Global Employee Health and Fitness Month – May 2022

On this Global Employee Health and Fitness Month in May, make it a point to promote the importance of fitness and a healthy diet whether you are an employer or an employee. After all, healthy colleagues are bound to be more energetic and fun! Here’s all you need to know about the influential month.

History of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Health and fitness are essential for every human being on the planet since it has numerous benefits that can lead to enhancing one’s quality of life. However, as we grow older, people tend to lose themselves in their work routines and a consistent exercise regime takes a backseat. It is to rid the world of such attitudes that the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month was launched in 1989 by the National Association for Health and Fitness. This nonprofit association, which was founded in 1979, has been on a mission to improve the health of Americans since its formation and has come up with numerous ideas to encourage a healthy lifestyle. One of these projects includes the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month — an award-winning worksite health promotion program.

Today, the Global Employee Health and Fitness Month has become an international observation that encourages health and fitness at the workplace and looks at the advantages of a healthy workforce. Due to the observation of this month, thousands of employees are leading healthy lives and countless employers have adopted practices that focus on employee health.

The role of employers is more crucial than ever during this month since they are the ones who create different initiatives that not only spread awareness regarding how essential good health is but also urge their employees to participate in projects and activities that have physical- and mental health benefits. Universities, local governments, hospitals, and health departments also play a great role in the successful celebration of this month.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month timeline

600 B.C.
The Ancient Greek Athletes

Exercise is introduced to increase strength, speed, and endurance.

19th century
The Father of Modern Bodybuilding

Eugen Sandow showcases his muscles and well-built physique to an audience.

Importance of Exercise

The epidemiologist Jerry Morris introduces a link between cardiovascular health and exercise.

Kick-Starting Aerobics

Kenneth Cooper publishes a book on Aerobics.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month FAQs

Who is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month for?

It is for employees of all ages.

Why is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month celebrated?

It is celebrated so employers encourage their employees to stay fit. 

What does fitness include?

It includes eating healthy and exercising. 

How to Observe Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

  1. Arrange a yoga session at your workplace

    Arrange a calorie-burning, hour-long yoga session for everyone at your workplace. An introduction to yoga might get some people interested in joining a yoga class later.

  2. Invite a nutritionist to the office

    Are we eating right? Only a nutritionist can provide the right answers. Hire one to have a session with all the employees so they are motivated to start a healthy diet

  3. Host an event flooded with physical activities

    This event could include running, weightlifting, a planking competition, etc. The aim is to get everyone active!

5 Fun Facts About Health And Fitness

  1. Magic tea

    Tea lowers the risk of various illnesses including diabetes, heart attacks, and Parkinson’s.

  2. No need for clothes

    Sleeping naked boosts your metabolism and burns more calories.

  3. Water increases life span

    Five glasses of water a day reduces the risk of a heart attack by 40%.

  4. Those who need to diet

    There are 39% overweight adults worldwide.

  5. More than any other nation

    The U.S. spends nearly three times more on healthcare.

Why Global Employee Health and Fitness Month is Important

  1. Healthy employees are more productive

    Healthy employees are more productive as their workout regime and healthy diet enable heightened mental activity. This is because exercise releases chemicals that are beneficial for the brain.

  2. Healthy and fit employees are less stressed

    Exercising increases blood flow and reduces stress. Try working out after a strenuous day at the office and you will wake up feeling fresh the next day!

  3. Employees become energetic and motivated

    Since exercise and healthy food provide energy, fit employees are more likely to be motivated to take on new projects and follow through on them with the utmost dedication.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday

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