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Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh – February 20, 2025

Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh is a state holiday observed on February 20 in the Northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a day to commemorate the granting of statehood to the state which occurred in the year 1987. Arunachal Pradesh holds a key position in the whole northeastern Indian states, as it served as the general name of the whole region before its statehood. It is full of mountains and situated close to the Himalayas, which invariably makes Arunachal Pradesh an international border state — bordering China, Myanmar, and Bhutan.

History of Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh

The celebration of Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh on February 20 has its origin in the year the state was granted statehood in 1987. For over three decades running, the state celebrates its statehood in style. The day is a public holiday in the state, and government offices and banks are closed. This gives inhabitants all the time they need to engage in all the events planned for the day’s celebration.

The state is located at the foot of the Himalayas, which gives it its famous, exquisite name. It is bordered by an Indian state and three other countries. Before gaining statehood in the late 1980s, Arunachal Pradesh had been a territory in the Union of India from 1972, comprising other states. The seven states in the territory were famously known as the ‘Seven Sisters.’ Going back to history, the northeastern region of India, where Arunachal Pradesh is located, had seen marked attention from the colonial British. As far back as the late 19th century, the British government began laying its administrative rulings in the region. Between 1912 and 1913, they successfully created what came to be known as North-Eastern Frontier Tracts, consisting of three regions. To mark the territorial distinction, they further drew a demarcation line between the region and Tibet in 1914 — an act that angered China, which saw Tibet under its rule, and in the long run, contributed to the Sino-Indian wars in 1962.

After gaining independence, the Indian government renamed the northeastern region the North Eastern Frontier Agency, and when it began assembling its union, it annexed N.E.F.A. and renamed it Arunachal Pradesh. 15 years after it was renamed, it was granted statehood and officially became a state in the Republic of India.

Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh timeline

British Administrative Jurisdiction

The British government starts charting administrative jurisdictions concerning the frontier tribes in the northeastern region.

Formation of the North Eastern Frontier Tracts

The British government carves out the N.E.F.T. region in conjunction with the region's indigenous people.

Marking of International Borderline

The McMahon Line is drawn to demarcate the region from Tibet and indirectly, China.


Prime Minister Indira Gandhi officially names N.E.F.A. Arunachal Pradesh and grants it the status of a Union Territory.

Granting of Statehood

Arunachal Pradesh is granted statehood on February 20 to become the 25th Indian state.

Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh FAQs

Which two states observed Statehood Day on February 20, 2021?

Both Arunachal Pradesh and the state of Mizoram celebrate Statehood Day on February 20.

Was Arunachal Pradesh a part of China?

Back in the 20th century, the state was disputed by India and China and during the Sino-Indian war in 1962, most parts of the state temporarily fell under Chinese control.

What is Arunachal Pradesh best known for?

The foremost thing the state is known for is its proximity to the Himalayas, which gives it the name it is known for. It is also known for its special beauty and forests and has the largest monastery in the whole of India.

Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh Activities

  1. Recount the state's history

    From the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, Arunachal Pradesh has had significant historical moments worth retelling. Today is a good time to retell all the wonderful stories from the state.

  2. Go to the state

    If you have been awed by the story of the state, or have read about it somewhere, today is a good day to set your gaze on the dawn-lit mountains spread all over the state. You won’t regret it!

  3. Organize fun events

    Set up musical instruments, dance, celebrate, and spread goodwill throughout the state today. Let the happy voices of the state's citizens resonate throughout the whole of India.

5 Facts About Arunachal Pradesh You Will Find Interesting

  1. Largest state

    It is the largest of the seven northeastern Indian states.

  2. Official language

    As opposed to most other Indian states, English is the only official language in Arunachal Pradesh.

  3. Home to an iconic monastery

    The Twang monastery — the largest in India and the second largest in the world is found in the state.

  4. No airports

    The state has no functional airport and depends on the nearby airport in the neighboring Assam state.

  5. Permits required to roam

    Permits are required even by local tourists to roam the state.

Why We Love Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh

  1. It marks a milestone

    Conferring Arunachal Pradesh with statehood was a new phase for them to join in the development of the Indian nation. This day marks a milestone in its history.

  2. It shows patriotism

    Celebrating Statehood Day in Arunachal Pradesh shows the patriotism of its citizens and the pride by which they hold their state. We love this!

  3. It is joyous

    With the fun events organized all over the state, the day proves to be a joyous one filled with happy moods and lots of exciting treats. Who doesn’t love a celebration?

Statehood Day of Arunachal Pradesh dates

2025February 20Thursday
2026February 20Friday
2027February 20Saturday
2028February 20Sunday
2029February 20Tuesday

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