National Inventors Month – April 1, 2019


If it wasn’t for the creativity of inventors through the ages, we would still be traveling on horsebacks, writing with quills, and heck, tediously cutting a loaf of bread every morning. That’s right. Someone came up with the idea of sliced bread, the breakfast staple we all take for granted. Most objects we see around today were the brainchildren of folks who thought out of the box. National Inventor’s Month, observed every April, is meant to recognize and celebrate human ingenuity. Here’s to our inventiveness!

National Inventors Month - History


Inception of National Inventors Month

Academy of Applied Science, together with Inventors' Digest Magazine, observe the first National Inventors Month.


The Birth of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee paves the way for a borderless world, figuratively speaking.


Bell Laboratories Develop Transistors

Transistors form the basis of electronic devices, including cellphones.


Antibiotics Come to the Rescue

They bring down the mortality rate drastically.


Steel Nails are Here

Without them, our modern civilization would crumble, literally.

3500 B.C.

Humans Invent the Wheel

A whole host of inventions depend on the wheel, including clocks.

National Inventors Month Activities

  1. Support a Kickstarter campaign

    A lot of Kickstarter campaigns are about inventive products that have the potential to change the game. In the spirit of creativity and to support independent inventors, fund a Kickstarter campaign that you like. Pick a product that you think should see the light of the day.

  2. Read the stories behind your favorite inventions

    Maybe it's your contact lenses or your LED TV, or maybe it's your headphones – look around you, pick an object that you use everyday, and try finding the story behind the invention. You'll probably be surprised!

  3. Pick up a new skill

    Learn to solder your own wires, or fix the leaking tap in your house (your family will thank you for it). Get hands-on and learn a practical skill. It will help you develop problem-solving skills, which is the first step towards ingenious inventions.

Why We Love National Inventors Month

  1. It fuels imagination

    If you have been lacking inspiration, National Inventors Month is the perfect excuse to move beyond the Graham Bells and the Edisons, and dig around for less-celebrated solutions.

  2. It can give you business ideas

    A lot of times, there are obscure inventions that could be useful to a specific industry or a specific market. When you dig around the world of inventors and inventions, you could come across that little-known invention that could be useful for your existing business, or even help you set-up a new one. Don't quit your day-job just yet, though!

  3. It can be weirdly funny

    National Inventors Month is as much about inventors as it is about exploring the crazy world of inventions. And sometimes, inventions can be bizarre. For instance, did you know somebody came up with conical face masks to protect the face in snowstorms? We have curated a list of even weirder inventions below.

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