  2. Blankets and dreams

    Weighted blankets are known to push one into REM sleep.

  3. The historical outlook

    During the Middle Ages, only the rich could afford a blanket.

  4. Blankets and psychology

    Blankets are associated with sleep because we have been taking one since childhood.

  5. Neurological benefits of blankets

    Blankets decrease anxiety and stress by stimulating serotonin.

Why We Love National Comfy Day

  1. It gives you a day to relax

    The day is important for anyone and everyone who wants to have a comfortable day where there is no care for the world.

  2. It promotes the idea of comfort above all

    The day promotes the idea of one choosing comfort above everything else at least for the coming 24 hours.

  3. It keeps one happy

    Since the day is all about comfort and coziness, it ends up making people happy. During this time, wear something casual, watch a movie, and sip on some delicious wine.

National Comfy Day dates

2025February 20Thursday
2026February 20Friday
2027February 20Saturday
2028February 20Sunday
2029February 20Tuesday

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