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National Psychotherapy Day
WedSep 25

National Psychotherapy Day – September 25, 2024

National Psychotherapy Day is observed every year on September 25. Mental illness was always disregarded and not considered a real health problem. Over the years, people have started acknowledging that for overall well-being, your physical- as well as mental health needs to be in good condition. Fortunately, there have been quite some advancements in the field of treating mental problems, one of them being psychotherapy. However, there is a need for increased awareness of this form of therapy and the benefits it can provide.

History of National Psychotherapy Day

People have been seeking therapy in a rather informal way for years, by way of taking counseling from friends and family. However, over the years, with many advancements in the medical field, some professionals have emerged who can help with mental health issues. Through the use of various forms of therapies, they can assist you in overcoming the challenges that prohibit you from living your best life possible.

Psychotherapy is one such form of therapy that helps people with a variety of mental illnesses and difficulties. It is believed that, during the 9th century, purposeful and theory-based psychotherapy was first developed by a Persian physician and psychological thinker, Rhazes. There are many benefits of psychotherapy and there is a need for it to be spoken about more to normalize it. Many training programs in clinical psychology at the Ph.D. level have adopted an empirical approach to psychotherapy. This has led to a greater emphasis on cognitive-behavioral interventions with one singular goal of improving the quality of a person’s mental health and allowing them to be happy.

To this effect, a group of professionals and students created Psychotherapy Day in 2012. The goal was to combat misconceptions and raise awareness of the vital work that is done by therapists. They also aimed to communicate the message that therapists typically end up helping one in four people who suffer from mental illness and emotional problems. Thus, Psychotherapy Day is important so that the community at large can benefit from its usage and lead a truly healthy life.

National Psychotherapy Day timeline

Psychotherapy in Fiction

Psychotherapy makes an appearance in a fiction novel, “The Haunted Man,” penned by John Neal.

First Psychological Clinic

Wilhelm Wundt opens the first experimental psychological clinic in Germany.

19th Century
Application of Psychology

The first scientifically clinical application of psychology begins at the University of Pennsylvania, to help children with learning disabilities.

Psychological Treatments List

The American Psychological Association Division 12 Task Force creates and revises a list of empirically supported psychological treatments for specific disorders.

National Psychotherapy Day FAQs

What is the ultimate goal of psychotherapy?

There is general ambiguity surrounding psychotherapy and what it exactly does for you. Psychotherapy helps to strengthen the mind and make you more conscious, using your mind’s potential to its fullest, and endeavors to bring inner peace and satisfaction.  

What are the different approaches to psychotherapy?

The different approaches to psychotherapy are psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, behavior therapy, and cognitive therapy, among others. 

Which psychotherapy is most effective?

Behavioral activation therapy (BAT) is considered the most effective for most unipolar depressive disorders. 

How To Observe National Psychotherapy Day

  1. Wear the color turquoise

    On National Psychotherapy Day, you can spread awareness about it by wearing the color turquoise. Pick out a turquoise-colored top or a scarf and use social media to share your message.

  2. Bust the myths on psychotherapy

    With the ambiguity surrounding psychotherapy and its real benefits, there are a lot of myths that dissuade people from this form of treatment. It’s an ideal time to read up about psychotherapy and do your bit in busting common myths.

  3. Recommend therapy to someone you know

    Do you know a friend or family member who may need therapy to improve their mental well-being? You can recommend psychotherapy and educate them on the benefits and goals thereof.

5 Interesting Facts About Psychotherapy

  1. It’s for anyone

    Psychotherapy can be used for any type of mental health issue such as depression, stress, anger management, behavioral issues.

  2. Interactive and collaborative

    Psychotherapy is a joint effort between the client and therapist to come up with solutions to solve the issue.

  3. Changes quality of life

    Psychotherapy done by a professional can help to elevate your quality of life.

  4. Not forever

    You won’t need to undergo therapy for your entire life from the start of treatment.

  5. It’s confidential

    Psychotherapy is bound by the confidentiality clause so rest assured your private life will remain that way.

Why National Psychotherapy Day Is Important

  1. It promotes mental well-being

    Mental health is just as important as physical health to live a fulfilled life. Like we have doctors to treat our physical health, we need professionals to help us navigate through our mental-health problems. These mental-health professionals are trained and offer various kinds of therapy options. Psychotherapy is one of them and this day helps to promote the benefits of a medium that can help us conquer our mental-health issues.

  2. It gives a unified campaign to psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy needs a unified campaign to reach the masses and make everyone aware of its benefits. A day dedicated solely to this form of therapy is just what is needed to let people know the options they have to help them with their mental health problems.

  3. It educates people on the benefits of therapy

    Owing to the lack of education about therapy and its portrayal in movies and shows, it does not enjoy a good name. There is a need to normalize therapy treatment so that is viewed in the same way as treatments for physical ailments. This day can help start a conversation and remove the stigma surrounding therapy.

National Psychotherapy Day dates

2024September 25Wednesday
2025September 25Thursday
2026September 25Friday
2027September 25Saturday
2028September 25Monday

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