Gifts From The Garden Month – May 2022

Never underestimate the power of a good garden; we don’t, which is why we love Gifts From The Garden Month, celebrated yearly in May. Famous gardener and artist C.L. Fornari founded this month in May rather than April as she felt the latter was still too cold in many parts of the country. She also pointed out that “the temperatures rise, skies clear, and true gardening magic really begins for the entire country” in May.

History of Gifts From The Garden Month

Evidence that people loved gardens and gardening can be found throughout history. Manuals written by the classical Greek and Romans, poems written by Virgil and Shakespeare, and more — the mention of gardens have been peppered through the ages.

Monasteries were the main repositories of horticultural lore and provided important gardening knowledge in medieval times. While not much is known about the garden designs of the said time, we do know that they were a place of contemplation and worship, and included flowers like roses and lotuses, which had symbolic value. The Western style of gardening is said to have originated in Egypt around 4,000 years ago. Gardening was introduced to Europe in the time of Roman rule and, later, by the spread of Islam into Spain. Over the ages, as this trend spread around the globe, the style of gardening was adapted to multiple cultures and climates. One thing that remained was the lines and grouping of plants, usually in walled enclosures.

The end of World War II brought with it an uptick in the interest in this humble activity. Homeowners desired lawns with flower beds and a vegetable patch, gardening books and journals found an increase in their subscriber bases, and radio and TV programs on the subject gained a dedicated following. Due to this upsurge, gardening-related businesses began booming, with nurseries, horticultural suppliers, garden centers, etc. seeing an unprecedented expansion.

Gifts From The Garden Month timeline

Earliest Record of Gardening

Irish horticulturalist Master Jon Gardner writes the very first English account of horticultural techniques.

16th century
Creative Garden Displays Rise with the Renaissance

The increased prosperity during this period results in added curiosity about the natural world and, thus, the garden emerges as a form of creative display.

1500s to 1600s
Gardens are Fun!

Elizabethan England cements the fact that gardens are for enjoyment; flowers appear in paintings, poets compose sonnets about them, and the Tudors playfully arrange displays in their gardens.

17th century
A Backdrop is Added

The flower garden is accompanied by tall, clipped hedges and scythed lawns.

19th century
Wild Takeover

A more natural style of gardening emerges during this period, where plants are allowed to grow wild without disturbance.

Gifts From The Garden Month FAQs

What are the best gifts for gardeners?

Compost bins, gloves, colorful planters, seed starter kits, and more are just some of the creative gift ideas for someone who is a gardener.

What are some home garden ideas?

You can start with creating a simple kitchen garden with micro herbs, grow an indoor garden, and even make your own mini garden in a pot.

What is National Garden Month?

April is National Garden Month, which celebrates spring and Mother Nature.

Gifts From The Garden Month Activities

  1. Garden

    Grab a pair of saplings, a little hat to shield you from the sun, and get digging! Celebrate Gifts From The Garden Month by actually ensuring your garden provides you with gifts. Plant some micro herbs, cheerful flowers, or anything that catches your fancy.

  2. Turn this into fun family time

    Turn gardening into the family pastime. Encourage each family member to do their part to contribute to the garden by planning fun activities. For instance, children can go on an Easter Egg hunt in your garden, you can plan a little picnic, or even create a special reading nook for yourself and your kids.

  3. Gift a garden

    We don’t mean to suggest giving someone a whole piece of land; we’re talking about mini gardens or fairy gardens, which are tiny gardens in a pot (or any small surface) and they make for a lovely present. If you can’t source these mini gardens, think about gifting loved ones a plant or seeds. Not only are you moving away from the usual gift options but you’re also giving back to the environment.

Fun Facts About Gifts From The Garden Month

  1. From a gardener's tale to reality

    Science shows plants really do respond to vibrations like music or even your voice!

  2. The soil is alive

    There are more microorganisms in a single teaspoon of soil than there are people on the earth.

  3. A flower caused the Dutch economy to crash

    A tulip craze took over Holland during the 1600s — tulip bulbs were more expensive than gold, and people all over the country were extremely passionate about owning them, causing a large crash in the market.

  4. A sunflower is many little flowers

    The sunflower is actually made up of 1,000 to 2,000 individual flowers held together by the stalk.

  5. Cranberries can bounce

    A small pocket of air inside this fruit allows it to bounce — this is also how you can tell if it’s ripe and fresh.

Why We Love Gifts From The Garden Month

  1. Gardens are the ideal way to learn about nature

    It's hard to feel connected to the environment from inside our homes, far away from greenery. Working with the earth brings the garden to us, teaching us about plants and greens, reminding us that we are all a part of nature and that we should respect it.

  2. We get to work on our physical fitness

    A little sweat goes a long way towards getting a healthy body. Working in our gardens not only can turn into a little project but also keep us physically active, which is a great break from our normally sedentary routines.

  3. It reduces stress

    A simple touch of green and some pops of color can heal our mind, body, and spirit. Tending to the garden works as a calming influence that allows our stress and worries to float away, at least for a few hours.

Gifts From The Garden Month dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday

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