National Inventors Month – April 2020


If it weren’t for the creativity of inventors through the ages, we would still be traveling on horsebacks, writing with quills, and heck, tediously cutting a loaf of bread every morning. That’s right. Someone came up with the idea of sliced bread, the breakfast staple we all take for granted. Most objects we see around today were the brainchildren of folks who thought out of the box. National Inventors Month, observed every April, celebrates human ingenuity. Here’s to our inventiveness!

National Inventors Month timeline


"Shark Tank"

This hit reality show introduces America to countless scrappy entrepreneurs who display their inventions (or new business ideas) each week. You might just pick up some inspiration.


First National Inventors Month

National Inventors Month started as a collaboration between the United Inventors Association of the USA (UIA-USA), the Academy of Applied Science, and "Inventors' Digest." Every April since, we celebrate creativity, ingenuity, curiosity, and the courage to experiment. Who knows who will be the next Einstein, Marie Curie, or Elon Musk? 


Just a little thing we like to call the internet

Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the web as a means of sharing information between scientists and universities. Three decades later the web has drastically transformed the way humans communicate with each other, gather knowledge, and understand the world. Not to mention cat memes.


The greatest invention since, well...

Otto Rohwedder introduced his bread slicer machine at a Missouri grocery store. Two years later, Wonder Bread brought this incredible innovation nationwide. Sliced bread is so great because prior to that, children were liable to injure themselves with knives while trying to make a simple sandwich.


The Great Exhibition

The Crystal Palace in London transformed into the "Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations." The venue hosted the world's most exciting innovations and discoveries. World's Fairs have since become a global stage for countries to promote their ingenuity and design talent. Notable inventions which debuted at world's fairs include the cotton gin, zippers, monorails, x-rays, and jet packs. 


The original BF

Ben Franklin is one of America's most famous inventors — known for his curiosity and perseverance. He conducted a number of experiments on electricity, medical equipment (bifocals), and the greatest experiment of all, American democracy. 

National Inventors Month Activities

  1. Support a Kickstarter campaign

    A lot of Kickstarter campaigns are about inventive products that have the potential to change the game. In the spirit of creativity, fund a Kickstarter campaign that you like. Pick one that inspires passion.

  2. Read the stories behind your favorite inventions

    Maybe it's your contact lenses or your LED TV, or maybe it's your headphones. Look around, find an object that you use everyday, and read the story behind the invention. You'll probably be surprised!

  3. Pick up a new skill

    Learn to solder your own wires, or fix the leaking tap in your house (your family will thank you for it). Get hands-on and learn a practical skill. It will help you develop problem-solving skills, which is the first step towards ingenious inventions.

Why We Love National Inventors Month

  1. It fuels imagination

    If you have been lacking inspiration, National Inventors Month is the perfect excuse to move beyond the Graham Bells and the Edisons, and dig around for less-celebrated solutions.

  2. It can give you business ideas

    A lot of times, there are obscure inventions that could be useful to a specific industry or market. When you dig around the world of inventors and inventions, you might come across something useful for your existing business, or even help you set up a new one. Don't quit your day job just yet, though!

  3. It can be weirdly funny

    Did you know somebody came up with conical face masks to protect your face in snowstorms?

National Inventors Month dates

2020April 1Wednesday
2021April 1Thursday
2022April 1Friday
2023April 1Saturday
2024April 1Monday