National Tartar Sauce Day – March 4, 2022

National Tartar Sauce Day is celebrated on the Friday after Lent, on March 4 this year. Tartar sauce is used on seafood, and makes a great dish during this period as Lent approaches. Since meat is not allowed, we enjoy fish and other seafood more with a bowl of creamy tartar sauce. The deliciousness never ends, whether we can eat meat or not.

History of National Tartar Sauce Day

The real origin of tartar sauce remains unclear. Some say that it has been in existence since the Roman era, while others insist that tartar sauce originated from France. A few maintain that the French evolved the condiment. The current tartar sauce originated in France as sauce tartare. It is spelled as ‘tartare sauce’ in some parts of Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Tartar sauce is mainly made from mayonnaise with pickles, capers, herbs, and in some recipes, hard-boiled eggs or lemon juice. The recipes differ in different places to accommodate individual tastes and preferences. The sauce is made as a condiment to be enjoyed with seafood. The best seafood choices are cod, salmon, haddock, shrimp, and pollack. Tartar sauce became commercially available in the 1920s, making it easier to get it at grocery stores, rather than making it from scratch.

The holiday was established in 2017. National Tartar Sauce Day is celebrated before Lent and it is in high demand during this period as seafood becomes the choicest food item of the season. Lent is the period of fasting and abstinence from beef and chicken. For those who are not really fans of fish, tartar sauce is the best for enjoying fish and seafood with its creaminess and zingy taste.

Tartar sauce is also enjoyed with pita bread, chips, and roasted veggies. We celebrate National Tartar Sauce Day with lots of seafood and enjoy it with the sauce. If you don’t like fish at all, you can enjoy it with vegetables.

National Tartar Sauce Day timeline

17th Century
The French Tartar

France recreates the original tartar sauce by using mayonnaise.

19th Century
Tartar Sauce in Western Europe

Tartar sauce is adopted in European cuisine.

Commercial Tartar Sauce

Tartar Sauce is commercially sold in jars.

A Day for Tartar Sauce

National Tartar Sauce Day is created.

National Tartar Sauce Day FAQs

How do you store tartar sauce?

Store-bought tartar sauce can be kept in the refrigerator for as long as stated on its label. It is better to make homemade tartar sauce in small quantities and store it in the fridge for two weeks.

Is there an alternative to tartar sauce?

Yes. You can always use nonfat sour cream as an alternative if you cannot find tartar sauce.

What else can you enjoy with tartar sauce?

You can put tartar sauce in sandwiches and baked potatoes. You can also enjoy it with crispy vegetables, fried if you like.

How to Celebrate National Tartar Sauce Day

  1. Make your own tartar sauce

    There's no better way to celebrate than making your own tartar sauce to enjoy with the seafood of your choice. It's even fun to create your own recipe or host a tartar-sauce-making contest with your loved ones.

  2. Eat seafood

    Order in or eat out. This is the best way to try fine tartar sauces served at eateries or restaurants.

  3. Buy tartar sauce

    Not up for homemade tartar sauce? Get one from the grocery store and serve with a delicious bowl of fried fish or prawns.

5 Interesting Facts About Seafood

  1. The female blue crab

    Female blue crabs mate only once in their lifetime.

  2. Too much shrimp

    Americans consume 20% of the world's shrimp produced every year; this is over 1 billion shrimps.

  3. Swimming backwards

    Crayfish swim backwards with half of their legs.

  4. Hawaiian dolphinfish

    Mahi Mahi used to be called dolphinfish because they swim beside boats like dolphins.

  5. Heavy tuna

    The average ahi tuna weighs 300 pounds.

Why We Love National Tartar Sauce Day

  1. We love seafood

    We may not be French, but we love the edible fish species and its neighbors under the sea.

  2. Never wrong with seafood

    The savory taste, creaminess, and little tartness make tartar sauce the best choice for all seafood.

  3. It's Lent

    While we prepare to say goodbye to our favorite beef burger, roast turkey, and bucket chicken, we create new ways to enjoy fish for the next 40 days.

National Tartar Sauce Day dates

2022March 4Friday
2023February 24Friday
2024February 16Friday
2025March 7Friday
2026February 20Friday

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