International Business Image Improvement Month – May 2023

International Business Image Improvement Month is celebrated in May, and this is the month to focus on improving your company’s image. Although it may not appear so, a company’s image is crucial to its success. Making a strong first impression is crucial, and this is the month to do so. We may endeavor to maintain a positive impression in our daily lives and our professional life. Your image encompasses more than just your visual identity, it also encompasses customer service, marketing, and sales, as well as how you connect with clients and how they perceive you.

History of International Business Image Improvement Month

Henry Ford devised the moving assembly line in 1913 as an example of taking a process, improving it, and producing more products in less time at a lower cost to the firm. Everyone wins; the customer receives a lower-cost product, and the firm makes more money.

Today, the business process improvement model is a collection of threads connected to other strings, no longer characterized by its beginnings in industry and agriculture. It has now expanded to include the software and service industries, with entirely distinct subcultures of thought such as improved techniques and methodologies, and software systems dealing specifically with business process improvement through automation that quantifies current metrics to model future change.

If you want to enhance the business, you must document all the procedures that are currently in place. Improvements and changes can be implemented once they have been captured in their existing form. These procedures must also be freely shared by personnel so that they can quickly access, utilize, and develop the process further – this is how organizations successfully execute the continuous improvement. Business improvement is no longer defined solely by our internal procedures or systems. Improving the supply chain has become a big factor in business improvement, and developing partnerships with other businesses that may be involved in varying degrees with the implementation of your product have opened up the world.

International Business Image Improvement Month timeline

Moving Assembly Line Invented

Henry Ford invents another attempt at business improvement by taking a process, refining it, and creating more products in less time with less cost to the manufacturer.

Brand Image Introduced Into Marketing

David Ogilvy introduces the notion of brand image to the marketing industry in a lecture to the American Association of Advertising Agencies in Chicago.

First Business Improvement District in The U.S.

In the United States, it usually consists of three phases.

Retail Business Begin to Change

The retail business begins to change during this period of brand development as stores see themselves as more than just shelves for goods.

International Business Image Improvement Month FAQs

Why is it necessary to boost our company’s image?

A strong brand image may help your company gain credibility and consumer loyalty. Maintaining a favorable brand image and consistently meeting or surpassing customer expectations may also help brands acquire new customers. This is particularly critical when releasing a new product.

What role does having a favorable image among all stakeholders have for a company?

The perception of the company among stakeholders will impact their propensity to grant or withhold assistance. As a result, if clients have a poor image of a firm or its products, sales and profitability will undoubtedly suffer.

What impact does a company’s image have?

A company’s brand image is a strong instrument for acquiring market leverage. When a company has a favorable brand image, it may influence the buying patterns of its target audience.

How to Observe International Business Image Improvement Month

  1. Raise awareness

    Discuss those that have a poor business image owing to lack of progress and how they might be helped. On your social media platforms, brag about the necessity of maintaining a professional image and remind everyone about this particular month.

  2. Define your image

    When consumers hear your company name, they have a mental image of it. The image of a company is made up of an unlimited number of facts, events, human histories, advertisements, and objectives that all work together to form an impression on the public.

  3. Enhance the quality of your business image

    To commemorate the month, research strategies to improve your company's image. A new marketing strategy, rebranding, new products, or a new activity might all fall under this category.

5 Facts To Help Improve Your Business’s Image

  1. Social media presence is a must

    In today’s environment, every business must have a social media presence — targeted groups and engagement are possible with social media.

  2. Create a website

    Your website should be active, with up-to-date industry news and corporate information, as well as relevant content feeds and blogs.

  3. Marketing material

    Smart businesses must employ these marketing channels to distribute instructional information that is relevant to their brand’s company, such as industry news, analysis, research, and white papers.

  4. Company culture

    Employees who have had a favorable work experience should share it on their social media accounts, and word spreads.

  5. Direct access to executive

    C-level executives, like every other employee, are an extension of their company’s brand and so, working with team marketing to establish yourself as a trusted industry leader is a good idea.

Why International Business Image Improvement Month is Important

  1. Credibility and customer loyalty

    Customers are far more likely to remember your business if it has a strong brand identity. A great brand name and image help potential customers remember your company.

  2. It describes the concept of ‘image improvement’

    May is significant since it talks about why a better business image is necessary and what is required to further develop your company. This month allows business owners to completely grasp the concept and put it into practice.

  3. It encourages people to improve their performance

    This month encourages people to improve in areas that harm their business image. This type of maintenance is also advised throughout the month.

International Business Image Improvement Month dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday
Deaf Awareness Week
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Hurricane Preparedness Week
National Physical Education and Sport Week
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Great Lakes Awareness Day
International Doodle Dog Day
Marshall Islands Constitution Day
May Day
Melanoma Monday
National Chocolate Parfait Day
National Infertility Survival Day
National Loyalty Day
National Mother Goose Day
National Open Farm Day
National Purebred Dog Day
National Rotate Your Beer Day
New Home Owners Day
Save The Rhino Day
School Principals' Day
Silver Star Service Banner Day
Worthy Wage Day
ALS Awareness Month
American Wetlands Month
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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Bealtaine Festival
Better Speech and Hearing Month
Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
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Brain Cancer Awareness Month
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Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Clean Air Month
Correct Posture Month
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Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month
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International Business Image Improvement Month
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International Internal Audit Awareness Month
International Victorious Woman Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
Labor History Month
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National Asparagus Month
National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bicycle Safety Month
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National Photo Month
National Physiotherapy Month
National Preservation Month
National Recommitment Month
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National Share a Story Month
National Strawberry Month
National Stroke Awareness Month
National Teen Self-Esteem Month
National Vinegar Month
National Walking Month
National Youth Traffic Safety Month
Neurofibromatosis Month
Personal History Awareness Month
Pet Sitter Safety Month
Responsible Animal Guardian Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
South Asian Heritage Month
Speech and Hearing Awareness Month
Syringomyelia Awareness Month
Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month
Ultraviolet Awareness Month
Women's Health Care Month
Zombie Awareness Month
Charli D'Amelio’s birthday

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