Creative Beginnings Month – May 2022

Creative Beginnings Month comes around every May and we are thrilled to celebrate it by doing the best thing possible, being creative! A lot of us have many creative project ideas up our sleeves and what better time than now to execute them? These projects do not need to be over the top or complicated, they can be anything simple and creative, like writing a haiku, making a bookmark, or even a photography project. 

History of Creative Beginnings Month

Everything we see around us is the result of a creative idea that eventually materialized. A lot of people tend to think creativity is not for them or is only restricted to artistic spheres. However, that is far from the truth. Creativity is all around us. It exists in the fields of science, art, technology, sports, you name it. We have to use our creative minds for almost every act we perform. Creativity can even be used in the most unusual ways. For instance, once, a college freshman named Craig Wallace developed a nuclear fusion reactor out of junkyard parts and very cheap materials.

No one really knows when Creative Beginnings Month began but it’s definitely an important event. It’s a great way to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and pick up a creative project or let the creativity flow into their lives in different ways.

There are varying opinions on the origins of creativity. Some claim it began back in the days when humans made tools for hunting, while others say it started with Australian Aborigines and the invention of the boomerang. Many even state that creativity can be traced back thousands of years ago to the stone age when people carved inscriptions and drawings on the walls of caves. Another report claims that creativity and the art of creation started with the people of Egypt and Mexico. It is also said that ancient creativity comes from Asian countries like India, Iran, Cambodia, etc.

We celebrate Creative Beginnings Month so that people can awaken their hidden creative skills. Each person uses creativity differently and in their own way. This month is now celebrated by several countries across the globe.

Creative Beginnings Month timeline

38,000 B.C.
Creativity Begins

Homo sapiens start drawing images of animals on the walls of caves and make beaded designs.

The Word ‘Create’ Appears

The word ‘create’ appears in English in Chaucer’s writings to indicate divine creation.

Art as Creativity

Art by itself gains recognition and starts to be regarded as an expression of creativity.

First Model of Creativity

In his work “Art of Thought,” Graham Wallas presents one of the first models of the process of creativity.

Creative Beginnings Month FAQs

Where is Creative Beginnings Month celebrated?

There is no definitive origin of the month, anyone and everyone can celebrate it in any part of the world. All you need is your creative mind! 

How can you celebrate Creative Beginnings Month?

There are a plethora of options for how you can celebrate the month of creative beginnings! This is the perfect time to get over that creative block you’ve been facing, resume a project that you’ve been putting off, or simply start a project you promised yourself you would. It can be simple, complex, fun, serious, or anything. 

Does Creative Beginnings Month have a national or public holiday?

No, it isn’t a national or public holiday. So you’ll have to start your creative project after attending work or school. Or you could involve your classmates or colleagues in your project and make it a group activity. 

Creative Beginnings Month Activities

  1. Plant a home vertical garden

    Have you been thinking of bringing a little green into your life? Why not get creative and plant your own vertical garden at home. If you have a balcony, even better. Creative Beginnings Month is the perfect time to start a little green creative project. It will also help to contribute to a greener planet!

  2. Draw a mandala

    Mandalas are extremely popular and they’re fairly easy to do on your own. Draw a mandala. You can even watch an online tutorial to learn how to draw one properly. Drawing mandalas is said to be therapeutic, it acts as a great way to de-stress, and it helps build patience.

  3. Create a photo journal

    How about creating a digital photo journal but with a twist? Choose one location and one time of the day, take a photo at the same place and time every single day during Creative Beginnings Month. At the end of the month, you’ll have a photo journal of beautiful shots showcasing how each day can be beautiful in its own way.

5 Interesting Facts About Creativity

  1. Shower thoughts

    It is said that 72% of people have creative insights while they’re in the shower.

  2. Creativity thrives in solitude

    While group work does help, it is when people are alone that they engage in constructive internal reflection, which boosts creativity.

  3. Daydreaming may be good for creativity

    According to research, daydreaming provides a mental incubation period that enhances creative thinking.

  4. Creativity and imagination are different

    Many people use the words imagination and creativity interchangeably, however, the former means thinking of something that doesn’t exist, and the latter means making an idea a reality.

  5. Creative people are messy

    Messy and cluttered spaces can help the brain focus on the bigger picture and boost creativity.

Why We Love Creative Beginnings Month

  1. Creativity fosters innovation

    Creativity is known to expand our senses. Creative thinkers look at problems differently. Creativity helps to foster innovation and enables a person to solve an issue efficiently. Thus Creative Beginnings Month is vital to encourage people to tap into their creative minds and celebrate the benefits of creativity.

  2. Creativity enables self-awareness

    Creativity is the path to authenticity and creative thoughts require us to really tap into our consciousness. It helps us become self-aware and recognize our potential and limits. Creative Beginnings Month is the right time to start or resume a creative project and embark on the journey to self-awareness.

  3. Creative projects are fun

    Who doesn’t like a little creative DIY project? Seeing your idea come to fruition in the most creative way can be an extremely satisfying feeling. Creative Beginnings Month is the best time to unleash your creative spirit.

Creative Beginnings Month dates

2021May 1Saturday
2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday

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