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ThuFeb 20

No Politics Day – February 20, 2025

For all those who want a break from the talk about elections and even speeches from the newly elected, No Politics Day on February 20 is just your kind of celebration. This event used to be observed on February 1 until 2020. The celebrations are meant to help people move away from the constant political talk, even if only for a day. This event makes a refreshing statement and aims to bring people of opposing views together in peace, laughter, and fun.

History of No Politics Day

The profession itself is eons old and is a vital and noble activity. Even Aristotle agreed — he viewed ethics and politics as being intrinsically linked, and thought that moral education was the main purpose of the political community. The Founding Fathers themselves were many amazing things, including politicians, and this profession integrated thousands of immigrants and dreamer-seekers into the very fabric of American society.

Even so, politics and politicians are rarely regarded in a positive light by people across the country. This is not limited to the U.S.; the sheen of this career is waning.

People believe that governments are unresponsive to their problems, and many more think politicians only cater to giant corporations and the like. Youth across America state they think they have no political power whatsoever and cannot influence politicians’ decisions.

It was perhaps for this reason that this day was founded and established by Bob Matthews from Rochester, New York. Although this day remains unofficial, the celebration and sentiment behind this event remain.

No Politics Day timeline

Early 1960s
Politics In The Early Days

Views about politics are still largely favorable, and negative attitudes towards this profession are rare.


Barack Obama's campaign is notable for attracting more younger voters than his predecessors; almost 66% of young voters cast their ballots for him instead of opponent John McCain.

Our Day Is Born

New York resident Bob Matthews launches this annual event.

Twitter's Big Action

Twitter places warning and fact-checking labels on tweets by President Donald Trump.

Our Date Changes

No Politics Day is moved to February 20 and is now celebrated a month after Inauguration Day in the U.S.; people can debate politics past, present, and future before taking a much-needed break four weeks later.

No Politics Day FAQs

What other day is observed on February 1?

National Freedom Day is observed on February 1 annually. It celebrates the signing of the document that went on to become the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, abolishing slavery in America.

Is this a real holiday?

The website certainly believes so, although our research has led us to think this is an unofficial holiday.

Why was this day conceived?

People need a break from constant political talk and videos. The main mission behind this day is to unite people from all ends of the political spectrum in the spirit of fellowship.

No Politics Day Activities

  1. Take a break from politics

    Avoid news articles about political debates, stay away from online posts, and ignore political discussions and debates happening around you. Take a mini-break from the politics of it all, just for a day.

  2. Let bygones be bygones

    Put the past (politically charged debates) behind you. Embrace those you disconnected from on account of their political views, at least for a day.

  3. Have a laugh

    Protest something utterly ridiculous, like wearing stripes with geometric patterns or one person taking up two seats on the subway. You can even hotly debate whether Harry Potter belongs with Ginny Weasley or Hermione Granger. Go ahead and turn usual political props into a fun time, especially for this day.

5 Fun Facts About Americans And Politics

  1. Local flavor beats all

    67% of Americans have better opinions of their local government than the federal government; only 37% are the opposite.

  2. Sweeping change is needed

    A whopping 61% of people surveyed mentioned 'significant changes' are required in the fundamental structure of the American government to help it adapt to the current times.

  3. We are hard on ourselves

    A majority — 56% — have little to no confidence in the political wisdom of their fellow Americans.

  4. The power of social media

    While 60% of people are uncomfortable with Donald Trump's use of Twitter, he is still the most followed world leader.

  5. Young people and politics

    U.S. Census data showed only 32.4% of young Americans voted in the 1996 election; in 2020, this turnout was over five million young voters.

Why We Love No Politics Day

  1. Some things are better in small doses

    Everybody needs a break from things, and politics is no exception. That's why this day is so refreshing.

  2. Reach out to people

    Put aside your political differences with family and friends, and mend fences. No Politics Day is the perfect day to do so.

  3. We get to keep the celebration going

    We can actually turn this one-day event into a regular tradition and celebrate No Politics Day all year round! All we have to do is tone down political disagreements and find common ground with those on the opposite side.

No Politics Day dates

2025February 20Thursday
2026February 20Friday
2027February 20Saturday
2028February 20Sunday
2029February 20Tuesday

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