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WedSep 25

World Dream Day – September 25, 2024

World Dream Day is on September 25 every year. We all have dreams, and we’re not just talking about what happens when our eyes close at the end of the day. We are talking about the ones we have when we’re wide awake.

Many inventions in today’s world started as simple ideas but what brought about the skyscrapers and airplanes was the willpower of those with the big ideas to hold on to those dreams and force them into existence. Our aspirations are more than fantasies; with hard work and persistence, they’re the flame that turns inventions into reality.

History of World Dream Day

World Dream Day is the first empowerment-driven holiday that encourages families, individuals, and companies to dream big and do what it takes to bring those dreams into reality with hard work.

This initiative began at Columbia University in 2012, by the educator and leading transformational strategist Ozioma Egwuonwu. She consults on intricate strategic problems and transformational initiatives for an eclectic array of clients like Target and Walmart. Egwuonwu has been featured in motivational shows such as “TEDx” and has spoken at world-leading organizations like the U.N.. Her transformational training inspired hope, ignited visionaries, and provoked innovation.

Ten years ago, World Dream Day was launched for the purpose of being a time where dreamers and visionaries worldwide can come together to express their dreams for the future. It’s a day where thought leaders can share their insights on how we can move global progress forward. When Egwuonwu was asked why she created this day, the strategist said the aim was to “heal and inspire humanity.”

Keeping dreams alive is why we have what we do today. Without dreamers like Martin Luther King Jr. or Bayard Rustin, we wouldn’t have achieved change and progress in how the world works. From civil rights to video games, nothing would have been possible without dreams and the people who helped bring them to life.

Today is a day where we can rekindle the powerful dreams we have embedded in us and stimulate ways to make them a reality.

World Dream Day timeline

Dreaming Differently

The founder of World Dream day speaks at the U.N. briefing on Global Citizenship.

Reimagine the Dream

The theme is on flipping scripts and re-examining the global possibilities to be involved in.

Dreaming Higher

The focus is on elevating dreams to the next level, as individuals and as a collective.

Dreaming Forward

On the 10th anniversary, everyone’s invited to dream of positive possibilities.

World Dream Day FAQs

Is daydreaming dreaming?

Yes, we believe daydreaming is an aspect of dreaming big. How are you going to bring those ideas to life if you don’t imagine them in your head? Just try not to spend too much time there and forget that physical work is needed.

Who can be a part of World Dream Day?

Anyone who has breath can be a part of the day’s celebration. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from as long as you can dream or hope you can be involved.

How to dream big?

Imagine the very best version of your dream, take the time to carve out the details you want to achieve in this dream. Once you’ve got a good picture of what you want, have faith it will come into existence.

World Dream Day Activities

  1. Make a vision board

    A crafty way to participate on this day would be to make a dream or vision board. Put some time aside to write a list of your dreams then cut out images that represent those dreams. Hang the collage where you can see it.

  2. Involve your online friends

    Engage your social media platform and spread the word online. Use the hashtag #WorldDreamDay and share some inspirational quotes that have helped you keep your dream alive.

  3. Have a showcase

    Another fun way to celebrate would be to organize an open mic or something similar; use different mediums, such as poetry or songs to talk about dreams or why it is important to dream in general.

5 Interesting Facts About Dreams

  1. We all dream

    Young or old, we all dream for about two hours during the REM stage of sleep.

  2. We forget most of them

    Studies show that we forget our dreams due to changing levels of acetylcholine and norepinephrine during sleep.

  3. Sometimes we have colorless dreams

    Sometimes we dream in black and white.

  4. Animals have dreams too

    Researchers believe animals have different sleep stages, including REM.

  5. You’re paralyzed when dreaming

    It’s normal for our bodies to go limp when we dream, to prevent us from acting out.

Why We Love World Dream Day

  1. It empowers us all

    Today is about igniting imagination and propelling innovation forward. We’re also inspired to think outside the box and reimagine our lives by listening to stories of famous dreamers throughout history that made their dreams come true.

  2. It gives us hope

    Thousands of individuals will be sharing their stories of success, the challenges they faced, and how they got through them. Today is a day to research and see who you can relate with and how they made their dreams come true, despite the odds.

  3. It helps connect innovators

    On this day people share their aspirations and ideas on different problems that the world has as well as how they believe they can solve these problems. It is a day where those people can meet individuals with a similar vision that can help facilitate those dreams and bring them to life.

World Dream Day dates

2024September 25Wednesday
2025September 25Thursday
2026September 25Friday
2027September 25Saturday
2028September 25Monday

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