Correct Posture Month – May 2022

This Correct Posture Month in May, let’s get educated on what a correct posture is and how we can ensure our lifestyle does not harm our posture. So sit up straight and let’s get started!

History of Correct Posture Month

The purpose of Correct Posture Month that takes place in May is to shed light on the importance of the posture of the human body and to increase awareness regarding the practices we can follow to improve our postures. This is essential because a good or bad posture can have a great impact on our quality of life and can also lead to certain painful health conditions such as persistent upper- and lower-back pain. In fact, around 80% of Americans suffer from back pain.

To ensure the living conditions of people suffering from postural issues are improved, the Foundation of Chiropractic Progress and other organizations rooting for the same cause joined hands in 1959 and declared May as National Correct Posture Month. Throughout the month, these organizations focus on providing information regarding correct posture and activities that may be causing damage to your posture. The campaign includes promotions on social media through videos and seminars, as well as partnering up with doctors, trainers, and therapists to spread data regarding the permanent health damage caused by bad posture. Furthermore, websites such as have introduced a 31-day posture challenge that encourages people to opt for daily exercises that will have a positive impact on their posture. After all, it takes a little over a month to bring a change to your posture!

The message put forth by many of these organizations is that a good posture can boost your confidence, uplift your spirits, decrease depression, increase physical activity, and elevate your overall mood.

Correct Posture Month timeline

16th century
The Military Man

Standing up straight becomes an essential part of the military drill.

Studying Posture

German anatomist Christian Wilhelm introduces the study of posture to medicine.

Posture in Focus

Various children are found to have abnormal spinal curves.

Sit Upright!

A study reveals that sitting at a 110–130 degree angle is ideal in achieving spine comfort.

Correct Posture Month FAQs

How long does it take to correct posture?

It takes around six to 12 weeks to correct one’s posture

What is the main rule of good posture?

It is essential to focus on the position of the spine when correcting posture.

What are the signs of bad posture?

Some signs of bad posture include back pain, rounded shoulders, and muscle fatigue.

How to Observe Correct Posture Month

  1. Visit a physiotherapist

    Show some self-love and book an appointment with a physiotherapist to find out what condition your posture is in.

  2. Perform posture improvement exercises throughout the month

    Use Google to get your hands on some exercises that you can perform daily to improve your posture. This could include some yoga and pilates.

  3. Get educated

    Dedicate the month to learning more about the posture, what affects it, and how it can be improved. Slowly begin implementing your findings and change your life for good!

Five Fun Facts About Posture

  1. There are many people with back pain

    65 million U.S. citizens suffer from back pain every year.

  2. Your personality affects your posture

    According to a study by S. Guimond, extroverts and introverts have different postures.

  3. A straight back isn’t the ideal posture

    The perfect posture is an elongated ‘S’ shape.

  4. Sitting causes issues

    Posture issues arise because the human body is not designed to sit for hours in a chair.

  5. It affects your mood

    Bad posture can contribute to a bad mood.

Why Correct Posture Month is Important

  1. It helps with breathing

    A good posture allows your lungs access to ample oxygen as there is more space for the rib cage to expand. Breathing easily and deeply helps with overall health.

  2. It improves digestion

    A poor posture causes the internal organs to get crunched up, hence, having a bad impact on the overall digestion process. Slouching also causes heartburn.

  3. It aids in sleeping well

    A good posture allows you to have a peaceful night’s sleep, free of pain and back troubles. This, in effect, improves your overall quality of life.

Correct Posture Month dates

2022May 1Sunday
2023May 1Monday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 1Friday

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