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ThuFeb 20

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day – February 20, 2025

On Clean Out Your Bookcase Day every February 20, take out your cleaning supplies and organizing tools, and get ready to revamp the bookcase. Yes, your old dusty bookcase needs your attention and today is the day you give it a new outlook. All you have to do is decide how you will reorganize all the books, and what you plan on doing with the books that you don’t want anymore. Here’s a tip, Google ideas on the different attractive ways you can decorate your bookshelf and add some spice to the otherwise dull piece of furniture. It’s time to get cleaning!

History of Clean Out Your Bookcase Day

Bookcases are an essential piece of furniture for whoever has an interest in reading. Admit it, a home with books lying on the floor isn’t a pretty sight, hence, a bookcase is required for anyone who wants to stay organized. However, over a period of time, the bookcase tends to get messy and is often covered with books that you have either outgrown, or don’t have any interest in reading. The purpose of the day is to help one decide which books they want to re-read and which ones they want to give away. Reorganizing the bookcase is also important since any visitor you have is bound to question you about the books they see. Hence, not having read more than a few books on the shelf is just going to build a bad impression.

Coming to the history of bookcases, the piece of furniture has existed in one way or another since the invention of books took place. The initial design also evolved based on the materials that were available during each century. In Italy during the 17th century, there was once a time when there were built-in bookcases with pilasters, or recessed columns. At times, even the statues or carved urns on the cornice had spaces for books. However, the French were the first to use bookcases in which the upper part was paneled in glass instead of wood. It wasn’t until the reign of Queen Anne in England that the designs became simpler.

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day timeline

514 B.C.
The Launch

Fu Xi creates a bookcase that is used by the Chinese empire.

513 B.C.
Privacy Unlimited

The Roman republic uses bookshelves in private libraries.

Spin Me

John Danner invents a revolving bookcase.

The New Kid in Town

Dieter Rams introduces his Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System.

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day FAQs

Is there a difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase?

A bookcase is designed to sit on the floor, while a bookshelf is designed to hang on a wall.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a bookshelf?

Building your own bookshelf is cheaper 99% of the time.

What is a bookcase used for?

A bookcase is used to store books.

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day Activities

  1. Clean your bookcase

    As the name of the day states, all you have to do is clean your bookcase. This means rearranging the setting and getting rid of books you no longer need.

  2. Buy some new books

    After you have cleaned your bookcase, head out to a bookstore and search for interesting books that can enhance your collection.

  3. Spread the message

    Tell the world about the Clean Out Your Bookcase Day so they can also donate their old books and get their hands on some new ones.

5 Fun Facts About Books

  1. Books that exist

    There are over 129 million published books since 2010.

  2. He’s got the money for it

    Bill Gates purchased the most expensive book, “Codex Leicester” by Leonardo Da Vinci, at $30.8 million.

  3. One long sentence

    The longest sentence in a book was 823 words long.

  4. Most read books

    The three most read books include “The Bible”, “Harry Potter,” and “Quotations” from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung.

  5. Books made of human skin

    There are four law books bound in human skin at the Harvard University Library.

Why We Love Clean Out Your Bookcase Day

  1. It maintains cleanliness

    The day helps people to clean their bookshelves, wipe off the dust if there is any, and take out the books one doesn’t want to read anymore.

  2. It reminds you about books you forgot to read

    While cleaning the bookshelf, you are likely to find books you want to read, but just forgot to read before. In essence, it gives you stuff to binge read.

  3. Revives memories

    While going through the bookcase, you will find many books that were once your favorite. It's like a blast from the past.

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day dates

2025February 20Thursday
2026February 20Friday
2027February 20Saturday
2028February 20Sunday
2029February 20Tuesday

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