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National Loyalty Day – May 1, 2022

Each year, National Loyalty Day is celebrated on May 1 by Americans to showcase their loyalty to their country. Nothing on this planet can stop Americans from celebrating their love for the nation. Read on to find out more about the importance of National Loyalty Day.

History of National Loyalty Day

National Loyalty Day not only celebrates the loyalty Americans possess for their nation but also looks at the historic events that led to the formation of the U.S. The first National Loyalty Day took place in 1921 during the First Red Scare — a time when America was struggling with far-left extremism. It is during this period of uncertainty that the day came into being and was initially celebrated as Americanization Day. The motive of the celebration was also to counter May Day that was commemorated by workers all over the world.

In 1955, National Loyalty Day was recognized by the U.S. Congress since the country was facing a great threat in the form of the rise of communism. During this time, Congress felt it necessary to honor America and remind people of the loyalty they owe to the nation. In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared the day a legal holiday to be celebrated with great fervor. According to the president, it was essential to observe a National Loyalty Day to look back on the history of the country and understand how valuable the gift of freedom is.

Since then, every president that comes into power is required to announce the celebration of the day by asking for the U.S. flag to be raised on all important government buildings. The president is also required to order the organization of ceremonies such as parades, fireworks, events in schools, etc. The basic motive behind the day is to awaken a sense of patriotism in all Americans.

National Loyalty Day timeline

Birth of American Independence

The Declaration of Independence — a document stating the rights of people to choose their own government, is created.

Creating a Constitution

A Constitution protecting the rights of Americans is drafted.

Slaves No More

Abraham Lincoln abolishes slavery.

The Right to Life

The Civil Rights Act that prohibits racial discrimination is signed.

National Loyalty Day FAQs

What is National Loyalty Day?

It is a holiday meant to reiterate one’s loyalty to the United States of America.

What are special days in May?

Some special days in May include World Press Freedom Day, Star Wars Day, and World Red Cross Day.

Is Mother’s Day in May?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, falling on May 9 this year.

How to Observe National Loyalty Day

  1. Watch the parade with friends and family

    Every year, a parade to honor the nation is held. Either participate in the live parade or watch it on television with your friends and family to feel the patriotic spirit.

  2. Volunteer to hold a patriotic event at a school

    The young ones need to be educated about the nation and this is the perfect time to volunteer and teach the children. The event could provide kids with a rundown of history or teach them why loyalty towards the nation is important.

  3. Bake a cake!

    Feeling love for the country? Bake a cake that represents America and have a little cake cutting ceremony with friends, family, and neighbors.

Five Fun Facts About Freedom In The U.S.

  1. The State of World Liberty Index

    The U.S. ranks number 15 on the State of World Liberty Index.

  2. The freest State

    Florida is the freest State in the U.S., according to the ‘Freedom in the 50 States’ report.

  3. ‘Freedom in the 50 States’ report

    New York ranks number 50 on the ‘Freedom in the 50 States’ report.

  4. Loving Liberty

    33 areas in the U.S. include the word ‘Liberty’ in their name.

  5. Using the military to remain free

    The Global Firepower Index ranks the U.S. military as the world’s most powerful military.

Why National Loyalty Day is Important

  1. It makes the nation strong

    Loyalty towards the country strengthens it since it means countrymen will be ready to stand by the nation in times of happiness and sorrow. Such dedication allows the country to face any outside threat without fear.

  2. It shows patriotism

    The amount of loyalty you have for your nation shows how patriotic you are. Will you be ready to donate money and fight for your country, if the need arises? The level of patriotism you possess will determine the answer to this question.

  3. It leads to commitment and dedication

    The more loyal you are to your country, the more committed and dedicated you will be towards performing acts that benefit the nation. This could include a business venture, volunteering for the army, donating to a charity, or something as easy as hosting a cleaning drive.

National Loyalty Day dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday

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