National Physiotherapy Month – May 2022

National Physiotherapy Month is celebrated in May every year. May, announcing the arrival of summer, is always a perfect month to start physical activities and exercises. Physical therapy is for illnesses or aches, or any persistent body conditions that require treatment besides medicine. This month is celebrated in honor of the doctors and professionals who provide physiotherapy. It also acknowledges how important they are to people. It also gives physiotherapists the opportunity to meet up with one another and learn from each other.

History of National Physiotherapy Month

Physiotherapy is a practice of using physical techniques for patients’ ailments, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Since early times, civilizations have seen variations of treatment options for patients with all sorts of medical issues. Hippocrates was among the first physicians to use physical therapies for different conditions, especially gout. Although there are very few documented accounts of actual physiotherapy being used to treat different conditions, there are references of physical therapies, like massage and exercise, that have been used to help a person with certain pains.

It was not until the 18th century when document accounts of physiotherapy began appearing. Along with the traditional herbal treatment options, physiotherapy also became a treatment option for many. In 1813, Per Henrik Ling founded the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics for exercise and joint therapy. Fifty years later, Sweden gave licenses to physiotherapists to practice. In 1887, a National Board of Health and Welfare was created in Sweden, and it began registering physiotherapists. Other countries in Europe followed suit, and soon it reached the Americas.

Physiotherapy was well-used during the 1916 outbreak of polio. During and after World War I, physiotherapy was used to treat injured soldiers and to rehabilitate them towards living as normal a life as possible. In 1921, the American Physical Therapy Association was formed to establish best practices in physical therapy to make them as effective as possible. In Canada, Canadian Physiotherapy Association was formed in the 1950s and was among the founders of World Physiotherapy, an international association of national bodies to set and discuss the best practicing methods. Although there are no exact records of the National Physiotherapy Month inauguration date, the significance of this month does not lie in its inauguration but the awareness and need for physiotherapy for a better, healthy, and long life thanks to the physiotherapists. This month is about being grateful for the physiotherapists, encouraging the youth to pursue this field. It creates awareness for physical therapy with zero to little harm rather than going for the traditional medicine for your ailment.

National Physiotherapy Month timeline

460 B.C.

Greek scholar and physician Hippocrates starts using massage as a therapy technique for treatments.

Father of Swedish Gymnastics

During the 19th century, Henrik Ling establishes the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics.

1914 — 1918
A Treatment Option During World War I

The soldiers who get injured during the World War are treated using physiotherapy techniques.

Masters of Physical Therapy

In 2012, all medical colleges of Canada start offering Masters in Physical Therapy.

National Physiotherapy Month FAQs

What is National Physiotherapy Day?

It helps people recover from illness and improves the flexibility, strength, and balance older adults need to remain independent and mobile. 

Did you know October is National Physical Therapy Month?

October is the perfect time to focus on healthy self-care. Physical therapy is not just for injury recovery. Its benefits also include injury and illness prevention.

What is the role of the physiotherapist in general medicine?

The role of the physiotherapist in general medicine is vital when it comes to pain management and the promotion of overall health. It can help you if you are experiencing persistent physical pain.

How to Observe National Physiotherapy Month

  1. Sign up for an exercise program

    There are many openings in the gyms and fitness centers that offer discounted memberships to their customers. Sign up for a program in which you learn straight from a dedicated instructor and notice any changes in your body and health.

  2. Get a massage

    You never know how much pressure you are under and the level of stress your body endures daily until you go for a massage. The moment you start getting that massage is the time you realize how much stress your body was in. Start anew after the massage with a rekindled spirit

  3. Spread awareness

    There are so many cases in which the wound has healed, but the patient is still not able to return to normal routines because of a weakened body structure. Go talk to such people and let them know of a good physiotherapist who can help them.

5 Facts About Physiotherapy Everyone Should Know

  1. Popular treatments are not new

    Hydrotherapy and massage were used to treat patients in 460 B.C.

  2. Control appetite

    With properly done homework, physiotherapy helps a great deal in controlling obesity.

  3. Unseeing practitioners

    Some of the best physios are blind.

  4. Best way to relieve back pain

    Several doctors believe that massage and physical therapy are the best ways to relieve back pain and pains related to arthritis.

  5. Multi-faceted effect

    Physiotherapy is proven to relieve stress and, hence, provides psychological relief.

Why National Physiotherapy Month is Important

  1. To appreciate the physiotherapists

    Physiotherapy has been a major source of rehabilitation for athletes and other people suffering from various conditions. National Physiotherapy Month is a perfect time to appreciate all the physiotherapists and support staff who deliver physiotherapy.

  2. Physiotherapy as a great career choice

    Physiotherapy is a lucrative career option for people with science backgrounds. These days, organizations ask for specialization and there is a specialization in Physiotherapy which is offered by many colleges. The salary packages themselves are pretty attractive for many who are interested in this field.

  3. Be thankful for healthy bodies

    Physical therapy month makes us grateful for healthy bodies and those who help us maintain them. Physiotherapists make the world a better place for those suffering from muscle pains.

National Physiotherapy Month dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday

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